5 Foods That Speed Metabolism

foods that speed metabolism

5 Foods That Speed Metabolism

If we can get help from foods that can increase our metabolism and burn fat then why don’t we do our grocery shopping that way? Time and time again I see the most people spending the most time in the wrong aisles of grocery stores.

Is it because those foods are cheaper or is it simply because they don’t know what information to take away from all the messages we are constantly being bombarded with about our health all the time. How about this? Resist the chips and pop aisle and instead think about this list of 5 foods that will get you to your goals…you know those goals that you envision in your head for this season…

Foods That Speed Metabolism: #1: Acai Berries

The acai berry is small round purple berry found from the palm trees of the Brazilian Amazon which has ten times the antioxidants of grapes and twice that of blueberries.

The keyword here is antioxidant.

This is important to us because when we’re stressed out, fighting a cold, or just trying to recover from an exhausting day our body goes through an elevated level of oxidative stress where we produce damaging free radicals. Free radicals are very damaging to our cells and have been linked to a number of diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and chronic fatigue syndrome.

When we ingest foods that are higher in antioxidants then we help our body fight these free radicals. So when we have acai berries or most commonly found as Acai juice then we also help the cellular mechanisms in our body to work most efficiently and this includes our metabolism and break down of foods.

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Foods That Speed Metabolism: #2: Whey Protein

Pretty much any fitness athlete knows that whey protein is an essential and important part of their daily diet. Whey protein powder is one of the highest quality forms of protein you can find in the market and is a great source of essential amino acids. But why are amino acids important?

Amino acids are the building blocks of our muscles and tissues and in any given day when we are exercising or just running around we are breaking down these tissues. So supplementing with whey protein is key to rebuilding and recovery which also means higher muscle to fat ratio in our bodies. This directly equates to a faster metabolism and a leaner meaner body.


Foods That Speed Metabolism: #3: Salmon

Lean meats like fish are very critical diet component to anyone wanting to speed up their metabolism. Salmon in particular is low in saturated fat, high in protein and provides health promoting Omega 3 fatty acids.

Omega 3′s are essential fatty acids that we must obtain from our diet and great for keeping our heart healthy, and have been shown to help control our cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Omega 3′s also help with enzyme reactions that boost our metabolism so currently much research is being done on how these fatty acids can help with obesity.


Foods That Speed Metabolism: #4: Turkey

Another great source for high quality natural protein is Turkey. Of course, we want to aim for skinless and as fresh as possible to get the most nutrients but Turkey is also a great source for Vitamin B’s.

The B Vitamin family is known for helping us with healthy immune and metabolic function as well as combating symptoms of stress and depression. I’ve found this to be especially true with my energy levels and take a B Complex Vitamin once or twice daily.

Try these Vitamin B products: Twinlab Stress B-Complex or NOW B-100


Foods That Speed Metabolism: #5: Green Tea

The Green Tea phenomenon has gained mass appeal not only in North America but across the world. It contains high quality antioxidants as well as polyphenols which have been shown to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Green tea also has a natural form of caffeine which spikes your metabolism for a few hours after drinking it so why not add a cup or two in the morning when you are working.

Conclusion: Foods That Speed Metabolism

Ok so after reading this list you should know what to buy next time you’re getting groceries…make that list now: Acai Berries (blueberries are also good), Whey Protein powder, Salmon, Turkey, Green Tea, and of course you can make it easier on yourself and buy some of the recommended products I have made online right now so you don’t forget. You should see a boost in your metabolism and that belly fat start to melt off after several weeks of trying these 5 foods.

Please leave a comment below if you have any questions, or have tried incorporating this list and are starting to see some great results…

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Sam Omidi is the founder of Weight Loss and Training and is accredited with a Bachelors in Kinesiology as well as certification in Nutritional Sciences, Personal Training and Advanced Exercise Nutrition. Follow Sam via Twitter @samomidi

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    omg by far the best website with info about everything i need to know about diet !! thanks so much

  • sandynlos

    These are great tips! Sam, I’ve seen some green tea supplements at Costco, they’re called Green Tea Fat Burner by Applied Nutrition. In a 2-capsule serving, they have 400 mg green tea extra (50% EGCG) and 160 mg caffeine. Do you think this sounds like a good product?

    • http://weightlossandtraining.com Sam

      HI Sandy, it sounds relatively ok however that is a pretty high caffeine content. To be honest I’ve found the nutritional supplements that Costco carries is very low quality, their whey protein brands are pretty bland and make you want to throw it out.

