Free Workout Routines – Men

free workout routines men

I’ve put together some workout routines of some celebrities so you can get a idea based on their body types what kind of workout you want to go for. Aim for 8-10 reps if you want to put on more size and 12-14 if you want to get leaner.

You should begin to see results from your workouts after about the 4-6 weeks and this is when you can begin to switch up your workout and move to the next stage or go to the workouts and training section of this site.

This has been one of the most successful articles on the site closing in on 1 million views and over 400 comments which I’ve made an effort to reply to each one of your questions. Enjoy and let me know how these workouts go for you by leaving a comment below!

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Now on to the workout routines for men…

Beginner Workout – Shed Fat and Tone Up

Celebrity body style: Matthew McConaughey

Monday: Upper Body
• 3 sets Lat pulldowns (view image)
• 3 sets Bench press (view image)
• 3 sets Dumbbell Bicep curls (view image)
• 3 sets Incline dumbbell press (view image)
• 3 sets Triceps pushdowns with rope (view image)
• 3 sets Dumbbell press (view image)

Tuesday: Off

Wednesday: Cardio + Core
• 5 minute warm up
• 10 minute Interval training on treadmill
• 5 minute Cool down
• 3 sets Crunches on stability ball (view image)
• 3 sets Plank (view image)
• 3 sets Bent knee hip raises (view image)

Thursday: Off

Friday: Lower Body
• 3 sets Stability ball squats (view image)
• 3 sets Seated calf raises (view image)
• 3 sets Seated leg extensions (view image)
• 3 sets dumbbell lunges (view image)

Intermediate Workout – Build Bulk and Strength

Celebrity body style: Matt Damon

Monday: Chest & Triceps
• 3 sets Triceps pushdowns with rope (view image)
• 4 sets Bench press (view image)
• 3 sets Seated triceps over head single dumbbell raises (view image)
• 3 sets Incline dumbbell press (view image)
• 3 sets Dumbbell flyes (view image)
• 3 sets Triceps skullcrushers (view image)[ad#ad-2]

Tuesday: Cardio + Core
• 5 minute warm up
• 10 minute Interval training on treadmill
• 5 minute Cool down
• 3 sets Crunches on stability ball (view image)
• 3 sets Plank (view image)
• 3 sets Bent knee hip raises (view image)

Wednesday: Back & Biceps
• 4 sets Lat pulldowns (view image)
• 3 sets Dumbbell bicep curls (view image)
• 3 sets cable rows (view image)
• 3 sets Barbell curls (view image)
• 3 sets Pull-ups or assisted pull-ups (view image)

Thursday: Off

Friday: Legs
• 4 sets Smith machine squats (view image)
• 3 sets Stiff legged deadlifts (view image)
• 3 sets Seated leg extensions (view image)
• 3 sets Stationary dumbbell lunges (view image)
• 3 sets Calf raises (view image)

Saturday: Shoulders
• 3 sets Dumbbell press (view image)
• 3 sets Seated bent over rear deltoid raise (view image)
• 3 sets Dumbbell shrugs (view image)
• 3 sets Dumbbell front raises (view image)

Sunday: Off

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Advanced Workout – Build Bulk and Strength

Celebrity body style: Jason Statham (Transporter)

Monday: Chest
• 2 sets Bench press warm up
• 3 sets Bench press (pyrnamid) (view image)
• 3 sets Incline dumbbell press (view image)
• 3 sets Dumbbell flyes on stability ball (view image)

Tuesday: Cardio + Core
• 5 minute warm up
• 10 minute Interval training on treadmill
• 5 minute Cool down
• 3 sets Jackknife with stability ball (view image)
• 3 sets Kneeling rollout with stability ball (view image)
• 3 sets Hanging leg raises (view image)
• 3 sets cable crunches (view image)

Wednesday: Back
• 3 sets Pullups (view image)
• 2 sets Deadlift warm up (view image)
• 3 sets Deadlifts (view image)
• 3 sets One arm dumbbell rows (view image)
• 3 sets Back extensions (view image)

Thursday: Legs
• 2 sets Squats warm up (view image)
• 3 sets Squats (view image)
• 3 sets Leg press (view image)
• 3 sets Dumbbell Lunges (view image)
• 3 sets Standing calf raises (view image)

Friday: Shoulders
• 3 sets Military press (view image)
• 3 sets Lateral Dumbbell raises (view image)
• 3 sets Dumbbell shrugs (view image)
• 3 sets Upright Rows (view image)
• 3 sets Standing Low Pulley Deltoid raise (view image)

Saturday: Arms
• 2 sets Barbell curls warm up (view image)
• 3 sets Barbell curls heavy (view image)
• 3 sets Triceps pushdowns with rope (view image)
• 3 sets Preacher curls (view image)
• 3 sets Skull Crushers (view image)
• 3 sets Triceps kickbacks (view image)

Sunday: Off

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Sam Omidi is the founder of Weight Loss and Training and is accredited with a Bachelors in Kinesiology as well as certification in Nutritional Sciences, Personal Training and Advanced Exercise Nutrition. Follow Sam via Twitter @samomidi

  • mike

    hi this is Micheal again the 5’3 one, will doing more reps with lighter weight give me the same results

    • Sam

      Hi Mike, more reps with lighter weights will work better for toning & losing fat. Go heavy if you want to increase muscle mass & strength.

      • Maclain Hendrix

        what if you want to lose fat and build muscle mass at the same time?

        • Sam

          Really challenging to do that since your diet will have to be extremely strict. Try 6 weeks with one focus and then alternate for best results.

  • ryansullivan5

    Hi im 18 i weigh 188 pounds i been lifting for about three months now and it seems im not getting as sore on my upper body my legs always kill but now my triceps or bis anymore any suggestions

    • Sam

      Hi Ryan, you really need to focus on adding more variation to your workout. Try switching it up and doing an entirely different workout, this one is pretty good – Channing Tatum Workout Routine

  • Tariq


    After workout my body is very tired especially the lower body. Shouldn,t I feel energetic and active? Why is that and what can I do to avoid this all day pain.



  • Ruben

    hello sam,
    a quick question is it better to do cardio before the workout or after the workout..

    • Sam

      Hi Ruben, it’s best to do your cardio after your weight training so you can keep your max strength to lift the weights.

  • 619khaled

    Hi,am khaled,22,i used to go gym but i left out in middle.And again i started gynm 2 days back,cud u please tell me the daily routine and i want to gain wait,am weighing 50 kgs now,cud u please comment me.Thanks

    • Sam

      Try following the workout routine for men here – Workout Plan for Men

  • Bes

    Im interested in doing the Matt Damon workout, just wondering if it would be beneficial to some weights on the cardio and core day ?


    • Sam

      Hi Bes, it’s good idea to give your muscles some rest time on the cardio/core day as that is the time they recover and grow.

  • CRPpSTS15

    Hey Sam, I was just wondering if you could help with my situation? I’m 6 foot around 150 lbs so as you can assume I’m not very big or strong. If you could just suggest some starting weights for some of these exercises? I also don’t have the means to use equipment to do some exercises; so any alternative ways with free weights, a flat bench, and a bench press bench would be nice! I also have resistance bands…

    • Sam

      If you’re going for 10 reps, use a weight where the 9th rep is quite hard and the 10th one is almost impossible. :)

  • Samuel

    For starters let me say this is a great site. I’m more on the building side of this because I’m very lean as is but I still need to tone up. How many weeks in before I will start seeing noticeable results? You also said to alternate reps as to not plateau; would stopping alternate numbers of reps be a good way to stop gaining and keep what I gained?

    Sorry for all the questions. I’m new to any kind of serious exercise routine and I would prefer to avoid injuring myself by doing it right.

    • 3 sets Swiss ball squats (view image) The link to the image is dead.

    • Sam

      Thanks for the comment Samuel and the broken image, we have fixed that. You should notice results in about 4-5 weeks, and no you must always add variety at least every couple months to keep what you have gained or your body will adapt and you will see the results slowly fade away. Your body has an incredible ability to adapt so variety is always key.

      Try sticking to a couple months of building and then a couple months of toning & defining.

  • Troy

    Hey Sam, I am 5’11 and weigh 150lbs. I wan to build lean mucsle. Which routine would be best for me?

    • Sam

      Hi Troy, the Matthew McConaughey workout will be a great way for you start out and build lean muscle.

  • Brian

    I’m a full time fireman and play hockey as well. I’ve been doing the Matt Damon workout, for the last 8 weeks or so, using 12 reps as my max. Now that it is into the hockey off season, what would you recommend doing? going up to 20 reps? Any advice would be appreciated.

    • Sam

      If I were your coach and wanted to improve your strength and agility then I would allow you to take 2 weeks here where you do some rest and relaxation. This is important in the off season to get you ready for the intense workouts which will be coming ahead.

      After 2 weeks where you are just getting some light cardio I would begin building up your routine in the gym. You definitely need to move up to the next level in your workouts and start focusing on the 8-10 reps max (which means heavier weights).

      After about 3-4 weeks I would increase the intensity even more and push you so that you are only doing about 6-8 reps. This will really help you increase your strength.

