Free Workout Routines for Women

free workout routines women

Free Workout Routines for Women

This feature on three workout routines for women has been one of our most successful articles on this weight loss and training health blog with over a million views and 500 comments and I have made an effort to reply to each and every one!

You will find beginner, intermediate and advanced versions of these workouts along with recommended sets and images of the exercises. If you are wondering how many repetitions to do of each exercise that depends on your goals. If you want to increase your cardiovascular levels aim for 14-16, if you are wanting to lose fat aim for 12-14 and if you want to gain muscle aim for 8-10.

Free Workout Routines for Women: Beginner – Shed Fat

Celebrity body style: Jennifer Lopez

Monday: Cardio + Toning

  • 5 minute Warm up on treadmill
  • 10 minute Jog on treadmill
  • 5 minute Cool down
  • 3 sets Pushups (view image)
  • 3 sets Lat pulldowns (view image)
  • 3 sets Bicep curls (view image)
  • 3 sets Triceps pushdowns with rope (view image)
  • 3 sets Dumbbell front raises (view image)

Tuesday: Off

Wednesday: Cardio + Core

  • 5 minute warm up
  • 3 sets Crunches on stability ball (view image)
  • 3 sets Plank (view image)
  • 3 sets Bent knee hip raises (view image)
  • 10 minute Interval training on treadmill
  • 5 minute Cool down

Thursday: Off

Friday: Cardio + Lower Body

  • 5 minute Warm up on treadmill
  • 3 sets Stability ball squats (view image)
  • 3 sets Forward lunges (view image)
  • 3 sets Lying Abduction (view image)
  • 3 sets Lying leg curls (view image)
  • 10 minute Jog on treadmill
  • 5 minute Cool down

Saturday: 30 minutes Brisk walk

Sunday: Off

Free Workout Routines for Women: Intermediate – Weight Loss +Toning

Celebrity body style: Jessica Simpson

Monday: Cardio + Toning
• 5 minute Warm up on treadmill
• 20 minute Jog on treadmill
• 5 minute Cool down
• 3 sets Lat pull downs (view image)
• 3 sets Incline Dumbbell press (view image)
• 3 sets Triceps kickbacks on bench (view image)
• 3 sets Bicep curls on cable machine (view image)
• 3 sets Dumbbell lateral raises (view image)

Tuesday: Off

Wednesday: Cardio + Core
• 5 minute warm up
• 20 minute Interval training on treadmill
• 5 minute Cool down
• 3 sets Back extension (view image)
• 3 sets Bicycle crunches (view image)
• 3 sets Straight leg raises on bench (view image)

Thursday: 20 minutes Stationary Bike

Friday: Cardio + Lower Body
• 5 minute Warm up on treadmill
• 10 minute Jog on treadmill
• 5 minute Cool down
• 3 sets Stability Ball Squats (view image)
• 3 sets Barbell Side Lunge (view image)
• 3 sets Bridges (view image)
• 3 sets Seated Calf raises (view image)

Saturday: 20 minutes Stationary Bike

Sunday: Off

Free Workout Routines for Women: Advanced – Define and Strength

Celebrity body style: Angelina Jolie/Janet Jackson

Monday: Cardio
• 5 minute Warm up on treadmill
• 20 minute Jog on treadmill
• 10 minute Stationary Bike
• 10 minute Elliptical trainer
• 5 minute Cool down

Tuesday: Toning Upper Body
• 8 minute Warm up on treadmill
• 3 sets Lat pulldowns (view image)
• 3 sets Dumbbell front raises (view image)
• 3 sets Bicep curls (view image)
• 3 sets Triceps pushdowns with rope (view image)
• 3 sets Dumbbell lateral raises (view image)
• 10 minute Cool down on treadmill

Wednesday: off

Thursday: Cardio
• 5 minute Warm up on treadmill
• 20 minute Jog on treadmill
• 10 minute Stationary Bike
• 10 minute Elliptical trainer
• 5 minute Cool down on treadmill

Friday: Toning Lower Body
• 10 minute Warm up on treadmill
• 3 sets Squats on Bosu ball (view image)
• 3 sets Dumbbell lunges (view image)
• 3 sets Seated Calf raises (view image)
• 3 sets Kneeling arm and alternating leg kicks (view image)
• 3 sets hamstring curl with ball (view image)
• 5 minute Cool down on treadmill

Saturday: Core
• 3 sets Plank on Stability ball (view image)
• 3 sets Kneeling rollout with ball (view image)
• 3 sets crunches on Stability ball (view image)
• 3 sets Plank with alternating legs (view image)
• 3 sets Reverse crunches (view image)
• 3 sets Back extensions (view image)

Sunday: Off

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Sam Omidi is the founder of Weight Loss and Training and is accredited with a Bachelors in Kinesiology as well as certification in Nutritional Sciences, Personal Training and Advanced Exercise Nutrition. Follow Sam via Twitter @samomidi

  • Janesslo

    hello I am 31 years old, 5’3 and about 113lbs. I would like to built muscle in my legs, they so skiny and would like to flat my abd. I don’t know what to eat. I start going to the gym. but I don’t see any result. I would like to know a good routine for me. please help ME.

    • Sam

      HI Janesslo, for a good start definitely read my series of articles – Fitness & Diet Plan for Women –

  • pilates

    Hi Sam, Ive been looking for a good website with good workouts for females for quite some time now and I’m so happy I’ve come across this. Today was my first day trying it and I feel great. I used to be an absolute gym rat this time last year and weighed 120 lbs.. I had lost a TON of weight!! but now I am back up to around 155 lbs :( So I really need to stay motivated and my biggest weakness is eating healthy!!! What are some good things to eat? and how do I deal with the cravings? Also, how long would it take for me to lose 10 lbs if i keep the first routine up? Help me! thank you!


    • Sam

      Hi Nikita, for a good diet plan check out my articles on Healthy Diet Plan for Women. Whey protein is also a great way to deal with cravings.

      You should aim to lose 1-2lbs a week, but don’t focus on weight it will lead you down the wrong path since muscle weighs more than fat. Instead focus on how good you feel after eating healthy and exercising!

  • donnamarie

    Hey Sam
    I’m trying to lose 10 to 15 pounds, I’ve been trying to work out and eat healthier but nothing is working. I keep on staying around the same weight and it’s frustrating. I’m 18 years old, 5’5″ and 130 pounds. Do you have any advice on helping me lose the weight I’ve been wanting to lose months ago? Is there any reason why I’m not losing any weight? Also, I was just wondering if instead the four days of working out being on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Could I change the days to Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday?

    Please help me :(


  • Susan

    Hi Sam,

    I’m not sure which level I should be at, but if I start with beginner, how long approximately should I do it before moving on to intermediate? I try exercising regularly, usually involve 30min on the treadmill, run and walk, and I do some free weights with my arms, along with core training.

    • Sam

      Hi Suasn, give yourself at least 6 weeks before you move to the next level! Great start, keep up the great work!

  • Tamara Jones

    i just had a baby and is trying to get back in shape. Which routine would you suggest for me. I’m also in the military and have to take physical fitness test in August.

    • Sam

      Hi Tamara, start off with the beginner routine and move up to the next level in 6 weeks time and the same following that.

  • gabrielle grice

    Hi my name is gabrielle iam 16 and i weigh 195 iam 5’8 i wanted to drop atleast 20 pounds so what is a good fitness plan for me?

  • Nikky

    I am currently 118ish pounds 5’2. I am trying to tone up and define my body more (especially my stomach). I’ve been using work out regimen logs I found online for the past 4 weeks. I have also begun to follow a very healthy diet. Do you have any specific tips on how I can get wash board abs, or do I have to resort to liposuction?


    • Sam

      Nikky, don’t resort to liposuction. It’s all about your diet and exercise plan, you’ll have to be patient and always increase your intensity, it won’t be easy but you can do it. Here is a great article for you –

  • Katlyn

    I have tried losing weight over and over again. But with my chest size it hurts to run or to jog even.. would walking work the same or no?

    • Sam

      Hi Katlyn, walking won’t really do to much as your body will adapt very quickly. Try elliptical trainer, bike machine or even swimming. I’m no expert on the subject but you may also want to invest in a very good sport bra, lots of women in my family have the same problem and have found that solution to work for them.

  • leona

    I am pretty active and i feel like i work hard i go to the gym everyday and plus my boyfriend who is a personal trainer trains me but i still have my stomach fat!! I am on a very strict diet and i am on the internet 24/7 looking for workout routines. What is the best way to shave my tummy fat and get the nice sexy lean body i have been working for bc summer is here and i need it gone fast!!

    • Sam

      Hi Leona, for burning stomach fat quickly try reading the 6 Pack Abs Checklist –

  • Lindsay

    Hi, I am 25 years old, 5’6, and weigh 137. I am trying to get down to 120 lbs. I started the beginner workout a week ago and I am really liking it. I would like to lose the weight within the next 4 to 6 weeks. Is that impossible? Is it okay to move to the intermediate workout after 2 weeks? Then the advanced workout 2 weeks after that?

    • Sam

      Hi Lindsay, you should aim for losing 1-2lbs a week, but you might be able to increase that if you are really strict with your diet plan and eat smaller meals more often spaced out about 2.5 hours each.

      A better idea with your workouts is to just keep increasing the difficulty of it each week, your body will get stronger this way and more muscle means less fat and higher metabolic rate.

  • lela

    What do you mean by sets? Is that sets of 10, 20….what?

    • Sam

      Hi Lela, generally if I say 3 sets of 12 reps I mean do 12 repetitions of an exercise three times.

    • GymGal

      One set is made up of 12 repetitions. So if you are doing bicep curls that call for 3 sets, you should do 12 bicep curls per arm, this would make up ONE set. Then in order to have 3 sets you would repeat that two more times.

  • Ally

    Hey :-) I’m 17, 5′ 4″ and about 170 pounds. most of that is due to my extremely large breasts. I do soccer every fall, and need to start training for that. what would you recommend that I do for that training? I’m also looking to drop about 20 pounds of fat, while gaining muscle this summer. I’d love any help and advice you could give me! thank you so much!

