100-Calorie Snacks That Really Satisfy

Screw Hangry Pains, Snacks to the Rescue

Meal planning is as vital to keeping that unnerving fat off the belly as are selfies to Kim Kardashian (apparently she always takes 100 selfies until choosing the right one!).

Vainness aside, as much as we try and do some advanced meal planning we sometimes forget that snacks are the in-between which really allow us to succeed with keeping that excess weight off.

That’s why choosing the right snacks to have at hand can either break all your efforts or allow you to have that incredibly feeling of accomplishment that you’ve not only made time for fitness but you also succeeded with keeping the hanger cravings in check.

Let’s look at some totally awesome tasting low-calorie snacks which you can implement right away(try the “save this article to my profile button” above!).

Snacks That Really Satisfy and Keep You Full

1. Apple Vanilla Yogurt

Some of you will wonder why you didn’t think of this one before. Try cutting an apple into slices and baking for 30 minutes (at 325 degrees), then blend to make your own puree.  Simply mix this with some non-fat Greek yogurt and add some vanilla extract or cinnamon to taste.

2. Feta Watermelon Salad

In one cup, slice some watermelon, add a few crumbles of low-fat feta cheese and a few pumpkin seeds and you’ve got a pretty AMAZING low-calorie salad.

3. Red Pepper and Hummus

Take half a red-pepper, slice it up and serve it with 4 teaspoons of hummus (go garlic kind for extra flavour).

4. Zesty Raita

If you haven’t heard of raita, you’re in for a treat.  Take half a kiwi, slice it up, mix it in half a cup of non-fat Greek yogurt with some fresh mint minced on top. Your taste buds will explode with this one!

5. Rye Avocado & Lemon Tomato

Get a slice of rye bread and smear two tablespoons of fresh avocado on it. Add a few slices of tomato, some black pepper and splash some lemon juice and you’ve got one hell of an awesome snack.

6. Vanilla Coconut Smoothie

Not just another smoothie recipe, this one is pretty refreshing and light – get a couple tablespoons of shredded coconut, half a scoop of vanilla protein powder (recommend either: Optimum 100% Natural Whey or Gardenia All Natural Vegan Protein) and blend with ice and water.  Light, yet packs a punch!

7. Lime Chick Pea Salad

Chick peas are all the rage right now since they contain protein and tons of fiber.  Try 1/3 cup of chick peas with 1 sliced green onion, fresh lime juice and 1/4 cup diced grape tomatoes.  Yum!

8. Walnut Granola Parfait

Get 2 tablespoons of walnuts and granola each and add 1/4 cup of non-fat Greek yogurt on top, garnish with a couple slices of green apple.  Fiber, protein, vitamins, good fat – it’s got it all.

Any other unique and healthy snacks you’d add to this list?