      A few weeks after that I would include high intensity interval training with you by doing sprints outside or even on the treadmill. We can include a focus on core strength by doing exercises like the ones in this article –

  • Stephen

    Thanks for the great site! I was just wondering: on the beginner workout, is Tuesday supposed to be left blank like that?

    • Sam

      Thanks for catching that Stephen, it is supposed to say Off, I’ve added it back in now. Train hard and let us know how it comes along!

  • Walter

    Hey Sam im 16 years old, 5,7″ 170. I was wondering if i should start the Beginner to lose weight and tone up, or go with Intermediate to lose weight fast and tone up faster?
    I really hope i can lose enough weight and tone up real good. If these aren’t good for me, can you send me one to my email or recommend me one from the site?

    • Sam

      Hi Walter, definitely start out with the beginner workout and build up from there, you will see results in the same time and allow your body to gradually adapt so you don’t get injured.

  • Yaz

    Hi Sam, I hope you’re well. I really need advice on what workout to stick with. The more I read the more confusing it gets as some people keep saying full body are better and some say split are better. Please give me your advice, (I worked out for 2 months and stopped about a month ago). I want to get back to training as soon as possible but please give me the best advice you can give. I am 6 feet, weigh 82 kg, body fat 22%….I realized while working out that my biceps grow rapidly…just some information. Thank you Sam!

    • Sam

      Hi Yaz, your questions are definitely valid because there are two different training styles to keep in mind. Generally if you are a beginner and mostly concerned about reducing body fat, a total body workout or circuit style workout is a pretty good idea at least 3 times a week. As you get more advanced and want to build more muscle mass then split training is a smarter plan because it allows specific body parts more time for rest and recovery.

  • andy

    hi i am 17 and do kickboxing so my cardio is great but i want to bulk up which workout is right for me and how long do i do it for before i change my workout

    • Sam

      Hi Andy, start from the beginner and build up gradually. Can you advance to the next level after 6 weeks, but the first workout will prep your body for the more advanced workouts ahead and prevent your chance of injury which can set you back much further.

      • andy


  • Shaun


    I am 31 years old, 6’1″ and weigh in at 250. Most of this weight is gut and I am really needing to get it off. I would be happy with shedding it all down to 200 and would love to get some feedback on which routine I should begin and some resources on diets. Thanks for the info.

  • alex

    i am 17 years old and im 5’11″ im 145 pounds and i have barly any fat i want to build muscle and be very cut not bulcky just ripped. i hear so many different ways people work out and i just dont know witch one is right for me one was to do chest arms and shoulders one day then all back and legs the next and do that every other day with a little cardio each day for a warm up the other workout was monday – monday chest arms shoulders, tuesday – cardio, wednessday – back, thursday – cardio, friday – legs, sar/sun – rest with little or no cardio. whats right for me?

    • Sam

      Hi Alex, try the intermediate workout, having 2 days off is important to allow your muscles to recover and grow.

  • Walter

    Hey Sam, thanks for the advice on the workout, but what type of meal plan should i use in order to get healthier, leaner, and lose weight faster?

  • John

    Hi I am 150 pounds and 5’10. I am looking to build muscle, become more lean, and really work on my core at the same time. Do you suggest doing the beginner workout or do you have any suggestions of any other workout routine that would suit me?

  • Antonio

    Hi sam, I’m 5’9, 165lbs, and 13% body fat. I’m looking to gain weight and build muscle. I went from 145 to 165 since March 1st, 2010, so that’s good but I think most of it is going to my body fat. Which workout routine would you recommend the beginner or advance? Also on what day would I be able to fit my abs since I have been told abdominal exercises help decrease your body fat and tone your abs. – Thanks, Tony

  • Tanner nors

    hi sam
    i am a fresmen in high school and am trying to get in shape for football season. i am involved in a summer workout program but it is only from 8am to 10am and after that i go home and try to workout but i dont have the money for a gym membership or any free weights or other kinds of workout equipment. do you have any sugestions to help me burn some of the bodyfat i have. i have built up some muscle but there is still some body fat the i need to get rid of before i feel that i am ready for football season

  • Tariq


    Two questions:
    1 – What is lean muscle
    2 – How to build lean muscle



  • Eric

    Hi Sam, thanks for the info. When doing the work outs, should I finish one exercise before starting the other or should I rotate from one to another? How much time in between sets?


    • Sam

      Finish one exercise before going to other. 1 minute max between sets if you want to keep your body from cooling off.

  • Weedies210

    high i am 17 yrs old 5-10 and 356 pounds i wanna lose 50 pounds to get back in football shape what workout should i do

    • Sam

      Start from the beginning and move up a level every 6 weeks.

  • Chuck

    Hi Sam
    I had a question about the beginner 3 times a week workout? The Matthew McConaughey body type? The gym that I go to doesn’t have a rope pushdown machine. Could you suggest an alternative to that?


    • Sam

      You can do the same exercise with a pulley or a easy bar, just make sure you have a slow controlled movement with your elbows in.

  • Cole

    hey sam
    im 15 and i weigh 130 pounds. i have been working out at home for about a year and i recently joined a gym a few months ago. i bought a thing of whey protein. could you tell me when and how i should use the whey protein?

  • sami

    hey sam i am 6ft 1inch. and weigh 210 pounds.i have been working out for the last 2 to 3 months….so far i have been using weights of 5 pounds for my bicep curl (alternate dumbbell & hammer curl)…i do 4 sets of 16 reps…should i start adding more weights with current weights or should i wait for more 2 to 3 months???

    • Sam

      Hi Sami, you should definitely be increasing the weights at this stage!

  • Bandit18b

    Is it bad to go straight into the intermediate workout?

    • Sam

      Not if you have been working out for the past few weeks. It’s a good idea to start from the beginner otherwise so you get your muscles ready for some of the more advanced exercises.

  • Bandit18b

    Ok, just one more question, on the Matt Damon workout routine you give thursday off, but would it be ok to move friday to thursday and saturday to friday to give the weekend off?

    • Sam

      You can definitely try that, but it is usually a good idea to have a day rest in between your training since it really gives your muscles more recovery time which is essential in growth and strength. Try alternating it every week to hit best of both worlds!

  • sami

    hey Sam,
    can you notify me about the workout routine am following for bicep is adequate or not ??

    # 3 sets of barbell curl

    # 4 sets of Dumbbell curl

    # 4 sets of concentration curl

    i follow this routine 4 days a week….

    • Sam

      Hi Sami, that looks pretty decent, but I would replace the concentration curl with another exercise as I’ve found it to not be that effective. Also 4 days a week is too much for such a small muscle. Go for 2 times a week and increase your weights so you are pretty sore the next day or two. Pullups are awesome for biceps since they place stress all along your arms and include your lats as well.

  • sami

    hey sam,
    i am pretty much concerned about my arm fat.i need to lose it,otherwise i am not getting a ripped please let me know what will be the effective exercises to get rid of it??

  • Uthman

    i want a beach body sam , i am 17 years old 6 feet and weigh currently 120 lbs. i have a bit of stomach fat but i want to get abs and a big chest. u know , a beaxh body.what should i do? what kind of excersises.

  • Ben

    Sam, first of all I would like to tell you that you have made a truly great and helpful site. I am 19 years old and 320lbs or so. I’ve been overweight most of my life and been on more diets and exercise routines throughout my life than I care to count. I plan to start the Matthew McConaughey routine tomorrow, and wanted to know what kind of diet you recommend to boost the weight loss? Also, I have most of the equipment for the exercises readily available to me around my house, is there any alternatives or innovative ways to do the inclined dumbbell press and seated calf raises?

    • Sam

      Hi Ben, thanks for the great feedback. With regards to diet check out this article which includes healthy recipes – You may also want to go over the 6 pack checklist –

      For inclined dumbbell presses try doing them on a stability ball with a very light weight until you build the strength to go heavier, you will have to keep your abs tight to maintain balance. For seated calf raise you can do double and then single foot calf raises on a ledge.

  • Delenci

    What’s the difference between building muscle and toning??

    • Sam

      When building muscle you are usually in a weight gain phase in which the definition in your muscles is not the focus, but when toning you are going for lighter weights and greater reps to increase definition and lean out.

  • YoungGuns

    hi Sam,
    i am 17 years old, and i have been working out about 2 times a week, on and off, for the last year or so. I would like to start taking it more seriously and working out more often, probably around 4 times a week or so. I was just wondering if you could please direct me to a suitable workout plan. My main goal is to increase muscle mass and get jacked!

    thanks in advance for all your help

    • Sam

      Try these workout plans and advance to the next level every 6 weeks. Once you’ve done the advanced try going through the workouts and training section of the site for other workout plans, you might find the channing tatum workout to be a pretty god one –

  • osiris

    Hey, I’m 21, between 5’8 and 5’10 and 210 lbs and i have been trying to loose weight for the last couple years without much success. Most of the weight i want to get rid of is in my stomach area. I have trouble doing cardio exercises because if i use an exercise bike, it doesn’t feel like i am doing anything, but if i try using a tread mill i can only go for about 5 min before i have to quit because my legs cramp up bad. I was wondering if you could suggest which exercises would be best for helping me loose weight and whether i should try gaining muscle before trying to loose weight or lose weight before gaining muscle.