  • Alysa

    Hi Sam!

    So, my goal is to work on strength and endurance, and being in shape. I’m not worried about weight, since I’m at a healthy weight range (5’3″ and 115ish pounds) and generally, eat healthy. I don’t think I can handle the first workout until I’m more in shape. What do you recommend I do? How can I modify it? Should I do 1-2 sets of each thing first and work up?

    Thanks in advance! =)

    • Sam

      Hi Alysa, you got it, 1-2 sets is a great way to start, and just do as many reps as you can.

  • Chelsea

    Sam, I am 20 years old 5’9″tall, 135 Lbs and in the Army. I am in very good physical condition and usually run 5-7 miles 3 times a week. I have been looking for a work out that will help strengthen and define my muscles and I think that your Advanced workout may work really well for me. I would like to know what is a good weight to start with and how often should I be moving up in weight. I am not trying to bulk just define and tone.

    • Sam

      Hi Chelsea, you want to keep challenging yourself. If you’re aiming for 10 reps, make sure that the 9th one is pretty hard, and the 10th one is quite the push. After 6 weeks make sure to switch it up, you can do all the exercises one after another, or in a completely different order, just keep the challenge!

  • randi johnson

    i am 17 turn 18 i’m 5’3 198pounds i had a baby a week ago(may 26 tragiclly died) i want to lose wieght fast my goal is atleast 150 tone up and slim i would like to be close to my weight goal by the end of july wats the best plan for me ???

    • Sam

      Start from the beginner and gradually work up, you need to give your body time to adapt and grow stronger or you will make yourself susceptible to injuries.

  • Taylor H.


    I am 16, 5’6 and about 155 lbs. It’s my summer vacation and I really want to get in shape and lose weight! my goal is 130 by September( is that even possible?) It’s very hard for me to eat healthy, any tips or food options you have for me? im going to start the beginner workout this monday. I will keep you posted on my progress. I am really hoping this works!

  • KK

    Hi I’m 6’3 about 140lbs. I’m looking to lose between 10-15 lbs this summer to be somewhere around 130ish. I used to be really athletic but went to college and that all stops. I want to lose and tone EVERYTHING. Any suggestions?

  • MDB

    Hello Sam, i’m 33 yrs old and i have three boys all by c-section. I weigh 185 and 5’4”, i’m trying to get toned all over. I use to weigh 250 back in Feb 2004, since then I’ve been running and keeping up with healthy foods. I want to be 150 and toned before fall starts (is that possible?) i’m willing to work as hard as i have to meet this goal. What routine should i start on? do you have any tips to make this goal a reality?

  • Havago123

    Hi Sam. I’m l6, 5’4 and I weigh 110. I’m not looking to lose any weight, I just want to get in shape (I dont want to look too muscular, just toned). Do u have any suggestions for what I should be doing?

    • Sam

      Stay focused on higher reps and shorter rest periods, and above all watch your diet so it’s high on the veggies, fruits and lean meats!

  • Melanie

    What would the REP counts be for a girl who has an already low BMI but trying to gain lean muscle on the beginner routine (jennifer lopez). 12 reps each set? or 15, 12, 10? Do the same rep counts apple to every exercise?

    • Sam

      Hi Melanie, if you’re aiming to gain muscle 10 reps should be good, and yes you can go a littler higher on the first set and then increase weight and lower reps on consecutive reps. This works best to warm up your muscles first.

  • Havago123

    Hi sam, im 16 weigh 110 and am 5’4. im not looking to lose any weight but i am looking to get into shape and more toned. do u have any suggestions for what i should be doing? please keep in mind that im not looking to get too muscular because im a teenage girl. thank you.

    • Sam

      Type your reply…

    • Sam

      Your key focus should really be a healthy diet full of fruit and veggies, plus lean meats and whole grains. This will give you great results along with the beginner workout listed on this page.

  • JD

    Hi Sam,

    I am 5’8″ 135 lbs. I have been doing a workout similar to the Beginner for about 6 weeks and have noticed a gain in muscle. So to mix things up, I am planning on starting the Intermediate workout starting next Monday. My question is, if I wanted to take the weekend off, because I know that getting to the gym on Saturdays and Sundays is very difficult, can I do the Saturday “stationary bike” on Tuesdays instead?

    • Sam

      Sure JD, that is a good idea to make sure you stay on schedule – ultimately the most important thing!

  • Gabbysl

    This is my first time visiting your website and i think i am goin got give it a try. I really appreciate you giving this information for free as opposed to other websites who’s only concern are making money. This shows you are are really fore helping people. I have tried every diet out there and i think i am about to give up. I have strongly considered surgery in order to loose weight but i think i will try your work out routine before i do . Wish me luck!

    • Sam

      Awesome Gabbysl, that is exactly what my objective was for this website. Give it a go, and anytime you start wavering on motivation come back to the site and read another article…keep focusing on the positive and I guarantee it will happen for you!

  • byw

    hi sam, im 16 5’4″ and i weigh 150 so i really want to lose like 15 pounds (i dont actually care about how much the scale says i just care about how i look and feel and i definitley dont feel good where i am now)my sisters wedding is in 2 months and overall i just want to be in better shape. so which plan should i follow?

    • Sam

      The beginner workout is a great place to start and then advance to the next level after 6 weeks (you can bring this down to 4 weeks if you really want)

  • Marina

    Hi Sam, just wanted to say thank you for your workout programs. I’ve been using them all the way over here in Australia for a couple of months now, and I’ve found them thorough, but very straightforward to follow! They’ve really improved my motivation to hit the gym :)

    • Sam

      Awesome Marina, really glad to hear that! Hope you can share the site with your friends to keep your motivation high and help us build this great community!

  • E- Diddy

    I just found your site and am gonna start with the Beginner routine. I would really REALLY like to lose inches in my mid section. My bottoms never seem to fit. if they fit right around my butt and thighs they’re horribly tight in the waist. If they fit in the waist they’re horribly big on my butt and thighs. Please help!

    • Sam

      Try these routines, they will definitely help and then focus on the diet at the same time for best results. Stay determined, you’ll get there!

  • Lucy

    hi sam. i am 21 and about 5’6, weighing 145. like a few have said i am not really interested in what the scale says, i just want to be in shape and mainly have great abs. i was wondering if these workouts will do the trick as well as work on the rest of my body. also would it be bad if i ran a mile everyday even on my days off?

    • Sam

      Absolutely, these workouts are designed for just that. A mile isn’t too bad, but I suggest at the minimum of one day off per week or you will over-train and see your results go backwards.

  • haylie

    how could you do the lying leg curls in the beginner plan at home, i don’t have a gym membership so i’m trying to do this at home.

    • Sam

      You can try and target the same area by doing squats or lunges.

  • Boobie07

    sooooo I am 21 yrs old and i weigh 160. my goal is to get to 135/140. i was happy with myself alot more at that size. i was wondering if i followed this plan meaning progress about every 4 weeks to the next level. do you believe that is possible?? i already have a pretty good diet, with chix and fish. and not too much starch.

    • Sam

      Sounds good, I like 6 weeks between advancing but if you feel comfortable with 4 that should be ok too.

  • Dc Sam

    Hi Sam,
    Just found your website and got really encouraged after reading it and finding that you also try to answer question personally.
    I’m 33 yrs old, 177 pounds, and 5feet 3.5 inches tall. Had a baby 8 months ago. I want to loose 45 pounds in 7 months to be able to look good on a family wedding next February.
    Been doing elliptical on total body setting, beginner, level 10-in morning just after waking up from bed for 15min. and some weight pulling for the next few min.
    After dinner, after 3hrs, same routine with 20 min elliptical, weight pulling and cooling down on treadmill for at the most 10 mins. (Jogging).
    I am on a healthy diet. Strict diet doesn’t work for me. Eat every 2-3hrs for the whole day from the morning to dinner. Usually don’t take anything after dinner at 7.30pm. I go to bed around 12.30 pm.
    I usually pack fat on whole body but most stubborn fat I have now is around middle (from pregnancy) , thighs and upper arm.
    My question: will this routine work? Am I overdoing/ under doing? Loosing 45 pounds in 7 months possible, with this?
    Please help!

    • Sam

      Welcome to the site! Your routine looks like it may not be intense enough especially if you have been doing it for a while now. I would try one of these workouts or if you want to do it at home check out this article for a more advanced workout plan –

  • Kristina

    Hi Sam, I was looking for a while this kind of routines for women because I don’t get any help from my instructor at the gym and I was very confuse about what exercise I need to do to get my goal (define). I really like your website, thank you very much for share your knowledge with us,

    Greetings from México

    • Sam

      Very glad to have helped Kristina! Please share the website with your friends in Mexico, would love to have them join this great community!

  • Sandi

    Hi Sam, I’m 17, 145 lbs., and 5′ 5″.I”m toned, but now I wanna look skinny. My goal is to be 115 as soon as possible. suggestions for my dieting and workout plans?

  • Tiggertoo36

    Hi I’m 15 weigh 121 height 5’9 I need a hardcore schedual for toning/ getting into shape for field hockey and I only have a little over a month to do it. I also have this little stomach flab that bunches/ sticks out when I sit down. I would love a flat stomach thats toned. Thank you!

    • Kellielovessummer

      What results did you have?

  • Caylyn

    Hi Sam, Thanks so much for posting those workout plans! Its so hard to find how much to work out. I am 24 yrs old, a mom. I was 97 lbs when i got pregnant and when i went into labor i was 197. I am down to 165 now but its like it wont budge. I go to the gym 6 days a week and 3 of those days i do an hour class called 20-20-20 (20 min cardio, 20 min abs and toning, 20 minutes weights) i found some interval training ive been doing…What do i need to do to lose weight and how long?

    • Sam

      Hi Caylyn, that sounds good you should see some improvements within 4-5 weeks. If that doesn’t work for you I would try switching to one of these workout plans, many women have found them to be highly effective.

  • Jessie

    Im am very very new with this whole gym thing and need to be on a regiment because I dont know what to do…Thanks for the easy to understand workout plan!!! I have a question though…How may reps should be in each set for each workout?