    • Sam

      Hi Osiris, keep the treadmill going and just try adding a minute each time. Good idea to lose weight before gaining muscle in your case so play around with all the cardio equipment available to you. If your legs cramp on the treadmill after 5 mins, switch to the elliptical, then switch to the bike after that if it happens again. Good luck and never give up!

      • Proper Graves

        try working your legs a little more, i had the same problem when i first began on the treadmill, i would constantly get shin splints. The more you work your legs the less they will fatigue as you progress. Good luck and continue on

  • AlecG

    Hi Sam,

    I’m 15 years old and I want to know a daily/weekly routine that I can perform to lose weight and gain some muscle, but not too much muscle since my body is still developing. Can you help me?

    • Sam

      Try the beginner workout on this page it will be a great start for you and just make sure you go don’t go too heavy as that may stunt growth.

  • Adam


    I have followed a similar workout in the past to the ‘beginner-shed fat and tone up’. It worked well for about 2 months and then I really struggled to make further improvements. I think this was because I was doing 3 sets of the same number of reps each time (3 sets of 8 reps) which you call ‘plateauing’. I noticed that you advised to mix up your reps every 4-6 weeks to prevent this. What does this actually mean? I’m currently focusing on putting on more size so am aiming for 3 sets of 10 reps per exercise. After 4-6 weeks should I consider changing to more or less reps?


    • Sam

      Hi Adam, you got it. Try doing about 6 weeks of heavier weights and lower reps (around 8), on the following 6 week session go for lighter weights and higher reps – around 10-12.

  • Jamin

    Hi sam

    I train 4 times a week and i use a pre and post workout, i feel like ive hit a wall with my current program, any ideas on how i can break the wall???

    • Sam

      Switch the heaviness of your weights, if you are going heavy right now with low reps for instance then switch to lighter weights but higher reps.

  • jriley

    How long should you do each of this work out before you switch?

    • Sam

      Approximately 6-8 weeks is a good time to follow a specific workout.

  • sami

    hey sam i was thinking to take some supplements to lose my fat.( at present am weighing in 96 kg which is pretty high according to my height 6 feet.), ….but i am a bit confused which one to select because i am vigilant about the side effects of using supplements. It would be great if you could suggest me some which doesn’t have any side effect and which will also enable me to shed some kilos.

    • Sam

      Try whey protein, creatine and glutamine to start, these are all natural and highly effective.

  • Marquisalbert

    question on the build for bulk routine, should i be lifting a constant weight in each exercise, or do like i have been with increasing weight?

    • Sam

      You should definitely be increasing weight as much as you can.

  • Mabed76

    Hello, I have started the beginner work out and on week 5. Should I do another 5 weeks of the beginner work out and add weight/decrease reps. Or try the intermediate?

    • Sam

      Go for another week and then try the intermediate, but adding variation to this current workout will provide some good benefits too especially if you haven’t been exercise much at all before this.

  • LC's Hubby

    Hey Sam,

    I wanted to know some information as I don’t know too much about weight lifting and diets. I used to work out steadily, but didn’t know that if you work out a muscle day after day that can be harmful and things like that. What would be a good regimen to start off with when it comes to a balanced diet. Any suggestions for breakfast, lunch and dinner? And any information on if i should start having protein shakes instead? Or other nutritional items. Let me know. Thanks.

  • Winfield

    I am about to turn 50;I have been workng out doing the same routine for several years now and I can’t seem to lose any weight or put on any more muscle. I eat a proper diet and still I am stuck at 183 lbs. Can you offer any advise that would help me jusmp start this body of mine? I am not on any medications I take vitamins daily, I have a beer about twice a week with a cigar. Please help me.

    • Sam

      First off you really should cut down on the beer and cigars, they will simply kill all your efforts. Second you really need to switch up your workouts every 6-8 weeks or you will plateau no matter how old you are. Have you tried these workouts?

  • Jason D.

    Hey Sam..It looks like you really know what your doing.

    I’m 5″8, 200 pounds, alot of belly fat. My body style is very unusual. I have shorter arms and legs but my body is very long. I used to be very toned, played alot of sports but let my self go over the past 2 years because of school. I should start with the beginner routine obvously, but should I be doing anything different due to my situation. Diet,different routine maybe? Plz answer in detail if you can.

    • Sam

      Hi Jason, thanks for the comment. You’ll want to really monitor your diet as closely as possible and also work up your routine so that you are going high repetitions with little rest between sets. Good luck and let us know how it goes!

  • David518

    Hey Sam,

    Im at 245lbs n 5’10. Im goin to start on the beginner starting tommorow. My question is, can I add another cardio and core day or two? I was planning on going 6 days a week and doing cardio on the days I did’nt do weights at least until I can get rid of about 25-30 lbs.

    • Sam

      Absolutely, just make sure you are giving your body a break at least once a week.

  • Monk

    Hey Sam I like the routines you’ve put in im sure they will help,anywayz I have one question.I’ve been losing some weight pretty fast in the last couple of weeks (like 25kgs ) im 195cm tall weighting 83 kgs now but I could not remove the fat around the hips and its really annoying.So can you like tell me some excercises that can help me remove the fat from the hips i would be very thankful cuz they are really annoying.Tnx.:)

  • Chadclarke

    Hey Sam I have just finished P90x home fitness and i am looking to add some size instead of just being cut. I’ve started your Advanced – Build Bulk and Strength program but it just feels like im not doing enough the workouts only take me around a half hour when taking, 20 seconds in between each set and im doing 3 sets of eight is there anything you can recommend me to do or should i just keep these workouts at a half hour each?

  • chriskling

    Hey sam
    I really like the workouts but I have a question. I am a college student and would really like to slim down but most of the diets I see require eating around 5 meals a day. What do you suggest what help be a good diet to go with when time really only allows two meals a day for me?

    • Sam

      Wow, I would definitely suggest you aim for at the minimum of 3 meals a day. For the rest have whey protein powder handy so you can mix it with milk or water to make a very powerful high protein snack!

  • Paul Clemons

    What is the beginners workout routine for Saturday and Sunday? Thanks in advance.

    • Sam

      Hi Paul, Saturday and Sunday are rest days, good idea to do some light cardio or house work on these days to keep your body burning calories.

  • jack

    hey im onto day two of the beginners routine how long should you do the plank for on each set, and does you do one set of the plank then go onto the other or do you do one planke a rest then another two hope you can answer my question. :)

    • Sam

      Hi Jack, try and build up to holding the plank for 30 seconds. You do one and rest, should rest about 30-60 seconds between sets.

  • Mabed76

    Hi Sam I just finished 6 weeks of the Matt Damon…I did the suggested sets but higher reps (14) and lower weights. Do you suggest I do the Matt Damon work out again for another 6 weeks and do lower reps, higher weight? or should I try the Jason Statham workout…PLEASE help. When you say switch every 5/6 weeks do you mean rep/weights or equipment because both intermediate and advanced are very similar.

    • Sam

      You can definitely do the same workout with lower reps and higher weight that is a great variation or if you’re getting bored of that you can switch to the Jason Statham workout and then switch back to Matt’s and then do the lower reps higher weights.

  • Caribbeanchicken

    Hi SamI am starting the beginners routine and I was wondering what foods I should eat, could you tell me some foods, drinks and snacks that are good for you?

  • Mabed76

    Thanks for the tips Sam. One more thing I ususally take Iso-pure protein after I work out. zero carbs. I think I need to switch that since I’ve been taking that for like a year now and dont think it gives me any results. Do you recommend a protein that would help put on a little size but not the puffy look?

  • George

    hi Sam
    will you see results in one month with the beginner workout

    • Sam

      Hi George, yes you should start seeing results by the 4-6 weeks area.

  • Jake

    Hi sam,
    I’m 22, 6’8″, 256lbs. I signed up for Gold’s Gym about a week & a half ago. I went 6 days last week. Mon & Tues I did 40 mins of cardio with 5 min cool down (keeping my heart rate between 158 & 164) followed by a 45min-1hour upper body work out. Wed I did only cardio (although I’m going to do it all today). Thurs, Fri & Saturday I did what I did on Mon & Tues.
    I am currently trying to lose weight & build muscle at the same time. I eat 5-6 times a day (2-3 consisting of V-8 or protein shakes). I am a vegetarian, so it is nearly impossible to get the recommended 1gram of protein per 1lb of body weight, but I try to get a good amount. My weight training consists of 3-5 reps with around 7-10 sets, high weight. I do have a day or two where I do lighter weight training, depending on how my muscles are feeling. Although I never really get that sore, especially in my chest or biceps.
    Is there anything you would recommend I change? if so, could you give me a reasoning.

    • Sam

      Hi Jake, you definitely will need to increase your intensity so that you feel completely exhausted by the end of your workout. You should also be feeling sore since the tears in the muscle is what causes them to rebuild and get stronger allowing you to increase your intensity in each workout. Keep up the great work!

  • JP

    Hey Sam, I am 16 years old at 5’11 and 200-205 pounds. I have a very broad build with pretty good upper strength. I was wondering what build you recommend to start off with, and should I be aiming for high weights with low reps, or vice versa. I am really looking for a build with cuts, but more so with muscle performance. What would you recommend with?