    • Sam

      Hi Jessie, it depends on your goals, if you want to add more muscle go for 10-12 reps, if you want to focus on toning and defining go for 14 reps.

  • Stephanie!!!!

    Hello, i just had a baby about three months ago and delivered by csection, as to say i gained about 40lbs and A LOT of stretch marks but only in the front of my stomach, will these excersises help fade away the stretch marks ? is there anything i can do to help them fade away?

    • Sam

      Hi Stephanie, in my humble opinion exercise should help as it helps tighten the skin by building the musculature underneath it. Creams with vitamin E are also supposed to be helpful, but I would recommend speaking with a dermatologist as soon as you can since they may offer you a more powerful and effective treatment.

  • Adddddd

    freaking amazing!!!

  • Kendra

    Alrighty Sam. Im a 16 year old girl. Im about 5’8” and i weigh 191 lbs. I want to lose weight but i also am going to be starting school up. My legs and lower back and stomach are the worst areas. Please come up with a plan for me?? youd be a life saverr!

  • Taylor

    Hi Sam,
    Im 18, starting college, and am in pretty good shape. In high school, I was a competitive cheerleader and ran track. However, I do not want to be the typical college girl who gains the awful “freshman 15″. I am ploanning on eating the healthier options in the cafeteria. I am also planning on working out with my 3 other roommates. Any tips that could help me with this?

    Thanks! :)

  • Em

    Hi Sam,

    I’m 21 about 5’6 and 175 lbs. I’ve been going to the gym all summer, but I haven’t seen much change. This workout plan looks like a good place for me to start, but I am wondering how much weight I should be using. I would rather build lean muscle than have big, bulky muscles. For free weights should I be using more than 5 lb weights?

    • Sam

      If you’re aiming for 12 reps you the last rep should be very difficult. Don’t worry about gaining too much muscle it takes a lot of eating to get a ton of muscle. Instead use higher reps and shorter rest periods, these two factors alone will give you lean muscle.

  • Angie

    Hi Sam,
    I am a 23 yr. old female..who is 5’6″ and 162 lbs….I have a body shape like Jennifer Lopez….how ever I dont want to be a size 6 ( Jennifers size). I would like to know how can I lose atleast 5-10 lbs w/o losing my curvy/voluptuous shape! Will the workout above that you mentioned for Jennifer body shape help me tone but not lose much off my butt and thighs?

  • Sukhi

    Hey Sam!
    First of all…WOW! It’s amazing that someone out there is willing to share their knowledge and help people out there with something that takes such dedication and hard work. Thank you!

    So here’s the thing. Im 5’0 and i’m the heaviest i’ve ever been. At 28 (29 on aug 23) i now weigh 123lbs. I used to weigh as little as 89lbs before and at my fittest i weighed 97lbs. I used to be what they call a gym-rat and was there at a minimum of 5 days a week and normally for about 1.5-2hrs a day. I weighed out allll of my food and I liked the way i looked.
    Now, i’m ready to go back to the gym, and i’m ready to put in the hard work again I just dont think i can do the whole weighing out the food thing. My brother is getting married july next year and my bf’s cousin is getting married a month later. I haven’t seen a lot of my family in about 10 years and i’m going to be meeting a lot of my bf’s family for the first time. I just really need some motivation and i think in order for me to be motivated I need to see improvements fast! I’ve now got love handles, THREE rolls!!! I’ve never had that, lol. Just all over my body has just ballooned up and you can see a lot of the weight gain in my face. I’m just wondering I suppose HOW strict do i have to get with my meals (i can do the eating every few hours, thats not a problem) and in how long do you think i will see a weight drop?

    Thanks again for being so great to all of us! First time visiting your website and i’m LOVIN IT!!!

    • Sam

      HI Sukhi, thanks for the kind comments, hopefully you can share the site with all your friends to help me grow this to the next level. With regards to meals, go as strict as you can, aim for 5-6 smaller meals which are composed of lean proteins, veggies and whole grains. Snacks should be fruit, reduced sugar yogurt or whey protein smoothies. With a good workout program like these you should aim to see a few pounds loss each week, although at 123 pounds you are still quite small even for your height. Good luck and you may want to reference this article on 6 pack abs checklist –

      • sukhi

        Thanks! I’ll definitely stay as strict as i can! And i’ve already got my bf checkin out ur site! He’s lovin it to!!! :D
        Ill keep ya posted!

  • sukhi

    ohh, and also…are their any supplements you recommend, if at all, that help to speed up the process?

    thanks a mil!

  • Possebendy

    I plan on starting this workout plan but you didn’t mention how much weight is needed for each exercise. I plan on starting with the JLo workout and moving my way up. I did read in the comments below for toning and defining to do 14 reps for 3 sets, but I wanted to see what a good starting point is for how much weight to use.

    • Sam

      Hi Possebendy, if you are aiming for 14 reps the last one should be extremely hard – that will give you an indication of how heavy it should be.

  • Zulmarivera60

    I am trying to lose weight. I am unsure in which path to take. Someone please help before I get discouraged!

    • Sam

      Follow one of these workouts for about 6-8 weeks and then advance to the next level.

      • Xxcuteprincezz21

        I am trying to lose fat i have on the sides like what they call the muffin top. I dont know what i should do to lose it please help!?

  • sunflower

    I read some where on your site that you recommend cardio after weight training. So, after each workout I should do 20 -30 minutes of cardio (i.e. treadmill, elliptical) & then 10 minutes cool down.

    Also, I know to eat a half a banana 30 minutes before workout, but what should I eat after the work out & when (i.e. 30 minutes later) More than likely I would not have eaten dinner yet, so can I eat dinner 30-45 minutes after the workout…or eat peanut butter & bananas or drink a protein drink right after & then dinner later (when)…confused.


    • Sam

      You bet, you’ve got the cardio after your weight training definitely right. After your workout have a protein shake or peanut butter is good too and then give an hour or a bit more before you eat dinner. it’s not a big no-no if you have dinner directly after your workout either, just that it takes some time to prepare so better to feed your muscles as soon as you can.

  • N2business2003

    Thank you very much for the workouts!!!!! I’m 31 years old and I’m 5’3 and now 225 lbs, since my thyroid is no longer active. I stay pretty active I do zumba 3-4 times a week as well as working out, however the weight loss is very slow to non-existent (i only lose inches), my arms and legs are very muscular however my stomach is not even close. I have to admit that typically I eat pretty healthy but when I do eat bad I over indulge, so I’m going to put these into practice and hopefully I will see results. Thanks again it’s hard to find good free advice!

    • Sam

      That is very good to hear, thanks for your feedback and please let us know how your results go!

  • Elle

    Hi there…i am 41 and about 165lbs…except for baby weight after my 5th child, I am the heaviest I have ever been. 3 years ago, I was in the best shape of my life weighing in at a meezly 125. I have let stress, laziness, excuses and life get in the way and now I am ready to get at it again. Seem I remember what to do, but sure could use a push in the right direction. I want to lose weight and build muscle. Targetting my “beer gut” would be my main objective. I have been running for over 4 months now, but have only lost about 10 lbs..what the ****…I have a treadmill, started at 20 min a day and am up to 1 hour a day now alternating between fast walk (4mph), jog (5), run (5.5 – 6), sprints (7-9)…but not losing it like I thought I would…so now I want to incorporate weights. I don’t have much at home, but have a gym membership that I never use…so any thoughts on what I should be targeting and how much weight/reps…thanks, Elle.

    • Sam

      Great idea to incorporate weight training to switch things up, sounds like your body definitely needs this and of course it has countless benefits for women especially with increasing bone density and helping with fat burning. Start with these workouts and aim for about 10-12 reps. For amount of weight, if you are aiming for 10 reps, then the 9th one should be difficult and the 10th one almost impossible to complete.

  • nancyth

    I want to get rid of big flapy abdomen fast which exercise should be followed to flat stomach.

  • Jazz

    Hey! Did you post any new workout routines for women by any chance?

  • Devanrose33

    This site is great! I appreciate all the articles posted on here! I have been working out steady for a little less than a year, but never really had a weekly plan just tried to do some leg exercise along w/ some upper body and 30 minutes of cardio every time I went. I’m starting out w/ the Intermediate because all I want to do basically is tone up. What I was wondering was about the cardio. If warm up just faster paced walking? and is cool down just a walk? Also, could I substitute elliptical for treadmill, I tend to get shin splints very easily — do you have any tips on how to avoid them?

    • Sam

      Great questions! With the warm-up your whole objective is to break a light sweat so any cardio activity will do, and you can use the same for the cool-down. Just a great way to get blood pumping to supply nutrients to all your muscles. Definitely can substitute elliptical for treadmill, but to avoid shin splints my best advice is to get higher quality running shoes. I have noticed huge differences for myself and my clients when switching to these shoes –

  • JB

    feel like i have hit a wall. weighing almost my heaviest. 5’6 138lbs. like the wokouts above. how many reps should i be doing? want to keep strength not bulk up but tone and lose approx. 8-10 lbs.

    • Sam

      if you are wanting to lose fat aim for 12-14 reps and keep at it, you will see results so stay focused on the positive!

  • Estrellas278

    hello, im 19 and I want to know if i do these routines everyday for two months, will I get some nice results? I want to at least lose 35 pounds in two months, if not more. i like that its a very detailed exercise plan and I hope it worked. Thank you

    • Sam

      Absolutely, 2 months is a good time and then you should switch to another workout routine to keep your body guessing and improving. You can check out the workouts and training section of the site for other routines –

  • Alisha Marie

    Hi Sam,

    My name is Alisha and I’m planning on using this workout routine. My only question is about the sets? When you say a set of 3 how many reps are you saying 10? 15? Most people say 10 but what exactly is the best number for results?

    Thanks for the articles.

    • Sam

      Hi Alisha, great question and I have actually added a blurb in the intro of this article on repetitions. It depends on your goals: If you want to increase your cardiovascular levels aim for 14-16, if you are wanting to lose fat aim for 12-14 and if you want to gain muscle aim for 8-10.

  • Jaye

    Hi I really like yr work out. just rejoined the gym a day ago. Really plan to go at it hard again, after, long two yr break from excercising. Unlike most women who have babies i lost wieght, after having my child. I used to be 5’5 126 now im 5’5′ 115. very lean. id like to do cardio but afraid to lose more wieght. What should i do? Cant afford to get any smaller!!!

  • guest

    hi, I’m just wondering:
    when you say
    “If you are wondering how many repetitions to do of each exercise that depends on your goals. If you want to increase your cardiovascular levels aim for 14-16, if you are wanting to lose fat aim for 12-14 and if you want to gain muscle aim for 8-10. ”

    does this mean repeat (for example) the bicep curls, lat pull-downs, triceps, etc. that many times?
    not the jogging, right?

    • Sam

      You are right!

  • mandy

    My new fovorite website! Thanks for all the free advice, it really pumps me up!!!!

  • Klerchen23

    I like your workouts out, I found some things I should be adding into my schedule at the gym. But the part of my body that I have found to struggle with is my butt. I dont want to make is smaller, just want to tone and tighten it.

  • Bella

    Hi Sam,
    My name is Bella and I am 5’0 and 102 lbs. I am at a healthy weight, but my legs do not match my upper body! I have toned abs and arms and my legs are toned, but they are very thick! Is there any workout that can slim down my legs without making me lose weight? I don’t want to look “unhealthy skinny”. By the way, this website is great and your workouts are awesome

    • Sam

      Hi Bella, thanks for the comment, unfortunately it’s really hard to do any kind of spot targeting with mass reduction. My best advice would be to increase your cardio activity for instance by using the bike machine and at the same time keep your protein intake high.

  • Nicole

    I’m only twelve and i want to do this but i don’t go to the gym… What can you do if you can’t get the materials

    • Sam

      Hi Nicole, I’m sorry I believe you are too young to be weight training. I would start at about the age of 15/16 and keep the weights very light until you have reached your full height growth.

  • Michelle

    In your work outs does it matter if you do the exercises in pairs and get thru 3 reps each before moving onto another pair of exercises or is it better to work through all workouts until one set is done and then do that 3 times over? also what are your thoughts on plain orange pekoe tea as an additional source of water throughout the day?

    • Sam

      Hi Michelle, actually you can do it either way, these are great ways to mix up the workout and keep your body guessing. Generally you can do the 3 sets of an exercise in a row to build strength, but you can pair it up or put it into a circuit by doing all the exercises back to back before repeating sets (which is a great way to increase your heart rate and increase your fat burning but it can be pretty intense).

  • Lindsey

    I would like to follow the JLo exercise plan. However, dieting is where I tend to fall behind. What kind of eating plan should I follow to see maximum results. I like variety so I don’t get bored and fall off the wagon so to speak.

    Thanks for yoru feedback!

  • Eacevedo

    I have a question on the weights how many lbs should I use if I’m trying to loose weight and toneup??

    • Sam

      Aim for 12-14 reps where the last rep should be almost impossible to do which will help you chose the right weight.

  • Celest estrada

    HI SAM!!!
    Im 22 years old i weigh 125 and im about 5″2 and i want to drop down to 115, i love exercising so that is not the problem, but i want to know mor or less what my nutrition should be like?

    Thank you

  • Angela Mccorkle

    Hey Sam,
    My name is Angie and I am 21 years old. I am 5”2′ and weigh 126 lbs. In my teens I was always in alright shape, and a little chubby, so I was determined to lose fat and gain muscle. Two years ago I was working with a trainer 3+ times a week and got down to 118 within 6 months and was in incredible shape. I quit my trainer, and became part of a gym. Problem was I was no longer motivated by someone constantly pushing me. I am now back up 8 lbs and really out of shape, the worst I have ever been. The thing I hate most are my legs. I was really active in highschool, I was doing gymnastics and part of the cheer team, my legs and butt looked immaculate even though the rest of me did not, I was still happy with my legs. As for my butt, I just feel like its a little less attractive, and I’m worried that wont be able to get my lower body back to the way it was. I decided to look up weekly routines and I came across your blog. It looks quite promising! I just have a couple questions. First, should I start at beginner and eventually work my way up to advanced, or start at intermediate to see quicker results? How long do you think it will take me to see a noticeable difference if i follow the routine weekly, and when should I start changing it up?

    • Sam

      Hi Angela, thanks for the comment. Deifnitely start with the beginner and advance levels every 6 weeks. You should begin to see results in about 4 weeks time if you stick to a healthy diet plan as well. Search on my site for diet plans for women to find appropriate articles.

  • Kirse

    I have an elliptical at home. Can I use it even when it calls for a run on the treadmill?

    • Sam

      Hi Kirse, yes you can definitely use the elliptical as well, just make sure you notice the intensity level as it is generally much less than the treadmill.

  • Melissa Batista

    Hello Sam,

    My husband bought us a Gazelle. Can this be used instead of a treadmill and how would I need to adjust the beginner routine to get the same or similar results?

    • Sam

      Hi Melissa, I would not recommend using a Gazelle instead of a treadmill, it is simply not intense enough and won’t get you the results that you want to get from these workouts. If anything I would get your husband to return it.

  • Shyla

    Hey Sam.

    My name is Shyla and I’ve been looking for a good workout routine for me and my roommate. The routine that you created sounds like a pretty good one to try out at least. But I was just wondering what your opinion would be for what weight I should start with. I’m 5’5 and 130 lbs. I’ve heard to take the heaviest weight that you can handle and split it in half, then do your reps with that weight. Is that correct? If not, it would be great if you could help me out =]


  • Mel S

    will this plan work for someone trying to lose 120 lbs?

    • Sam

      Absolutely Mel. Just start out slowly and grow momentum each week. Aim for about 1-2lbs of weight loss a week.

  • Mrsd077

    Hi Sam! I’m going to start the beginner workout routine on Monday and had a few questions. I do not have a stability ball, do I have to have one? Is there something I can do to replace the Triceps pushdowns with rope and also the Lying leg curls? I do not belong to a gym so I will be doing all my workouts from home. I’ve very excited to get started. Thank you for putting this out there for people like me who can’t afford a gym or a personal trainer.
    Mrs D

    • Sam

      I would highly recommend $15 on a stability ball, they are a fanstastic addition to your home workouts as they save your back and allow you to do a ton of different exercises. You may also want to try my home workout for women instead –

  • Ashley

    Hi Sam,

    I am 5’4 and weigh 166 pounds and have been trying to lose weight for quite some time now. I don’t look overweight, but somehow still weight that much. I am in the process of trying out for a professional dance team where I obviously need to look my best. The workouts I have been doing are not giving me the results I’m hoping for. I have 2 months to get in shape for this team and am wondering is this a realistic goal? I plan on trying out the intermediate workout plan and seeing how that goes.

    Thanks for all the articles posted!

    • Sam

      That’s ok, you are probably mostly muscle which weighs more than fat. if you want to slim down then go for the intermediate workout and definitely focus on pushing yourself as much with the interval training. Need more help? Check out this article –

  • Nicolet

    Hi Sam

    I really like the programmes, I have one Q; How long do you stick with the first programme? 4 weeks or more?

    Kind regards Nicolet

  • ak47

    Hello! I just had a quick question;
    I exercise about three or four times a week and target my legs and butt by doing squats, lunges, stair steps, and legs lifts. For some reason, I can’t shrink my butt at all. It’s frustrating because the rest of my body is really small and it looks disproportionate. Any advice?

    • Sam

      Bring in some high intensity interval training into your cardio routine –

      • Ty

        if your doing any of those with weight you could try lowering the weight and adding more reps… it tones more without building as much… which is what your looking fro i think :-)

  • Kimberly

    Hello Sam,

    I was wondering if I can stack your last workout all into the weekdays. Instead of taking a rest on Wednesday and Sunday, can I move the rests to Saturday and Sunday? Will that affect the results?

    • Sam

      Hi Kimberly that should be ok, you can play around with the rest days to see how your body responds. Depends on how good you are with recovery

  • Silvia P S

    Hello, i’m planning on using a few workouts routines from this website but i would like to ask about the weight that i should use. Is it better to start with light weights and then increase after 3/4 weeks?

    • Sam

      You got that exactly right! Let your body have some time to adapt to resistance training.

  • Lauren Renee

    hi Sam,

    My name is Lauren, i’m 5’4 and back at my highest weight of 185 pounds (my lowest has been about 150 when i was working out daily with my high school teams for atleast 2 hours a day). Recently I’ve tried working out but I feel like I don’t get anywhere. At the most I’ll lose ten pounds after about 2 months which seems to come back the minute i miss a day of working out. How can I lose the most weight fast and keep it off?

  • tayrae252

    Hi, I had a baby a little over a year ago and I’ve been having a hard time losing my baby weight. I’ve been going to the gym with my boyfriend, but he does workouts that arent the type of workouts for my body. Since I really like the workout ideas above, I would like to know one thing; how much weight should I be lifting and working with in all of them? They all seem like a good idea for losing weight and toning, but I didn’t see a weight amount that I should be starting with? Any ideas?

    • Sam

      Go for lighter weights and higher reps in the 12-14 area, your last rep should be almost impossible.

  • CYR

    I started this routine today and really liked it! It seems very promising for results! Im 22 and weigh 269… Im wanting to get down to at least 175.. goal weight would be 150. So my question is…How long should I stay on each level ( beginner, intermediate, advanced) to achieve my goal. Or is this even set up for such a large amount of weight wanting to be lost?

    • Sam

      You bet slow and steady take about 6-8 weeks for each level and keep increasing your intensity each week by a little. Let me know how you come along!

    • Megan

      Hey CYR, just wondering how your workouts are going? or if your done and how were your results? thanks!

    • Megan

      hi if you dont mind me asking, what were your results? thanks

  • Msbubbles93

    I’m 18 and i want to lose about 30lbs before my graduation. I’m 5’7 and weigh 230 lbs should i start with the beginner workout?