    Thanks in Advance!

    • Sam

      Hi JP, definitely start with lower weights and higher reps.

  • James P

    Thanks for the info:

    In a weight loss mode, is it better to do lower weight/higher reps with shorter breaks to lose weight…or higher weight/lower reps keeping short rest times?

    As a measuring tool, I’ve dropped 50-60 pounds in 12 months…Going from 261 to 201…but at any given time my weight goes up 5-10 pounds then down 6-12 pounds…losing about 5 pounds per month. My goal is to get to or around 180, depending on my body fat, which I will start to measure once I break through the 200 pound milestone.

    I’ve been focused on higher weight to increase strength and thought that I would lose weight at the same time, but it appears to be going slow…what’s the difference in terms of weight loss pace between high weight resistance and low weight/high rep resistance training?

  • Jason

    Hi Sam, how do you suggest to do the reps in the intermediate workout? Should I concentrate on negatives or just do a normal rep? For example, with bench press should I do 1 second down and 1 second up or 3 seconds down and 1 second up. Thanks.

    • Sam

      Go for 3 seconds down and up!

  • Tyler Norris

    Hey Sam,
    I’m excited to start your work out but before i do i have a question i would really like to have answered so i can work it into the work out.
    I’m 206lbs and 5′ 9″ and i’ve been losing weight but one thing that doesn’t seem to be changing is my sides. I have some extra fat on my sides like love handles and i really have been looking for a good work out. What can you suggest for losing weight in that area?
    Early thanks for your reply and i’m hoping this works out great!

  • jose

    hi sam
    i got a question when u mean mix your reps. Do u mean go back and forward from 12-14.

    • Sam

      That is right, but more like 8 reps compared to 14.

  • Dieselboy_rocks

    Hi Sam,
    I think its cool that you reply to people. Thats a very nice thing and motivates ppl.
    Anyway I’m about 5’9 70kg, most muscle mass on my legs as I cycle loads.
    Apart from that I’ve got a weird body, thin arms, chest shoulders but my belly gets big quickly. I want to start your beginner routines, ow many reps should i do of each? i really want to bulk my arms and chest shoulders for looks and strength so do u think this is the right program for me?

    • Sam

      Thanks for the comment! If you’re a beginner you may want to start out with a goal of 10-12 repetitions at first so that you begin to build muscle and strengthen your tendons/joints. After about 6 weeks you can reduce the repetitions to about 8 and go heavier so you can start to really start to bulk up. Keep me updated with your progress!

  • Josh

    Hi Sam!

    I am 13. I weigh 120 Pounds and I’m 5’6. I’ve been doing the Jason Statham workout for a week. I do 3 sets of 12 Reps. with Pretty high weight (for me)

    What I’m wondering is, should I lower the weight and add reps or the other way around.

    Also, when should I start seeing results?

    Thanks again =D

    • Sam

      Hi Josh, thanks for the comment…I have to say you are quite young to be weight training, it’s generally a good idea not to start until you are at least 15/16 since it can interfere with height development. If you’re not worried about that you can start to increase weights and lower the reps and it will probably take you about 6 weeks to see some results.

  • Nick

    Hey Sam,
    How long will it take to start seeing results(leener and tone). I just feel like I’m not accomplishing much if i just go to the gym and do a 4-5 workout circut(30-45mins). should i be adding more? Should i take anything prior to working out to help increasing results.

  • Alessandro Angel Vairo

    Hi there Sam! hej nice workout routines i have been doing the advance for 1 month now maybe a little bit more anyways, i have added some more exercise besides the once u have there, i do like 6 different exercise everyday, and yesterday i started with a protein shake so just wanted to thank you because thanks to you Im starting to get some little little results jeje so i loved because the girls are loving it =D. Im 23 and i wight 70 Kg so it feels great, thanks again for sharing this workouts, take care now Im off to the gym, is Arms today, bye

    • Sam

      Awesome Alessandro, thanks for the great feedback! :)

  • Jack


    I’m 20 years old and weigh around 152 pounds. What gym routine would you recommend me as im doing modelling work? I just need to add muscle definition and tone as opposed to becoming significantly “bigger.”

    Any thoughts?

  • Al

    Hi Sam,

    Im looking to lose weight but gain in strength, stamina and agility as I play football (soccer). I play 2 games (90mins full pitch, 45mins half pitch) and train once a week.

    What regime would you suggest and how long until I will see results?

    Im 6″2 and about 220 pounds

    Cheers, Al

    • Sam

      Hi Al, you can start from the intermediate program and then switch to the advanced after 6 weeks which is just about when you should be seeing some great results.

  • irving

    hey how u doing sam! well my name is irving im about 5’7 and weight 219 my wife considers me chunky but i think im a bit fat my weight is supposed to be 150 i want to loose weight but get lean at the same time i recently joined a gym and i was wondering what routine would work for me??

    • Sam

      Start with the beginner and advance levels every 6 weeks.

  • SteveJDAgostino

    Hello Sam,

    I was Wondering what workout you would suggest for me.
    Im about to turn 17 in a couple months, im 6foot and weigh 145lb.
    I Have a swimmers body (Skinny, braod shoulders, good chest and arms)
    id like to work on thickening my legs and a regimen for strength and enderence because i am a freestyle swimmer(:

  • Danny Bejerano

    Hey Sam,

    My name is Danny, i’m 17 years old, weigh about 170 and 5’11 in height. I started the advanced workout routine on monday and have been going at it everyday since. I didn’t wanna do the beginner or intermediate cause i figured i definitely have enough time to hit the gym monday-saturday now since my swim season is over. And I wanted to ask you if the advanced is a good routine for me to be following, since i’m looking to gain muscle and lose a little extra body fat I still have (mostly around the midsection). I’m at 12 percent body fat percentage and looking to get down to about 8%

    Thanks man.

    • Sam

      Definitely Danny! Keep me posted on your progress!

  • Gavin Richardson

    Can I combine days on the Matt Damon workout, like do Tues. and Wed. in one day?

    • Sam

      You can, but a good idea to keep it separate to allow your body to recover.

  • Mrsoto05

    hey sam,

    i just started doing the Matthew McConaughey work out last monday and before i started i was at weighing 236. Today i weighed myself a week and a day later after eating right and staying on plan and im now at 240? im trying to lose weight so should i stop lifting and just do cardio or is this temporary?

    • Sam

      What is your diet plan like? Are you eating smaller meals but more frequently? Also remember that muscle weighs more than fat so in all honesty I wouldn’t pay attention to your weight, over a months time you will really begin to see the results.

    • Justin

      Something i have found out about small weight gains like that is that it can be related to salt intake. The more your salt intake is the more water is retained in your system. I know it sounds funny because salt dehydrates you , but, that is what i’ve read on several site and 2 books as well.

  • Kevin

    Hi Sam,
    I’m 6’1 and at my highest I was 295. I am now down to 230-235, and feel that I have hit a wall with losing more weight. Mostly, i have focused on cardio with a little bit of weight training that I felt comfortable doing.
    I feel ready to have more weight training and want to get the weight loss going again. I feel the beginner set is too little time at the gym for what i’m used to, and don’t want to set my motivation back from what i’m used to. My focus is still losing weight, and not sure if the intermediate/advanced which says “Build Bulk/Strength” is the right way to go.
    Should I just add more cardio to the intermediate/advanced routines to get the weight loss going again?


    Hi There.

    Some Advice Please Is It Better To Do My Treadmill Workout Just Before My Weights Workout Or Straight Afterwards.


    • Sam

      Definitely aftewards as you want to have max strength for your weight training.

  • Hashmat20


    if i do beginner shed fat routine can i change the days around?

    • Sam

      Definitely, the order doesn’t matter!

  • Pete

    hi sam, im pete im currently doing your intermediate workout and i need some help on the diet part of it. In the morning i have 2 boiled eggs, protein shake and cereal. i then have another protein shake after workout, a tin of tuna later in the day, a handfull of nuts later, then some kind of meat dinner i.e. chicken or beef. Is this too much or too litle? thanks

    • Sam

      You may find this article to be helpful with meal recipes for men –

    • Sam

      That sounds pretty decent. I would add in a little bit more fruit and veggies and maybe another protein shake if you want to focus on adding muscle mass.

  • Gary

    HI Sam,

    I am just getting back into weight training and could use some help. I haven’t really worked out since High school 24 years ago. I’m 42yo, weigh about 330lbs. I would like to focus on losing weight and then toning up. I am able to workout on Monday-Thursday due to my current schedule. I just joined Bally’s fitness so I have access to cardio(Bikes,treadmills,elipticals etc.), freeweights, machine weights, and a # of other things. I’m getting married in July and would like to get some of this gut off that I have put on.

    Thank you,


  • cody long

    hey sam,
    Im just about to turn 16. I have a fairly athletic body. I play basketball, but i cant seem to put muscle on and lose fat like some other guys i play with. I have access to a pretty good range of weight for all kinds of lifts, I just have to run at the track though. Is there a good workout program for me. I can be in there mon- fri.

  • Josh Trautmann

    Hi Sam,

    I started college back in september and they have a gym, and as a student I can use it for free. I am 20 years old and a bit on the skinny side. I am 6′ 1″ and weigh 150 pounds. I would like to put on some weight, as well as build muscle. What do you reccomend for me to acheive my goal?


  • Justin

    I have a few questions about the beginner workout plan. Would it be wise to do 20-30min of cardio everyday on top of the beginner workout? Also, i dont have any access to dumbbells. I live in an apartment with a gym downstairs with out of those workout machines where you can do 24+ different activities with. Could I substitute the dumbbell workouts with that and still get the same results over time? The last question is, with dumbbells you work each limb individually. with this machine i have to use two arms to do that work out, ex. bicep curl, i have to use both arms at the same time instead of each arm alone. Does that still work the same way?

    • Sam

      Sure you can do some cardio after your weight training. The machine will be an ok substitute but will definitely not give you the same results as free weights. Using both arms also works differently, I like to have the variety of both to keep your muscles guessing, but free weights (dumbbells) are better because they help you strengthen any imbalances.

  • Blaine

    I just started the begginer workout a week ago. i added in another cardio and core on saturday b/c i didnt like having two days off in a row. I’m 15 and most of all i want to lose fat and build muscle, but not necessarily get really big, more thin and cut. I weigh 125 lbs, so I’m not fat, but I’m not buff either. I was wondering if these workouts are suitable for me and if i will see improvements?. Also, my diet doesn’t consist of fruits, but i do have lots of vegetables, dairy products and protein, and i take a vitamin pill daily to make up, is that good enough? I’d really appreciate your help.

    • Sam

      Hi Blaine, this sounds pretty decent but I would add some fruit early in your day since the vitamins, fiber and other nutrients you get from fruit is quite powerful. Watch your protein diet and add more if you notice that you want to get more muscle mass.

  • geordie

    Hey Sam….I have a question about the plank exercise. I just started the beginner workout…..and I just wanted to know how many reps I should do for this exercise, and how long I should hold the plank each rep?


    • Sam

      Go for 3 sets and try holding it for 30 seconds each set.

  • Mitchell Garcia

    Hey im about to be 17 and i weigh around 160, i wanted to know how heavy should the weights be because im doing the Matthew McConaughey routine hope you can reply to this, thanks.

    • Sam

      Hi Mitchell, you know you are using the right weight when for instance you are aiming for 10 reps and the last rep is almost impossible to complete.

  • Jason

    Sam, okay so i’m 26 years old, 6’2 and weigh in at about 210lbs. I’ve been following the advanced workout plan for about 2 weeks now and i’m ready for some supplements. I see the recommendations on this page but need a little help. I only really have the majority of my “body fat” in my belly area, and a little in my chest. While I want to lose this I also want to build some muscle but not too much as I do already have a nice size structure to me. Do i go with the men’s muscle builder stack or the fat loss stack, or is there some mixture you can recommend?

    • Sam

      Awesome Jason! go for the muscle builder stack as it doesn’t contain anything that will be too intensive. If you notice you are getting to bulky all you have to do is add about 10mins cardio at the end of each session or increase your repetitions to 12-14.

  • Greg

    Hi. I’m a 49 yr old male. have been weight training now for 9 mos. i weigh in at 210 and was at 230. I seem to not be losing anymore weight but my clothes are falling of my butt and my shirts are way too big around the middle.
    i have been using a trainer 2 days one on my own. he has only written me 2 programs in the 9 mos. is that normal? should I be switching it up more? his work outs are very similar to yours. I’m just kind of bored doing the same 3 work outs every week.
    any suggestions?

    • Sam

      Hi Greg you should be switching your routine every 6 weeks so that is definitely not normal. I would also recommend looking in the workouts and training section of this for other workout ideas as I have many different styles some that are as intensive as 6 days a week.

  • Walter

    Hi Sam could I move the cardio and core day to a day with another workout?? On the advanced workout, or is that going to be too much stress and too much rest time to see great results??

    • Sam

      Hi Walter, no you can definitely do this but just be aware of how your body responds. You may find it makes you too sore or it cuts into your muscle mass, that is why I have it separate.

  • juan

    hi sam,
    im 18 years old and weight about 161 lbs, im 5.9 ft tall and i want to gain mucle and get bigger. I’m getting used to training but i want you to help me with a workout that would help me to accomplish my goals.

    • Sam

      HI Juan, you will need to have patience and start from the beginner workout and advance one level after 6 weeks. You can do it!

  • Aaronsden

    I tore my ACL and had reconstruction surgery (along with MCL and meniscus) about 8 months ago. I’ve turned into somewhat of a gym rat since, focussing mainly on cardio and legs. I haven’t adopted any kind of routine yet but I go to the gym every day (as it helps with the unemployed blues). Question: If i go with a split routine that allows for a couple days off a week, can I still do cardio on those days off from lifting? Or is rest absolutely mandatory? I’m thinking about the MattDamon Routine (with a little treadmill each day for my knee and 30 min cardio on days off). Thanks for your time.

    • Sam

      Your body will tell you, but you should have at least one day completely off from the gym and you should be eating a lot of whey protein & glutamine to help with muscle recovery.

  • Perfectstranger44

    hi sam i am a 5’11 240 lb with a fat stomach and love handles . women say im sexy but i dont see it . and my legs are skinny too . i have a pull up bar in my room and some 12lb dumbells i was wondering if u can give me some tips couse i really just want 2 get rid of thease love handles and tone up please help . i want 2 look good and be healthy be for the summer . hit me back Brad !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Daboyz_1992

    Hey Sam,
    I was wondering how long these work outs are estimated to take? They look like the programs look great due to muscle confusion and you will not plateau as quickly. But do you recommend me adding a few more workouts into the days just because it does not seem like too many exercises.

    Thanks man,

    • Sam

      Hi Tyler, these are intended to take about 40 minutes so you have time to do a warm up, cool down and flexibility training to round it up to 60 minutes. But you can find more intense workouts in the workouts and training section –

  • ds129

    I am going to start off with the beginner but I can’t do five solid pushups. Is there something you suggest to build that up?

    • Sam

      Absolutely! When you start to get shaky, put your knees on the floor and keep pushing through. This will help you build strength in your chest.

  • Zeroderick

    im currently 6’2 about 225lbs (104 kg) . im going to try the mathew mch. look today but i dont know how much weight to start out using on each rep or set!!! im tryin to tone and muscualr…any advice

    • Sam

      For toning you may want to aim for 12-14 reps, but for adding muscle you will want to aim for 6-8 reps. For your final rep it should be almost impossible so you know how heavy to go.

  • Nystee1

    Really enjoy your site. Wondering if the intermediate workout could be done as a circuit and also i’m wondering if about 1 minute between sets sounds about right.Thanks.


    • Sam

      Hi Randy, thanks for the feedback. You bet you can definitely do as a circuit and have 1 min rest between sets.

  • W_zahn

    Hey Sam,
    I’m getting ready to start the beginner phase and I was wondering if I should use any supplements? I want to bulk up but get rid of my belly fat too..Let me know whats up.Thanks

  • Franco_rocks88

    Hey Sam,
    i am 5.9, 130 lb and i am trying to gain weight and build muscle. I was looking at the workout that you posted but im not sure which one to choose. Is it better to work out every day a different muscle or should i just combine it such as monday-chest and shoulders tuesday-bic and tri, wed-swim, thur-back and abs, friday-shoulders and chest, sat-bic and tri, sunday-swim ?
    Also im taking BIONIC EDGE™ MASS BUILDER, Organic protein bars, FIsh oils, and organic life vitamins.Are those good?

    PS: i have a VERY fast metabolism, i can eat all day and not get fat.

    Thank you

    • Sam

      Hi Franco,start with the beginner workout and work your way up every 6 weeks. Working out two muscle groups in one day is a good plan.
      Haven’t heard of Bionic Edge, I would recommend looking at this list – Top 10 Workout Supplements for Men

  • Jcdrkknght15

    Hi my name is Justin im 19, 5’11 and weight 165 lbs. I have been going to the gym at least 3 days a week for over a year but I just dont seem to be getting the results I want, I wanna just have the bulkier look, I have a good amount of muscle but you really cant tell until I flex. I am thinking of starting your intermediate work out in hopes that it will give me more of the results i want. Is there any type of diet that you recommend with either the beginner or intermediate workout plan, I would really appreciate your feedback.

  • matt

    Hey my name is Matt and I really want a workout plan to make me stronger, bigger and increase my stamina. also I know a big part is diet. can you give me a good meal plan for a week? i can eat and drink anything but pork items. thank you so much.

  • Joe_drums4life

    hey sam, i was just wondering how soon will you be able to see results?

    • Sam

      You should see results within 4-6 weeks.

  • Joe_drums4life

    i have a couple questions… when will you start feeling and seeing a difference? and how do you know if your doing this routine properly and your not doing somthing wrong? – joe

    • Sam

      Hi Joe, you should expect to see a difference in about 6 weeks. I would highly suggest investing in a personal trainer if you fear that you are doing something wrong. You can also get a training buddy to give you feedback and watch closely in the mirror to make sure you are not swinging your body or using bad posture.