    • Sam


  • Niki

    Hi Sam,

    I’m 5’8 and weigh 150, I used to weigh 176 and lost it by exercising and eating healthy diet of about 2000 calories a day but I got to 150 and it seems like my body doesn’t want to lose anymore weight (especially on my stomach). If I keep up with my 2000 calorie diet and use this routine about how long would it take me to lose 20 pounds? Also do you recommend any supplements or diet pills to help the process? Like the ones that help boost your metabolism?
    Thank you!

  • Megan

    Hi Sam
    I am 20 weight 154 and am 5′ 2″. I am getting married in 7 months and want to loose my excess fat, especially around my stomach. I would also like to tone the rest of my body. How many reps should I do per set, and how long should I stick with each routine?

    Thanks, Megan

    • Sam

      Go for 12-14 reps, and stick to each routine for about 6 weeks before moving to the next.

  • Amanda

    Hi Sam,

    I have a significant amount of weight to lose but I’m also pretty athletic. So I look at the beginner and the intermediate and think “that’s too easy!” But am I defeating the purpose if I jump straight to the advanced when the beginner and intermediate are for shedding fat and losing weight? What do you suggest?


    • Sam

      Hi Amanda, if it’s too easy try increasing the weights and reducing the amount of time between sets (down to 30 seconds). This will make it much more challenging, and if it’s still not enough then add a few sets here or there (for example instead of doing 3 sets do 4 or 5 sets).

  • Mrsrpj

    Do you have to do the jogging or can you spend that time on the eliptical machine instead?

    • Sam

      Treadmill is best for losing calories but good to mix it up with elliptical as well!

  • SME

    I just recently lost 35 pounds by eating right since I didn’t have the time to workout. I now have the free time to workout and I’m excited to try the ideas above, however I just quit smoking about a month ago and as sad as it is I’m not sure I can last through a 10 min jog on the treadmill. Can I start out with brisk walking and work my way up?

    • Sam

      Absolutely, that is definitely the way to go!



    • Sam

      Hi Tarah, that question is a bit too open ended as it depends on so many things. Aim for 15-30 mins at high intensity and you should be good to go if your diet is also on par.

  • Dnetto91

    hi sam i weigh about 95 pounds and i want a workout to tone my muscles. i want firm legs, firm butt, and abs. Would this routine work for me?

    • Sam

      Absolutely, I would also add some whey protein to your diet to make sure you have adequate nutrition since that weight is extremely low no matter what height!

  • Lclar025

    Hi! After reading your workout plans and routines, I can’t wait to start! Today is my start day, and my main goal is to get toned. When it comes to loosing weight, I don’t want to set a specific number, because if I did and if I met that goal, I wouldn’t know how to maintain it lol. I am 22 years old, 5’10, and I weigh 176. To me, I don’t think the number matters, as I would rather work out to be toned and be a stick lol. I do have a couple of questions though if you don’t mind me asking.
    * With the routine above, how long should I be at the gym?
    *Instead of having rest days, would 30 brisk walks be ok, or will it throw off the work out routine?

    Thank you for having these workout methods available and open for us browsers, by the way!

    • Sam

      Great comment Lynz! Aim to be at the gym for no longer than 60 minutes, if it’s taking you longer you know that you are taking too much rest time between exercises. Absolutely yes on having brisk walks on your rest days, very good idea!

  • lctmmedina

    Hi. Thanks for this article. I have lost 95 pounds and want to get toned and in better shape. How many reps and how do I determine the weight I need to be using for these exercises?


    • Sam

      If you are aiming for increased tone go for 14 reps, the last one should be almost impossible so you know what weight is right.

  • lctmmedina

    I take a class a day at the gym and some classes are cardio/ weight resistance classes, is it okay to do this program and still take the classes?

    • Sam

      Should be ok, but just make sure you are leaving enough time to recover during the week.

  • Brigitte

    Hello Sam I just started doing the beginner routine on monday and so far so good! But I had a question, for the 3 sets of planks how long should those be held for since they aren’t exactly repetitions?

    • Sam

      Great question, go for 30 seconds!

  • leyani


    Im starting with the J-Lo routine. I would like to know if there is any supplements I should take that will help the work out?

    I am about to turn 23 and am weighing about 138 but I am in need of some toning.


  • Leila

    i have chosen to go with the Jennifer Lopez Beginner -shed fat.
    I have printed this list and have pasted the pictures (in publisher) next to them so I know what I am doing
    when I get to the gym and don’t get side tracked. This is exactly what I was looking for. so thank you, and I happy to see that there is more routines to choose from to advance to or change up things.
    Thank you, p.s. thank you for having the pictures. Aloha Leila*

    • Sam

      That’s great Leila, thanks for the feedback!

  • ADCM

    Hi Sam. I don’t have a treadmill at home, only an elliptical and I’d really prefer to stay at home for exercising. It’s the only way I’ll stick to it. How can I do interval training on the elliptical? Should I increase the time since you mentioned that the treadmill is better for losing calories? Hope to hear from you soon.

    • Sam

      You don’t need to necessarily increase your time, just make sure your sprints are more intense and faster. 30 seconds sprints should be kicking your butt!

  • Allison Brown

    Thanks for the workout plans! Cant wait to get started!

    How do you know what weight to start at with the dumbbells?


    • Sam

      Depends on how many reps you’re going for. If it’s 10 reps then the last rep should be almost impossible to finish.

  • Hayley

    I’m in my teens and i currently weigh 180lbs and would like to get down to 140/130lbs and i’m 5’6. How long should i stay on each level?

    • Sam

      Hi Hayley, good on you for making the change, it’s going to be challenging but trust me it will be worth it! Stay on each level for about 6 weeks.

  • gymaddicted

    hi i just found this and would like to start it im 19 yrs old and weigh 140 i would like to lose 15pounds to get down to my goal weight 125…will this work and how long will i get to my goal weight ?

    • Sam

      Absolutely will work, aim to drop about 1-2lbs a week and you may want to consider the Top 10 Workout Supplements for Women to help you accelerate results.

  • Taly

    Hi, I have a question about the stability ball squats. How do I do those in sets?

    • Sam

      Do 10 reps, rest for 30 seconds and repeat.

  • Emily T.

    Thanks for your article! I started the intermediate routine on Sunday; it’s only Thursday and I’m already down 3 pounds (but still eating 1100-1200 cals/day). Before, I would always go to the gym not really knowing what to do. I thought I had to spend 2 hours killing myself Every session to see results. I would start out like this, then stop because it was too time consuming and difficult. Also, my body would get used to doing the same things because I would always go back to my boring exercises not knowing what else to do. This has showed me that you cab get healthy and toned by investing smaller amounts of time with better for you routines. Excellent! I’ll continue to use this one, then move on to the advanced eventually :). No more mundane workouts! I’m actually excited to go to the gum and to step onto the scales!

    • Sam

      Awesome Emily, glad to hear that this is helping! Also tons more workout routines for women in the Workouts and Training section

  • Lina

    Hey Sam, Im starting the J-Lo work out, I 19 old girl i weigh 133 which is a lot to me i use to run track but now i dont anymore so my mid section is the only problem i go to the gym five times a week but this is the first time i actually felt sore after weights so i know its working my goal weight is 119 or 121 i want 6 pack of abs . i also have a steady diet plan. are there any tips you could give me on losing love handles and muffin top fast ?

    • Sam

      Hi Lina, thanks for the comment. Yes check out my article – Eliminate Love Handles

  • rims

    how much weight do i use on the machines and dumbbells? im 5’2 and weigh 115. ive never been to the gym or worked out before i want to start on havin healthy habits and start toning.

  • N.D

    Hi! First let me thank you for sharing so much wonderful information, plans, and inspiration :)

    So, I’m just starting to work out, just this week, after about 10 years from being at a gym, but so far, I’m excited.

    I’ve been following the jennifer lopez routine, since I consider myself a beginner, but I wonder if I should follow it?

    I’m 5’3, weigh 112, and have a very slim built. Very. Im not looking to lose weight really, but rather get rid of some minimal tummy fat, and definitely toning up and developing some muscle (aka look cool in a bikini haha). Should I stay with the Jennifer Lopez routine, or should I do the Jessica Simpson routine?

    Thank you!

  • Marsha Brady

    My name is Marsha, I am about 5″9 and I weight about 220 Lbs, I was wondering what would be the BEST workout for me?? I’ve been working out since Feb. about 4times a week but I haven’t lost any weight, as a matter a fact I’ve gained weight. I don’t know if it’s because of my eating habits, but I just need a push in the right direction! what should I work on for me to get quick results?? Thanks Sam! :)

    • Sam

      Hi Marsha, start from the beginner workout and move up every 6 weeks but you need to stay consistent and determined and diet is definitely a big part. Read through articles on my site for quick weight loss or fat loss, here is a good place to start –

    • Marsha Brady

      Hey Sam!

      I honestly REALLY appreciate you writing me back, that shows that you actually care about us && our questions! What you’ve said will really help me out, and now I know what to do! I also have one last question!…. I use to wrkout for about 1hr 1/2 by ONLY doing cardio && burned about 400 cal a day, but these exercises seem so short and I feel like I don’t burn as much. My main question is, does the time && num. of calories matter, or should I focus on the exercise routine that you’ve given me, and I only say that because I usually know how much I burn in one day by looking at the machine, but with the majority of your exercises I really don’t know how much I’m burning. Is it more, less or about same??? HELP

      • Sam

        Hi Marsha, you are definitely getting too caught up in the calories. Your focus should be on pushing yourself harder each workout and continually fine-tuning your diet to match. Short answer, but really the most important thing to keep in mind.

  • Selena


    I just read through a great deal of the comments here, but i’m still a little confused, you mention sometimes that cardio should be done after weight training, if you’re following one of the 3 workouts mentioned above, is the cardio mentioned above enough, or should we be adding more?

    another thing, I trained for a 10k run just recently, and I was also aiming to lose weight, so basically I was running about 30 minutes and then I was doing weights for my legs, because I was told that I should strengthen my knees to avoid injury. I was doing 3 sets and 15 reps, and I was kind of following what you were saying about the last one being impossible to do, but i still managed to bulk up. Since I am large framed I dont really want to add to my volume, i kind of just want the fat to go away. So should I just carry on as you mentioned (high reps, low weight), or I am totally missing something. I’ve consulted so many people in the past about this, and everyone has their own way. so im kind of lost, because i thought i was doing weights at a low intensity, but then i bulked up :s

    Thank you!