  • Alex

    when it comes to these 3 different workouts what is the time difference to when you take it up a notch and switch plans ?

  • Nathan Adams

    Hey Sam,
    I am 21 years old and I weigh 240. I started working out in August and have gone from 280 to 240 but right now I have just plateaued and was just doing cardio 5 times a day and not eating healthy. I am about to start dieting and start your workout routine and I am looking to lose about 40 more pounds. I am used to going to the gym everyday and working out and I was wondering if you would recommend me doing cardio on tuesdays and thursdays instead of resting for the beginner workout or if you think I should rest on those days.

  • Crazy_bubba90

    Hey Sam im zach i was wondering how would i trim love handles cuz i absolutly hate them and what would be a great workout for doing that?

  • Anthony

    I have a question about my work out. i have been working out for a few years now and i can never find a good routine. can you help me or give me some tips if this is a good work out routine. you can change anything up you want. these work outs usually last about an hour and half to two hours.

    Monday: chest and triceps
    Tuesday: rest
    Wednesday: legs, back, and abs
    Thursday: shoulders and biceps
    Friday and Sat: rest
    Sunday: legs, back, and abs


    • Sam

      Hi Ant, looks pretty good, you may want to try back and biceps on one day and having legs on a day of its own.

  • Tim (boston)

    Hi Sam,

    Ive found your site extremely usefull and im sure many appreciate what you have done. Ive been doing the Intermediate workout and was wondering if you could recomend some more ab excercises especially for the love handle area? I also have been trying to go the gym twice a day I usually do lifting in the morning around 10:30 but i am up at 8, and go back and do the eliptical machine around 430, i was wondering if theres any difference or benifit to flipping around the weight lifting with running or even going earlier and later?

    • Sam

      For sure, try this article for love handles –

      Some in the fitness industry swear by doing cardio in the morning and weights later at night, but I’ve found this to be quite hard on the body and nutritional supplementation really becomes integral to making sure you have all the required nutrients to recover.

  • Sergei

    So I just stumbled on this and think it might work. I’m a 36 year guy, about 5’6″ tall and 200 lbs. I carry the weight well but I would prefer to be 170 lbs. I have been almost completely sedentary for the past couple of years and drink 3-4 beers a night, more on weekends. I have now cut alcohol out of my diet M-Th and am eating well. If I stick to this workout, do you think I stand a chance of shedding some pounds?

    • Sam

      Absolutely Sergei! Sounds like you had a wake up call, so keep it up and don’t lose the motivation. It will happen.

  • KSI_TeXaS


    i just started working out a few weeks ago, would this workout maximize growth in my muscles? Cause i have heard a lot about muscle confusion and have no idea where to start off

    • Sam

      These workouts are a great place to start, you won’t have to worry about muscle confusion until about 6 weeks in, but that is when you move up to the next level in these workouts.

  • Royrogillio

    Hey Sam,
    My name is Roy im a 19 year old average kid trying to get ladies attention, but i am 6’4 i weigh 165 and last i check i have 8% body fat. but the only thing i really have that is noticeable are my arms, i have NO chest and i have to work on my traps and shoulders, would this workout get me built?? because i have always wanted to get bigger but i just didnt know how.

  • Chuckd1116

    hey i am 22 years 6’3 190 lbs and i want to gain about 10 lbs of muscle an get ripped i was wondering how could i do this by summertime?

    • Sam

      Follow these routines and advance a level every 6 weeks!

  • Daniel_abrey

    HI i am an athlete and i want to try build up a bit get some power in me. can you recomend a workout plan that will help this and mainly stomach muscles.

    • Sam

      Hi Daniel, check out the workouts and training section, there are quite a few workouts in there that will really help you reach these specific goals.

  • Bake

    Should I try the “Advanced Muscle Builder Combo”(wrong link btw) by itself or in addition to the other supplements listed under recommendation?

    • Sam

      Hi Bake, thanks for brining that link to my attention, I fixed that. Definitely a great combo to try out on their own first before adding any others.

  • Bob

    I have a question regarding the order to do the workouts listed. I am new to this, and have been doing the beginner workout and mixing in some of the intermediate workouts. Are these listed in the order you should do them? Is any one order better than the other? Can you give me some do’s and don’ts?


  • Austin

    Hey sam,
    I am 18 years old. I stand 5 feet 8 inches and weight 155 lbs. I have been lifting weights for about 2 and a half months now, and i always watch what i eat. As of right now i am only seeing results in my muscles, but nothing on my fat. But Im also taking a 280 calorie drink after every workout.

    • Sam

      Hi Austin, why are you taking such a high calorie drink after you workout if your goal is to lose fat? Replace that with a lean protein source and half a banana and you will still supply your muscles with the essentails they need to grow.

    • Fife03

      Try mixing up your routine and decreasing your calorie intake by 300 calories a day.  Or maybe you can try and split your 280 calorie drink,  drink half before your workout and the rest after.

  • Chris

     Hi Sam,

    I just completed a 9 week program of running with pushups, crunches and pullups. I’ve added some decent strength and dropped about 10 pounds, if not more, due to addition of muscle. I like the 1st workout because at 40 I am no longer looking for bulk, but rather a lean body with decent strength. How long should the plank position be held for each set? I’ve worked up to 5 mile runs at better than 10 minute miles so will this program be enough cardio? 10 minutes of interval training on a treadmill seems like it’ll be a breeze – too easy even. Thoughts?


  • M&M

     Hi Sam, i am wondering if these exercises can be done by a 14 year old? I am trying to build lean muscle but am not entirely sure how.
    Thank You

    • Sam

      You are definitely on the young side to be training with weights, but you can for sure go through these exercises and just make sure to not go too heavy unless you are not concerned at all with your height growth.

  • Paramjit

    hi sam 
    I am 34 yrs old, 5-7 height & weight 220 lbs(overweight 66 lbs) I want to lose a lot of weight around 10yrs ago I used to to a lot of heavy exercises so my body is muscular (anyone who guess my weight would say 175lbs, so which level & exercises you think is good me, my goal is to loose a lot of fat especially belly & chest & make the whole body toned.

    • Sam

      Good, always start out with the beginner level and move up every 6 weeks.

  • Graham

    Hi Sam!
    Thank you so much for doing this, I’m glad I finally found something that has what days to work out, what exercises to do, and information about supplements! I am going to start thr beginner workout today, and I was wondering, can I do some light cardio on the days off? It kills me to not do anything… Also, are supplements safe? I am a teenager, and I don’t want to put any weird chemicals in my body. Are there natural proteins you could reccomend? Thanks!

  • Shaw Clint

    Hi Sam,
    I have lost 120 lbs over the last year through counting calories. Currently I am 6’4″ 262lbs. My main goal would be to just tone up and lose more weight. I have no real interest in bulking up. Should I stick with the beginner routine longer or should I just continue on to the other routines with a higher rep to weight ratio?


    • Sam

      Always good to start with the beginner so your body adapt and if you notice the results aren’t fast enough then you can always switch up.

  • Eddy192837

    hey i have a question.. how would you get a cristiano ronaldo like physique? what exercises would you need to do? i heard he does alot of dumbbell exercises and focuses alot on the core

    • Sam

      For Ronaldo you’d need to do a lot of cardio and dumbbell exercises aren’t necessarily the best choice as long as you do exercises in a circuit and go for high reps in the 14-16 range.

  • Fati E. Morina

    Heya Sam Im Jake i was working out for 1 years with intense workout 4 hours daily
    i could do all body workout in a day mixed with cardio and i trained 7 days a week
    i lost from 90kg i become 70kg and builded 6 pack but as i heard from pro builders
    u have to split your body parts to everyday to workout a body part and i have good diet
    wich i eat 4 times daily and i have in each meal a shake fruit shake naturall
    So i decide to build an workout plan i need ur advice
    Monday/Chest 60 min weight lifting 30 min abs i like alot to work in each day abs as i heard 
    more then 60 min when u lift weights ur muscle growth hormon and testosteron decrease and
    ur body doesnet build and muscle u have to rest at least 5 days to get the recovery full
    Tuesday/back 60 min weight lift 30 min abs 30 min cardio i can jump like 500 times skipp rope
    and i find this cardio more effective and i think since i have to split the body parts each
    day i think of doing 2 days weight lift 3 days cardio and 2 days rest
    Wednesday/Biceps/Triceps 60min weight lift 30 min abs
    Thursday/Shoulder 60 min weight lift 30 min abs 30 min cardio 
    Friday 30min cardio 30 min abs 
    I dont want to become that bigg i watn to be lean Like Cam Gigandet
    i got strict diet i eat 4 times meal and in each meal i got an fruit shake
    wich contains bluberry banana strawberies all natural fruits and milk
    All i want to know atm is the 3 times enough to do cardio or not and im 1.90tall 70 kg Thks alot.

    • Sam

      Looks good buddy, and yes 3 days of cardio a week is pretty good! Just be patient and stick with a healthy diet.