    • Sam

      Hi Selena,

      As you advance you want to add more cardio to your workouts as these workouts are meant to get you to about 4 months into your training routine. Check out the workouts & training section of the site for other routines and you’ll notice more cardio involved.

      Great question, if you find you are bulking up you can increase reps to about 16-18, and although you may hate to hear this, the next thing will be to watch your diet. This article should also really help you –

  • Morgan

    I just read these workouts & they seem like they will produce great results! I have some Q’s tho!

    I’m 5’6”/5’7”, & I weight about 150 maybe. My problem w/my body is that I have no definition or shape! I seem so blah & straight up & down. I know that gaining a little muscle will definitely help me out in that area, so what are the best exercises to add shape to my thighs, calves, butt, arms, & abs? Like how can I get more of an hourglass shape w/just exercising? I have a little curve in my hips, but not much. & when I gain weight, it goes everywhere! I don’t need to lose a lot of weight b/c I’m already pretty thin, but I do have little tummy that I wouldn’t mind flattening.

    • Sam

      Try the intermediate workout, that should help you with these goals exactly.

  • Heidi

    Hi my name is Heidi, I started working out May 6th, and been going faithfully 4-5 times a week, I had a baby in july and cant seem to loose the weight.  I have been going to the gym for about a hour a day 2 miles on the treadmill & doing weights and the stair stepper, and changed my diet up to alot healthier, but im not seeing very many results i actually gained 2 pounds. Im 5″11 and weigh 200 which i dont look at all but i definatly see that number on the scale n it is scary. What am i doing wrong, im so determined to get the weight off. Any suggestions? Thank you


  • Miranda Perkins87

    I want to do this program but i do not have the time to go to a gym i have the ball, the step up block things, and a Malibu palates  chair. any suggestions i am 24 years old  and i weigh 185 and i would love to get down to my weight i was before i got pregnant which was 145 please help

  • Donnacarolchr

    Nice post and interesting commentary.

  • AK

    Hi Sam,

      This all looks great, but I was wondering if you have any workouts for people with minimal access to gym equipment.  Do you have any advice for finding a workout that is the equivalent of what you’ve posted that can be done with just your body?


  • azi

    hi sam … i really enjoy your blog and site … i am currently taking
    Vega powder … this is vege based, I wanted to get your thoughts on this as I
    noticed you had mentioned a lot about whey protein … is this a good
    product? also I am 5’2 and 125 lbs … i have a very small upper body
    and thicker lower body … i am working out about 3 days per week and
    try to eat well any tips for me? on how i can lean out specially in
    lower body?

    • Sam

      Hi Azi, absolutely definitely a great vegan powder which I have also outlined in my article Best Protein Powders.

      For toning your lower body check out this article – Tone Your Lower Body

  • Cassmoney20

    I weigh 158 and my goal is to become 120. How long should I do each level for? and how many reps per set? Thank you so much :)

    • Sam

      Each level at 6-8 weeks and 12-14 reps per set.

  • JessieMae33

    Just wondering- for the Bridges exercise on the lower body day (Jessica Simpson) how long should you hold that position? Thanks!

    • Sam

      about 30 seconds.

  • Clare

    Wow! I’ve been looking for some workouts to get me back in shape after a devastating back injury. These look amazing. Thanks so much for posting these and I think its pretty wonderful that your respond to people! Cheers!

    • Sam

      Excellent Clare, very glad to hear that!

  • L.Ann

    Hi my name is Ann and i am trying to find the best workout routine for me,i have a curvy/athletic body type, I weigh 135lbs, and i am 5’4″. My goal is to have a steady weight of 125-130. I’m fairly busy and i need a workout regime that wont consume a lot of time,but will get results to lose, tone and convert 5-10lbs of that (fat)weight into muscle. What type of motivation techniques do you recommend? What work-out regime would you recommend?

  • Vickie

    What is the suggested resistances for the cario machines? I always thought the more calories you burn the more fat you burn is that incorrect and will these programs help me lose about 20 pounds?

    • Sam

      You need to vary it and make sure it challenges you – that is the key. Yes absolutely these programs will help you burn more fat, and burning more calories is definitely necessary for weight loss so you’ll need to eat smaller meals broken out with health snacks throughout the day.

  • mare

    Hi am 23 years old and have a very petite frame. I weigh 80 pounds and have no definition or shape. I’m not active and would like to gain some muscle to help me get some kind of definition or shape. Any ideas on how or where I can begin. Thanks.

  • Kylie

    Just wondering how long we should be doing the plank for? Doesn’t really say a time :)

    • Sam

      Great question, 30 seconds should be your min goal.

  • Reyofsunshine03

    I had twin boys in july. I was at 255 and now at 215. My goal weight is 185. I am new to the gym and a little intemidated because I don’t know a lot about working out. I started the beginer workout yesterday and it seems like something I can see myself doing at the gym I go to. My question is how do I work on my lower abs?

    • Sam

      Nice job, keep it going. Try this lower abs workout

  • Lara

    The first week I did the routine I was aching so much afterwards, but this week I don’t seem to be feeling it as much. How can I increase the intensity and should I still stick to each level for 6 weeks? I’m 19 yrs old, 5ft 8 and 141 pounds hoping to get down to 126 pounds and get super toned!

    • Sam

      decrease your rest periods to no longer than 30 seconds and you can also increase the weights. If that is still not enough after a couple weeks then increase your level.

  • Acire

    Ive been doing the beginner workout for almost 3 weeks now, do you have a particular time range that you recommend for moving on to the next level? Like one or two months etc on each? So far Ive lost 6 pounds and my stamina has increased quite a bit, just not sure when to move on. Thanks for the workouts!

    • Sam

      Great job, stick to each level for at least 6 weeks.

  • Brandi

    Now this is a workout I can “Get Giggy Wit”!!! What I appreciate most is that it targets all the problem areas on my body without transforming me into the pseudo body builder type or exhausting me so much i give up within a week. Thank you Sam, thank you-Thank You-THANK YOU!!!

    • Sam

      Awesome Brandi, very glad to hear that! Keep it up and hear me pushing you anytime you start losing motivation!

  • Emilyworzel

    Hey Sam I’m 18 yrs old and I’m 4’11 and weigh about 145- 150 I’m trying to aim for 115 and get results fast what should I do help?!

    • Sam

      stick with these workouts and increase intensity every week.

  • Kalifa1990

    I do not have a stability ball and the gym at school does not have one either, so is there another way for me to cruches in the gym?

    • Sam

      You can just do them on the floor but they are definitely a good investment at under $20, here is a great link to reference for some affordable gear – home workout no equipment

  • Megan

    ok so i just started my workout routine today and just got done doing it, im starting off with level 1 and going threw all of them, today’s workout was really good! I’m 155 hoping to get down to at least 125-130 in 6 months<<(do you think that's possible?) when we move back home (military). I really dont mind working out my only problem is keeping myself motivated.. working out alone gets kinda boring…but im going to push myself the whole time and i really feel that i will def. have great results:)

    • Sam

      Hi Megan, glad to hear the workout went well, keep it up and yes it is definitely possible to lose 25lbs in 6 months. If you ever get bored change up your workout entirely and keep yourself challenged.

  • Freshman15

    Hey Sam,

         I’m a college freshman, I cam to school weighing around 125 now I weigh about 140-145 and I am only 5’0. Which workout would you prefer? How long and How many reps? And my school has a gym, but when I go home for breaks, none of the gym’s are free, How can continue working out in my house? 

  • Freshman15

    I weigh 144, do you think it is possible to lose 20-25lbs in 7weeks? If so, which workout should I consider doing?

  • JessicaCross33

    Hi Sam! Quick question- in almost finishe with all three of these workouts, (they were amazing!) and now what should I do? Any suggestions or should I just keep on with the Angelina Jolie routine?

    • Sam

      Just look through the Workouts and Training section of the site, there are hundreds or workouts and lots of new ones for women such as for Kim Kardashian or Rutina Wesley

  • Kelseybraendli

    how long should we stay at beginner until we move up to intermediate .. advanced so on

    • Sam

      About 6 weeks.

  • Kelseybraendli

    Also, i dont have a treadmill, so should i subsitute that in with going on a bike or jog/walk?

    • Sam

      A jog/run will be equivalent to get you burning through the fat.

  • Grace

    Hi Sam, my name is Grace. I’m planning on starting this routine from beginner. I currently weigh 140 ponds, height 5’4″. My target weight is 115-120 in 2 months. Is this possible? Also, why do the workout routines only designate 10-20 minute cardios? Is that sufficient enough to really burn fat? When I regularly exercised before I would do 45-60 minute cardio sessions. Thanks!!!! 

    • Sam

      That sounds like quite a significant amount of weight, but why are you focusing on a scale as your measure of success? Yes, 10-20 mins cardio is enough since your intensity should be high enough to leave you exhausted and this will burn through fat much more effectively. Try this article as well –

  • maria

    Hi just found this site,,,,, I have been working out off and on for 6 to 7 years and have not seen any change. 
    I just started working out again in the past 2 to 3 weeks, I have put on 10 more lbs and have not lost anything. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG…… I am doing the beginner level at my children’s Judo with a trainer. I also have a gym member ship to a other gym but have not been able to go cause of time and childcare…… WHAT CAN I DO TO LOSS MY STOMACH, back of arms, calf’s, thighs…….Maira

    • Sam

      Hi Maria, this sounds like a diet issue, what is your eating plan like?

  • rmbangera


    I am 156cms height and have thyroid problem which is in control now. However, I have gained lot of weight in last one year and now I am 68 kgs and I want to loose at least 13 kg weight. Could you please suggest me a training plan for this? I am 27 years old.

  • Crystal

    Hi im 16 and im 5″1 and i weigh 146 pounds and i would like to be at least 130 so how long do i have to do this  plan for?

  • Delila_dosky

    This sounds like a great workout. I am 42 year old mother of 5 kids and I weight 155lbs and would love to get down to about 125-130lbs. I am 5 feet tall. I don’t have a treadmill but I have an orbitrek, will this be ok? Also
    what should my diet consist of(wht should I be eating)?

  • Cass

    This is the first workout routine I saw, and I like what I see. I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes!

    • Sam

      Awesome, looking forward to your feedback!

  • Sandy

    Hi, i’m 19 years old, i’m 5″7 and i weigh 136 pounds. I would like to strengthen my body. Is it a good program? Thanks for your good post! I really like it! 

    • Sam

      Definitely a good program!

  • Kendra

    I am getting ready to start these work outs. I am 30, no kids, but I weigh 137 lbs. but am petite  and about 5’5″. I am not too concerned about what the scale says. ( a little) I just want to burn lots of fat and build some muscle. I Have a belly and I am determined to do what ever it takes. I am not sure what weight I should start off with and when and how much to increase. I am also going to check out the links you have left for others about diet. I am very confused about whats really healthy and whats not anymore. Is low carb. bad? I really want to be toned. Please help. Thanks,!

    • Sam

      Kendra, my articles will really help you, and yes low carb can be bad especially if your timing is wrong. It’s really important to have carbs before and after your workouts or your energy will drop significantly.

  • Cjax92

    I am so happy I found this.  I am going to start today.  I want to drop about 30lbs.  I lost 60 2 years ago and started to gain it back.  This is an awesome guide to use.  I am looking forward to getting back to the gym.

  • Jessica Leyva

    Hi Sam,
    I started the shed fat routine yesterday, I was wondering are the days off necessary? I would like to workout Mon-Thurs with the brisk walk on Saturday is something like this possible?
    Thanks for any feedback!
    Jessica in Ohio

    • Sam

      Would be best to have at least one rest day after 2 days on

  • Jeepy

    hello sam.. this article is really nice and comprehensive.. m 28 and 164cm. i physically fit but nowadays tummy is striking out of Tee. so wanted to start working out.. m afraid it’d make me bulky and muscular… can i discontinue the routine and keep in shape with proper diet? in that case wat would be the diet?

    • Sam

      Nope you really need to keep the workouts going as lean muscle helps you with metabolism and also helps you keep your bone density.

  • Cora D’Le McKeown

    My boyfriend and I are starting to work out together because we would both like to be in much better shape. I am 21, 5’8″, 165 lbs. I would like to be around 130.. even at my best I have never been able to lose weight in my stomach area…. I would like to tone as well as lose weight and I was wondering if this would be a good workout for me. I also really need to find a diet/ eating agenda that will be good for me as well….
    also, my boyfriend is 26, 6’2″, 192 lbs. He just wants to be well defined… do you have any suggestions for a plan for him and what he should be eating?
                 Please Help! 

  • Luna

    I want to keep my curves and be healthy. I have not started working out because I like my body exactly the way it is. My body looks just like it did when I was a dancer in school, the only difference is 15 pounds. I am 5’7 and I weigh 125. It’s a ‘healthy’ weight according to charts, but when I danced I weighed 140. I know I lost all my muscle. I want to gain back my muscle, keep my curves, and tone up. Dancing is not an option with my schedule so I would like to start weight lifting. Do you have any suggestions? Maybe work outs to avoid or diet tips? Your input is greatly appreciated.

    • Sam

      Hi Luna, great to hear you have a healthy outlook on your body! Some advice I can offer you is to eat more protein perhaps supplementing with whey protein powder and you can decrease the reps in any exercise you are doing but instead increasing the weight. Looking forward to hearing about your results.

  • Jade6336

    Hey Sam!
    My name’s Caitlin and I am about 5′ 8″, I weigh between 110 and 120 and I’m 15. I do judo, MMA, and will be starting Taewkondo regularly this Janurary. I’m not looking to loose weight, just to gain some muscle since the workouts we do in MMA and judo are helping but are getting a little easy. I was wondering if I should still start on the beginner routine or just move to the advance routine?

    • Sam

      You can still start with the beginner because you will want to give your muscles to adapt to these weight training exercises. If you find they are too easy you can then start increasing reps, but watch out with the weight as it could have a little effect on your growth spurt.

  • Charis

    My name is Charis, and I am 29yrs, 5′ 9″ and weigh 140lbs. I usually swing between 135lbs and 140lbs and i am ok with that. But, I want to maintain a slender figure. However, whenever i workout, my quads and arms tend to bulk up. I don’t particularly like having big muscles on my arms and legs. Is there a way for me workout and maintain a slender figure? 

    • Sam

      Hi Charis, there are two important elements that you can focus on. Decrease weights and increase reptitions to about 15-20, as well as more focus on keeping a clean diet plan.

  • Lela

    i was doing full body workouts that were killing me.. now with this i can actually feel like im working out right. im doing the (j lo exercise). i would go to the gym and since i didn’t no much about working out i did everything every muscle til the point i couldn’t move. i was in so much pain.. now the sore muscles are bearable.. i love it..but what work out is helping me tone my booty

    • Sam

      Hi Lela, that is excellent. The point is that the entire workout is helping you, but the squats and lunges will really target the booty. Please keep before and after photos and add another comment when you are ready. If I can use your testimonial/photos I will provide you with my new ebook on Easy Quick Abs which will retail for $47. Thanks!

  • Dulcie1829

    Thank you for this workout!! I started back at the gym and am lost as to what to do effectively. I’m going to write my workouts out in a notebook and note how much weight and reps I’m doing. The pics are wonderful as I know how to do things, I just don’t know the names!!

    • Sam

      That is excellent! Please keep before and after photos and add another comment when you are ready. If I can use your testimonial/photos I will provide you with my new ebook on Easy Quick Abs which will retail for $47. Thanks!

  • Meaton89

    Do you know anything about the atkins diet? Does it work? And also does walking at an incline on the treadmill help or do you have to run to get results?

    • Sam

      You can read my article on the Atkins diet. Incline helps add variety but yes running is the most effective…just add both and vary for best results.

  • Suzy

    I did the advanced core workout on Saturday and boy have I been aching, it hurts to sneeze! Seems to be doing something. Anyway off for Mondays cardio now. Will post results in 6 weeks!

    • Sam

      Haha, that is awesome Suzy, good one! Definitely keep me posted and make sure to keep before/after photos and I’ll get you a free copy of my upcoming ebook!

  • sam

    what should we be doing after we have completed all three levels?

  • Joy

    Hi! I stated the Jennifer Lopez routine 2 weeks ago and I read in one of the comments that each routine should be ab 6 weeks.  What do I do when I finish all 3?

  • Sara

    I’ve started out with the beginner work out but it seemed a little too easy and would like to move up to the intermediate and see how that goes.  I was wondering if it would really take away from the work out if I did interval training on a stationary bike? I have a lower back problem that flares up if I really run on the treadmill at all. 

    • Sam

      Glad to hear that, def go with the intermediate and interval training on bike or elliptical is a good idea.

  • Susana

    Would you recommend taking protein while doing these workouts? If so what brand do you recommend (specifically for women)?

  • Kbwagner83

    I am on week four of the beginner routine.  What are the results that one should see from the beginner routine?  I am seeing results but not big results, will I see more results as I move on to the next routines? 

    • Sam

      It really depends on what you mean by results! Gradual results are definitely the best though long term. You will definitely see more results as you move on to the next routines just also pay more attention to your diet.

  • Aarti

    Hey Sam,
    I’m a 19 year old, but I’m quite short (5′ only), with an average body(125 lbs). I eat at regular intervals, but I put on weight within a week of no workout. I understand that these workouts need to be done regularly, but are they better for the longer run? 
    Also, do you suggest a particular diet plan to go along with the JLo workout?

    • Sam

      Stick with these and they will definitely give you great results. For a meal plan check out this series: healthy diet plan for women

  • Lauren

    Im Lauren and i am 17, (almost 18) and I weigh 230, and am 5’2. I need to trim down, and gain muscle. I am graduating so I dont want to look back years from now, and go ‘i wish i had lost that weight then’. What do you suggest for diet, and workouts. Help me!! SOS

  • Lindsey

    I may have read wrong but how many is 1 “set”? I’m excited to do this, how long should I keep up if I’d like to lose about 25 lbs?

    • Sam

      1 set means one round of the exercise which could consist of 12-14 repetitions. Expect to drop about 1-2 lbs a week with the right diet.

  • Cathy


    I going to start your workout routine on Monday but I have a bad knee. Ive tried lungs and they are very hard on my knee. Can you recommend something for me?


    • Sam

      Try the squat with the stability ball between your back and a wall. Hope that helps!

  • Cas

    I started this workout almost 6 weeks ago about to move on to the intermediate level and with just the shed fat alone I’ve lost 11 pounds! At first I was thinking that being at the gym for not even an hour some days wasn’t going to be enough because I’m used to staying for about 2 hours. But I now know that less is sometimes more & I am very pleased with the results thus far. I am excited to start the weight loss and toning! 

    • Sam

      Awesome to hear! Good luck!

  • Janel Mcbeth

    I’m in pretty good shape, I work out at least 4 days a week. Overall I’m happy with my body going from being 200 pounds to 140 but I have had kids and have loose or flabby areas around by rear end and my stomach, could you tell me which if any of these exercises I should use? I should mention that I am not interested in loosing my rear end only toning it up.

    • Sam

      Sounds like you can go ahead and do the advanced workout and focus a little more on resistance training that will challenge you. Also can try HIIT if you haven’t done so already.

  • Lcm

    Is it alright to start on the advanced routine?

    • Sam

      Sure, if you feel like you’ve been working out for a while then go ahead otherwise start from the beginner and work up so your body can adapt.

  • Savethedogs

    I just started this routine at the gym after being sick of just doing cardio. You say to do interval training
    On the treadmill but I’m not sure how to go about that. I know what interval training is but I don’t know what that means for the 10 minutes on the treadmill. Thanks!

  • LB

    Is one 30 second plank considered a set? Or how many planks are in each set?

    • Sam

      That is correct!