  • Fati E. Morina

    bro thks for the answer it really helped me so now i found an strict routine
    monday:back/chest 60 min
    tuesday:biceps/triceps 60 min
    friday:cardio i train mma too i can add maybe at cardio mma to keetlebell,jump rope ,punching bagg heavy punching mitts training with medicine ball
    sat:cardio too same with the first cardio
    sunday:i do light cardio at least to not do anything
    thks for all answers srry for taking ur time but i really need ur advice for this new workout routine thks again:)

    • Sam

      Looks awesome!

  • Markelmianes

    Great workout tips, however I have a question. What exactly do you mean by go up one level after 6 weeks?

    • Sam

      You can go from Beginner to Intermediate to Advanced

  • Paul

    Hi Sam I am new at this I have no diet and I have never taken supplements I work out once a week at gym but have no routine.
    I weight 195 lbs 5″6, can you help me out on the diet, the routine and the supplements tha I need to take in order to reach my goal 160 thanks I will appreciate all your help.

  • Spanky

    Great info.  When reading so many articles I get really confused.  I’m 47, been in the gym off and on for years mainly cardio with some weights.  I’m 6’1″ about 180lbs, never been overweight and in good health.  I now want to build muscle mass.  some say do an all body workout three days week first, but I started with a routine of “pulls” one day, “pushes” the next, day off, then legs, then start all over again.  What do you think?  I do about 3 sets and reps around 8-12

    • Sam

      Not bad, you can also try my Push Pull Workout

  • Tyler W

    Hi sam,

    I just started college and im pretty heavy. I want to lose weight and tone up asap. If you have any articles or tips let me know. Thanks!

    • Sam

      Hi Tyler, pretty much all the articles on my site are geared to help you with this goal so have a read through the tips category, you will find it extremely relevant and you may want to view the top 10 supplements for men article to boost your results.

  • TJP

    I was 280 and have changed my diet so I am now about 250 and still dropping the weight. I usually do high rep pull up and pushup workouts (100 each) and am wanting to get into a 5 day split routine now with weights. I am a strong guy bu still need to drop 30 pounds of fat to be at my best weight/shape. Would the Jason Statham routine help me with thus? Should I add cardio after each weight workout? I am no stranger to weights just have been doing body weight exercises for the past few months. Even at my fattest I still did strength training but my die and cardio were both at awful levels.


    • Sam

      You bet, the Statham workout will be good for you and you can add some medium to high intensity cardio after your weights (keep it intense enough to be under 15 mins).

  • Casey Crowhurst

    hi sam, im 16 years old, weigh 10 stone and i am 5 ft 9 .. im going on holiday june next year and want to be toned and preety muscler for when i go , with six pack so on. could you give me a routine to follow for the 7 months before i go please ? thankyou, casey .

    • Sam

      Hi Casey, you will need to add variety to keep your body guessing, but these three workouts will be a great way to get you there.

  • Mprob293

    Hi Sam,

    I am 27 and overweight at 5’6 210-215lbs I would like to loose about 50-60lbs, and I used to smoke for about 7 years. I am new to the gym and I have never had a good diet. My question is what should my calorie intake be and any advice for a total gym newbie

    • Sam

      Don’t focus on calories, it won’t tell you anything since everyone is so different. You’re going to have to experiment with eating more and seeing how your body adapts, but 3-4000 calories area will be sufficient for putting on muscle mass for most.

  • Leslie Goertz

    Hey Sam, My name leslie, Im 270 pounds a mix of muscle and fat, I want to start working out a lot to gain more muscle. i get most of my workouts by Work and football but i want bigger biceps, and to lose my man boobs. got any ideas for me?

    • Sam

      Hi Leslie, you will you need to focus on one thing at a time. My suggestion would be to first focus on losing body fat for a good 6-8 weeks, then you can switch it up and focus on muscle gain again, and alternate these two until you get the desired results.

  • Wes

    Hi sam,
    my name is wes. im 5″7, 16 and about 115 lbs. I was wondering what is the number of reps I should do? Im on the advanced plan and I am wanting to start bulk

    • Sam

      Aim for 6-8 when you are wanting to put on muscle.

  • Jshtomazin

    I am a 22 year old recent college graduate, and I want to lose the 65 pounds that I suddenly put on my last year and a half of college.  How do I go about getting back into a routine? what should I concentrate on? and for how long?


  • Blake

    How many pounds do you add to each set in the Intermediate workout?

    Thank you,


    • Sam

      Your last rep should be almost impossible to complete.

  • Noahmt

    THANK YOU!!!!

    I am 5’10″ and use to weigh 190lbs. I started with your beginner workout for about three months and then for the last month have been doing the intermediate. I also walk about 10k a day 5 times a week(while listening to audiobooks)What a difference in my life this whole exercise program has been. I am now 170 and every time I look in the mirror I feel better about myself. I even get dates now and I suspect it’s mainly just this new found confidence that comes from being happy with ones own body image. So I firstly and foremost want to thank you for taking the time to answer every one of these 400
    Comments. You make a huge difference in peoples lives.

    My goal is to be about 180lbs lean. I probably need to lose another 15 lbs fat to be ripped but since I have been concentrating on fat loss should I switch between

    • Sam

      That really put a smile on my face, thanks for the great comment! I just sent you an email to see if we can use your testimonial for my new ebook!

  • Deford152

    Hi Sam,

    I just started doing the Shred fat and tone up.  I was wondering to you do this just as it states and take breaks after doing three sets, or is it done like a circuit?  I’m trying to lose weight, but also keep or start a build.

    • Sam

      Hey there, yes, this workout is intended to be done 3 sets in a row before moving to the next exercise. Circuit training can be a different variation which is also good as it allows you to burn more fat, but it won’t allow you to increase the weight in each exercise as this routine.

  • Adam

    Hi Sam,
    A co-worker of mine just showed me this site today. I am trying to figure out where I want to start. I am 6’1, 150lbs. I just started working out a little last week. I am 30 years old. I want to gain muscle and weight. Which one would be the best one to start out on? Thanks in advance!!

    • Sam

      Hi Adam, glad to hear your friend recommended this site to you, hopefully you will keep passing it along! Start out with the Matthew McConaughey workout and build your way up. It sounds like you are quite light for your height so make sure to add whey protein or the muscle building stack mentioned at bottom of the article.

  • Lovey_m18

    HI sam harry here my height is 5’6” and weight is 175 pounds i m fatty at all muscles i want to get clarity on muscles and also to reduce my weight by at least 20 pounds please recommend me the training schedule for gym and also for ground work (running ; skipping ) etc. i also want to get abs..please tell me a full schedule of 5 or 6 days of week with eating advises.

    • Sam

      That is what these workouts are here for…you can also check out meal plans here – workout and meal plan for men

  • Jason

    Hi Sam – I am a 35 year old male – 5’10″ about 170lbs. – I am looking for a combination of workout and meal plan which will help me gain muscle mass along with a nice stomach for summer – I can only workout during the week – please let me know which workout program you recommend I use and what ever advice you can offer regarding what I should be eating – thanks in advance

    • Sam

      Hi Jason start from the first plan and work your way up every 6 weeks you can also check out meal plans here – workout and meal plan for men

  • yogesh

    hi SAM…i am 5’11″ and 80 kgs.. I have 10% extra fat at present .. ihave being working out since 7 months..i have to make a muscular and fit body…which type of workout routine  i should follow…please help!!!

    • Sam

      Please starts from the beginning and move up every 6 weeks, this will allow your muscles to get stronger and push you through each level.

  • Mikey

    Hi Sam I will be so glad if you can answer my question. I am 5’11″ and weight 215lbs and I would like to lose about 50lbs. I have been going gym 5 times a week for 3 weeks but haven’t seen significiant results. What I want you to ask is if I follow the routines you mentioned above, will I lose all that 50lbs I don’t want? I also have a few friends who also struggle with their weight loss. If this routine is starting to work for me, I am more than happy to advertise this website on my blog or to my real life friend. Thanks Sam

    • Sam

      It absolutely will but you must also be very careful of your healthy eating. Check out the site for healthy nutrition tips and meal plans you can also follow.

  • Sully

    I’m looking to start the beginner workout, I’m 18, 6’4 and about 185 lbs. I was just wondering on day 3 with the “3 sets plank” how long should I hold the plank, and how many holds are in each set? Also, is it ok for me to run about 2-3 miles a day on a treadmill and still do this plan or would it interfere? I enjoy my running workouts and don’t want to cut them out but if I have to modify to fit a specific workout plan I could. Thanks, 

    • Sam

      Hi Sully, you want to hold the plank for 30 seconds and do 3 sets of them. Running is ok, but if you find that it is affecting your muscle gain you may want to switch it to high intensity interval training

  • TLandy911

    Sam, I am 21 yrs old. 5’10 and weigh about 155. I am looking to get bigger but more importantly..cut and lean. What do you suggest for a workout and diet plan?

    Thanks, Tom

    • Sam

      Start with the Matt Damon workout and check out these series for a healthy meal plan healthy diets for men

  • Lance Cabarong

    .sir what is the best food supplement for body building?.,for great muscles.,hope you’ll help me

    • Sam

      Whey protein is best, check out my article on Best Protein Powders

  • Malaoudi

    Dear Sam, 
    First, let me thank you for all the great information. I’m 23, 5’7″ and weigh 150Ibs. An average body but would love to gain muscles. My goal is not to gain muscler strength but to get big and have bigger muscles. Should i go for Matthew McConaughey beginner style ? or do you have any better style ? Ur recommendation will be greatly appreciated. 