  • Kim

    I’m on week 4 of the beginner routine. I’m 34, mother of 2, 5’6, 186lbs. I wanted to thank you for this article. It has helped me more than you could ever know. I’ve already lost 4 lbs., and several inches. When I started, I could only jog for 2 min. on the treadmill (for fear of dying…lol). Yesterday, I jogged 7 min! I pushed myself, and did what I could. The jogging on treadmill has been the only obstacle, but I’m gaining on it. So far, so great! Thanks again!!

    • Sam

      Awesome feedback, great job and keep it up!

  • Lb_985

    i started this routine today and i dont feel like i did enough.. should i give it time or add something to the work out?

    • Sam

      Definitely give it time and if you need to increase the weights.

  • Katherine

    So excited to start this today.  I’ve lost 26 pounds so far and I’ve become a distance runner.  Now it’s time to buckle down, lift heavy and lose another 30 pounds.

  • Annabelle

    So it keeps saying “sets.” How many reps are in a set for these workout plans?

    • Sam

      Please read the second paragraph of the article

  • Jillapril78

    I’m 33 and I weigh 150. My goal is to lose 10 pounds in a month (or pretty darn close to it). What speed should I be doing on the treadmill when it says “jog”?

    • Sam

      Instead do this – HIIT

  • Ready2Go

    Hey! I just turned 27 and I’m feeling like getting my butt in gear! I really like what I’ve read so far but I have a question. I don’t currently have access to a treadmill, so what is a good substitue? Also I am 5″7 and about 290 pounds and would like to reach a target weight of 190 at least. Thanks for good info.

  • Ready2Go2012

    Hey! I just turned 27 and I’m feeling like getting my butt in gear! I really like what I’ve read so far but I have a question. I don’t currently have access to the workout equipment listed for beginners. Ie:treadmill, lat pulldowns, triceps pushdowns with rope. I work everyday and getting to the gym is just simply not attainable at this time. So, what are good substitutes for these things, if any? Also I”m 5″7 and approx. 290 lbs. and would like to reach a target weight of at least 225-250. Thanks.

  • Ladyram24

    exactly how long do i need to do each level? 

    • Sam

      About 6 weeks is a good time

  • chanell

    hi just want to ask if i can do the routine everyday?

    • Sam

      Better if you follow the days suggested in the workouts

  • Geena

    hello i started on the JLo workout 2 weeks ago and i could see results as early as now! Diet also helps with this workout I must say. Im just amazed how fast my body responded to the routine. Thanks so much for this! :)

    • Sam

      That is awesome, thanks for the feedback and keep up the great work!

  • Jana

    Is is something I’ve been looking for for awhile, but I don’t know what weights to start on? I used to do similar things at the gym when I had a personal trainer tailor a program for me, and he had written down the weights. I guess I will need to try to remember where to start (as I put all the weight back on :( )

    Anyway, thanks for posting this. :)

    • Sam

      Here is what you do. If you are aiming for 12 reps, then the last one should be almost impossible to do. Hope that helps!

  • Megan

    I have found that the treadmill is awful on my knees and hips. Would using the elliptical instead give me the results I’m wanting?

    • Sam

      You bet, it’s a good alternative as long as you keep it variable with intensity

  • Sally

    Hi Sam,
    Do you do all the 3 sets one after the other or do you mix the excercises up?

    • Sam

      Hi Sally, you do the 3 sets one after the other in the order the exercises are listed.

  • Sam

    30 to 60 second rest periods are recommended

  • Katie

    I just did the first day of the JLo workout, but looking forward I don’t think I understand the bent knee hip raises. Can you explain that? Also is it okay to do cardio on the off days or is it best to rest entirely?

    • Sam

      Hi Katie, for the bent knee hip raises start out flat on your back and then bring in your knees and tuck them towards your belly. Not a bad idea to do cardio days on off days, try and have at least one day a week where you totally rest though.

  • delina

    Hi,I have been going to the gym regularly 2-3 times a week for the past 2 years and excersing for around 2 and a half hours but with little results :-( I want to tone up and lose body fat especially in the thighs area.I am thinking about following the rutines you suggested but can only attend gym 3 times a week,what should I do in the intermediate program regarding the Thursdays and Saturdays excercises,should I add them to the other days rutines?Also can you please suggest what excersises to perform for targeting my most problematic are (thighs) ?Thanks.

  • MS

    Hey Sam, I just followed you on twitter and found your great side. Keep up the good work. My girlfriend wants to loose weight and i suggested to do the JLO workout. I noticed that there is not a workout for the Chest. Would it be wise if I add Machine Bench press ?

    • Sam

      Very good point, I’m going to recommend push-ups with knees on the floor first to make sure there are less imbalances in muscle.

  • sara

    hi sam
    i’m 29 years old,i don’t want to loose weight,what i want is just gaining muscle,i was wondering if u could suggest a program and how much weights should i use? ,(i have to say that i was exercizing before but i haven’t done it for a year),tnx

    • Sam

      The beginner one listed here is a great place to start. For weights, you want to aim so that if you’re doing 14 reps that the last one is almost impossible to complete.

  • ritika

    Hey! I read the above post & started following the advanced level as I’ve already been going to gym since 3 months. However your exercises aren’t giving me the desired results. I am losing weight but if I eat even a piece of chocolate, I tend to put on weight. I’m 5 feet, 61kgs as per now. December month is very very important to me & I’m keen on losing at least 6-7 kilos weight. Please please suggest something. Awaiting an early reply. I’d be really glad if you come up with a good answer.

    • Sam

      Why are you focusing so much on weight as the measure of your success? Forget it, as you will probably gain muscle along the way as you lose fat which means some added weight. Instead focus on continually improving your diet with clean natural foods and supplements that can boost your results plus lots of water and adding variation to your workouts every week, whether it be increasing weights or reps.

  • jjrsmommy1977

    I started this workout this week! I hope that I get the results that I would like. I am 35 years old and weigh in at 151lbs. all baby weight, my son is still with me 8 years later! Any suggestions on targeting the ever so hard baby area?

    • Sam

      It’s really going to come down to increasing your exercise intensity week by week and also tightening up your diet plan to cut out all the processed and sugary foods. Make sure to follow my free 5 day body transformation course by joining the newsletter.

  • Sam

    You bet, keeping your core tight is a great way to keep your form in tip top shape.

  • Sam

    It doesn’t matter too much, do what seems right for you, I used to do evenings but have switched to mornings so that I make sure to start off my day on the right foot, but it definitely took some time to adapt.


    I’m going to start this workout today! getting married in 6 months and with the summer parties i have gained back the weight i lost =o(

    • Sam

      Awesome, good luck and train hard!

  • Sam

    Depends on your goals, if you read the first paragraph – If you want to increase your cardiovascular levels aim for 14-16, if you are wanting to lose fat aim for 12-14 and if you want to gain muscle aim for 8-10.

  • Jessica Walch

    Hi my name is Jessica I’m 17. I started working out just doing my own thing this past summer and cut out Dairy, Gluten, and Corn syrup from my diet and dropped from 157 lbs to 137lbs. Doing my own routine, i just cant seem to peak over 137 no matter what i do. I saw this and am starting the advanced routine. All my weight is between my belly button and my knee’s, i want my thighs and but to slim down all the way down along with my sides. It looks like this routine will really do the trick. :) One question i have is, is this routine safe to do with a bad knee? and how well will it target my problem areas?

    • Sam

      Absolutely, go through these routines as have tons of great feedback. Yes doesn’t matter if you have a bad knee as long as you are watching your form, making sure you have adequate warm-up and never letting your knee go past the front of your foot when doing any kind of squatting movement. Engaging your core muscles should also help with the foundation and balance of your legs.

  • disqus_leQivHnadJ

    Hi Sam –
    I am just starting out with this routine and I wanted to know how much resistance / weight should i be putting the equipment on.
    -Triceps pushdowns
    -Lat pulldowns
    -Seated Calf raises
    -Lying leg curls

    How much should i use with the weights? 5lbs? I want to loose weight and I am pretty strong, but I dont want to gain muscle too much. Any suggestions?

    • Sam

      If you are working on fat loss, then aim for 14-16 reps, and you know the right weight when the last rep is almost impossible to complete. Keep rest periods under 30 seconds between sets and don’t worry about adding muscle, it takes a lot of weight and tons of protein to get there.

  • Lorena

    SAM, I am 5’2 170 lbs, my ideal goal for my body since I am curvy is 135-140 (Eventually I’d like to get to my H.S and almost full college years weight of 125). How long do I stay at your beginners level before bumping up to intermediate? I am interested in doing short runs like 3k-6.5 ks run. So I am guessing i’d focus on cardio right?

    • Sam

      6 weeks should do the trick. Adding lots of cardio is a great idea, aim for about 2-3 days on top of your weight routine.

  • Sam

    Thanks for the kind words Keisha, glad you are finding the information in my blog helpful!

  • Sam

    Have a pre-workout drink like and fill your ipod with some really good music. Then instead of making your cardio long, make it short and intense!

  • Bonny Pearl

    Hi there! Going to start this plan on Monday after work. Is there an App that I can load on my iPhone so I can easily read the plan and view the images for each type of exercise while at the gym? If not that’s fine, I will use the web but if there is an App that would be great! Thanks!

    • Sam

      Not yet, but definitely have an app or mobile component being planned so stay tuned! For the meantime write it down in a workout journal and follow your progress for best results.

  • christa

    Hi. I have been training for the last 4 months and lost 20 kilos!!! To be honest with you. I HATE cardio. I warm up for 10 minutes , then weight training. But I do jumping squats , jumping lunges and fast steps ups on a step… sets 4 x 30sec and for the jumping squats and lunges 4×15 reps. Can I still do these cardio workouts instead of treadmill and stationary bike? Then follow your program?

    • Sam

      You definitely can, mix it up as much as you can. Jumping rope will also be a great alternative!

  • Audrey Clark

    Sam I want to start the beginers workout. How do I know how much weight is needed?

    • Sam

      Hi Audrey, when the reps mention 10 for example, you want to select a weight where the last rep is nearly impossible to complete.