    • Sam

      Yes start with the McConaughey plan and work up every 6 weeks.

  • Grant

    Hey, this all looks great. I am 25 5’11 180lb with about 16% body fat. I am looking to tone up but also increase my strength. Any suggestions? preferrably a workout that is 3-4 days a week (i like to work in cardio and core a couple days a week ontop of lifting).

    • Sam

      Please check out the workouts and training section of the site there are numerous options for you there.

  • Daniel321

    Hi Sam, My name is Daniel, Im 22 years old and 5’11” I weigh 14 stone 3 pound. 6 months ago I weighed 12 stone 11 pound. I am doing alot of cardio work and resistance training. My diet is not the best I will admit and I dont take any supplements, I have gained quite alot of fat on my stomach and chest and want to know is their certain exercises I can do to trim that down and get my chest back. I train around 5 times a week but nothing seems to be doing anything at the moment. thanks

    • Sam

      Sounds like it’s about the diet – check out this article Eliminate Love Handles

  • mr. R

     Hi Sam,
    I weigh about 250lbs and a 5’10. I am starting at the gym, do you recommend your beginner workout? Should I be doing cardio everyday?

    • Sam

      Yes beginner would be a great start and do cardio every other day or 3 times a week. Build up slowly and be patient.

  • thewal

    Hi Sam,

    I am glad I found your site, a lot of great information.  I am 36 years old i am 5’11″ tall  240lbs, i am looking to loose weight, possibly downs to 200 and tone up.  what do you recommend.


    • Sam

      Awesome, start from the beginner workout and work your way up every 2 weeks!

  • Sunny Kairon

    Hello Sam, 
    I am going to start my gym routine. Will you please tell me upto how many weeks I should do Beginners exercise routine ???

    • Sam

      6 weeks for each level

  • Karthick

    Hi Sam, the above routine is simple and awesome and i have started doing it for past 3 weeks. I could see a great change in me. i am 83 kg height 5.10….. can i take a fat burner along with the above routine. please suggest me a fat burner not a list of burners.

  • Emile Fafard

    hey sam i am on my 5th week of the begginer workout but i still want to lose a good amount of fat in my midsection. If i move up to the intermediate workout will i still be cutting fat or just gaining bulk and strength? please help

    • Sam

      You can keep it at the fat loss stage if you keep the reps in the 12-15 range and limit your calorie intake.

  • Daniel

    Hi Sam, My name is Danny, its awesome how you’ve gain so much prestige from others, as well as your ebook (which i just bought it). wow! Yesterday, I started your workout plan and was very effective. I wanted to know if I’m 22, male and 192 lbs and seriously want to burn fat, how would i follow your workout plan, from above? 

    • Sam

      Awesome Danny! You can definitely being the program and increase intensity week by week and keep the reps high in the 14-16 range with little rest between sets and exercises (around 30 seconds). This should get your metabolism burning like crazy.

  • ken

    just one question with the first workout program with the beginner shed fat and tone up. do i use the heavest wait as possible and whys a good nutritional program

    • Sam

      Start out gradually you don’t need to jump into the heaviest weight possible from the start. Check out this series for a healthy meal plan healthy diets for men

  • Alex

    Hey Sam! I’m 15 years old and 160lbs. I really want to turn my whole body into muscle, all i have is a weight bench and dumbells. Think i can make something happen? What sork out do you suggest?

  • Josh Flores

    My name is Josh. I’m 5’4″, 200 lbs. I’ve actually been working out for the better part of 7 years. I got down to 150 lbs, but because of poor diet, the plateau effect, and more of a focus on weight training, I gained a lot of weight. I just finished P90x, and I’m starting back at the gym. Would you recommend the beginner or intermediate workout? I want to lose weight, tone down, and get close to my former strength (225 bench, 405 squat).

    • Sam

      Start with the beginner level and move up every 6 weeks so you can allow your body enough time to adapt and strengthen all your muscles and joints. This will prevent problems with injury further down the line.

  • omar

    I am a total beginner and I weigh about 166 lbs, 6′ 4′ in height. The lean but ripped look is what i’m interested in, so which plan should i try out?

    • Sam

      Always start from the beginner and work your way up so your body has time to adapt.

  • Thomas

    Hi Sam.My name is Thomas .Thanks for your post.I really love.I would like to add that many people are now aware of the benefits of regular exercise, and an increasing number of us are taking up running, walking, cycling, swimming and other activities.However, it’s not always convenient to exercise outside. Many people work long hours during the day, and by the time they get home it is often dark . Cycle ride in the dark can be unsafe Other people have family commitments, such as children, and are unable to leave them on their own.
    Weather can also play a part; exercising outside in cold, icy or wet weather can lead to injury,

  • Nayakg

    hI sam,
    i’am 30 weight is around 83kg.i want to reduce my fat.iam starting gym now,please let me know what kind of excersice i can do in gym.

    • Sam

      The ones listed in this workout would be a great start.

  • Josh

    Hey Sam, I’m josh. I’m 5’7 and weigh 209 lbs and I just started up with your beginners workout. Would that help me slim down to att least 180 lbs? Also what other routine would recommend for weight lose?

    • Sam

      You bet this would help you for sure. Check out the workouts and training category for fat loss programs, there are hundreds of them!

  • Paolo

    Hey! I’m starting today! I was wondering how many weeks should I do beginner then move o tr next level. Muscle confusion! Thank you!

    • Sam

      Awesome, 6 weeks before moving to the next level!

  • george lopez

    hi sam im a big guy played football forever and did the whole get huge routine kinda got a way from the gym but starting to go back and was looking for a workout routine like a monday tuesday wednesday type thing and well dont konw much about losing weight cuz my whole life i tried gaining it if you could help me out with a routine that would be great.

    • Sam

      You bet, these workouts would be a very good starting point for you!

  • ron

    how many weeks for each stage consists of. like beginner 3 to 4 weeks, intermediate 3- 4 weeks etc.

    • Sam

      6 weeks will do it!

  • ron

    can you help me for dumbells , our gym does not have barbell. what i can substitute with barbell.

    • Sam

      For the most part you can replace with dumbbells the exact same exercises but let me know if there are some that stand out.

  • Sam

    Depends on how many reps you are trying to do. If you’re aiming for 10 reps then the last repetition should be almost impossible to complete.

  • Sam

    How much protein do you have in your diet? Make sure to check out my article on Best Workout Supplements for Men –

  • Sam

    You shouldn’t drop more than 1-2lbs a week so you will be in the right target and take these workouts and go a week at a time and you will succeed.

  • Haaris

    Hi , i am strting up on your beginner routine just now. i am 5’8, 120ish lbs 17 years old. Questions, so my overall body build is small but i have fat on my stomach and chest area especially. so looking to take all that down and also tone up. i feel like that may not be enough cardio? I also take a whey protein supplement right after workout. also understand i need to eat healthy but wa looking for a professional opinion. Thanks.

    • Sam

      You can definitely add some interval cardio training to help with fat loss but you are right eating healthy is the most important part of the puzzle.

  • Sam

    Yes, definitely the right workout to go through, you can add in interval cardio training to help with fat loss, and go through 6 weeks before moving to the next level.

  • Sam

    That’s a lot of whey protein, your body can only absorb a max of 30 grams at a time so you may want to ease off a bit. To balance, switch all exercises to dumbbells so it’ll force you to have the same weight on both sides of the body.

  • Reza

    Hi Sam, My name is Reza im 24, 6.4 height and 182 Lbs(83kg). its been almost 2 month im working Matt Damon’s workout and thank to you i got good result but i think its time for me to change the workout routine now im looking for new workout routine would you plz help me with that ? and i lost a lot fat also but i still have this little belly fat im trying so hard to get ride of it, i added 20 min cardio and 15 min abs everyday is it going to affect on my workout efficiency? thank you

    • Sam

      Awesome, glad to hear you have been getting such good results. Keep it up and start watching your diet even closer to see how your body responds, check out these ultra popular articles Top 10 Workout Supplements for Men & Chris Evans Workout

  • Danny Villalpando

    hi my name is Danny, I’m 20 years old and 5’5 .. 145 lbs I’ve been working out for about 3 months now.. I don’t really look fat,, i look normal i just wanted to get some muscles but that’s not my problem.. my problem is n my chicks my face looks fat eventho i’m not..and i would like to know what can i do in order reduce the fat in my chicks .. i know it sounds crazy but there most be somthing right??

    • Sam

      It will really come down to watching what you eat even more and adding more intensity to your workouts.

  • Elias A Riley

    I am 30 years old and have been doing these for 3 months now. I have lost 35 lbs and am in great shape. I feel like the steps in these work really well @ 6 weeks. Thanks!

    • Sam

      That is absolutely awesome buddy! Glad to hear it is working so well for you :)

  • Sam

    These would be perfect workouts for that goal, so give it a go.