  • afsaneh

    thanks a lot….. but unfortunetly I live in Iran and I can’t get your products. I appriciate your recommends and useful advices..,and looking forward you to give me a very effective diet to loose my weight (my extra 20 pounds) in shortest time as I can…. by the way are you Iranian too???then thank you again…good luck.

  • Rey Palacios1

    Thanks for the 5 foods, I will start using them asap and look forward to seeing or feeling the results.

    • http://weightlossandtraining.com Sam

      Excellent, thanks for the feedback!

  • Shikha

    Hi Sam,

    I had a question about foods that speed up our metabolism. I’m a vegetarian and my diet usually includes fresh vegetables, curries and lentils. I can certainly try the berries, whey and green tea. Are there any alternatives for salmon and turkey?

    Thanks for this awesome website. I can’t wait to get started with my workout routine and eat healthier.

    • http://weightlossandtraining.com Sam

      HI Shikha, thanks for the great comment. Alternatives for Salmon include flaxseed, nuts, and hemp products which are also high in Omega 3′s.

  • Becca

    Hi Sam, Had a delicious dinner of salmon and dill last night, we even made an acai berry gelato. was AWESOME> green tea can sometime be a bit bland… so I put a little bit of organic honey in it, until I can get the taste by itself…

    Thanks for the tips!

    • http://weightlossandtraining.com Sam

      Awesome Becca!

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    Hi Sam my friend just sent me about ur fitness plan. I’m motivated try this and look and feel good again. I’ll keep u update. thanks. Roohi.

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  • Fauzi

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      Do you mean a 6th?

  • Felicialockey

    I am allergic to fish (salmon, trout, mullet, etc) but I can eat shellfish. Can I substitute that for salmon?

    • http://weightlossandtraining.com Sam

      Yes you can for sure along with lean meats like chicken and sirloin.

  • Rolandbadiola

    nice & helpful facts. THANKS

  • Ronen Sen

    I’ve recently joined a gym. Should we stretch after every weight training? The reason I wanna know is becuz, whenever I do weights, the body tends to become stiff!

    • http://weightlossandtraining.com Sam

      You bet, very good idea!

  • Daya

    I’ve recently found out about the website and am going through the articles and everything very thoroughly. :-) I want to get certified as a personal trainer after the summer, so if I get the results I need and want, I will love you forever. :-) I have a question about the article though. I’ve been taking a lot of green tea daily now, so I was wondering is there a “too much” when it comes to it?

    • http://weightlossandtraining.com Sam

      Awesome, thanks for the feedback! I would generally tend to not go over 4-5 cups a day! Good luck.

  • hollie

    About the Whey protein, how do i take it? put it in food? drink it? how, help?

    • http://weightlossandtraining.com Sam

      You drink it mixed with water/ice/milk and or frozen fruit.



    • http://weightlossandtraining.com Sam

      Of course you can, just start out slow and add more each week.

  • saumitra

    Hi Sam, your articles are really nice and gives a very clear view. I played football till 22 and was in my prime health . I am 30 now, weigh 70 kg at 5.8 height . i do yoga 3 days a week and recently started weight training too. Although i have cut down my alcohol consumption only for saturday night , still smoking at least 5-6 ciggerates a day and not able to cut down further. I take 5gm of creatine before workoout and whey protine after workout. Please refer me something that can further dominsh the effect of my smoking on my stamina and muscle gain .

    • http://weightlossandtraining.com Sam

      You may want to try adding in some antioxidants like Vitamin C, but won’t be that effective. Protein can help with muscle gain. Do whatever you have to do to quit smoking!

  • Princess

    Thanks for sure Sam. This was great information and you to took time to explain why. I appreciate the information and I will definitely look for the Whey Protein. I had no clue. I love learning new ways to get healthier.

  • http://weightlossandtraining.com Sam

    You can definitely use it to supplement your breakfast, so reduce portion size of breakfast and have a smoothie to give you protein that will help you keep satiated. Also a great replacement for snacks.

  • http://weightlossandtraining.com Sam

    Blueberries would be a good alternative

  • Emily

    Thanks Sam. I am on my way out the door to work but I will be back to read all your things.

  • Karlien

    Hi, I live in South Africa and Salmon and Turkey is not widely available in all grocery stores. Can you recommend an alternative food item for the above?


    • http://weightlossandtraining.com Sam

      I believe the best you will be able to do is chicken breast and tuna/salmon.

  • disqus_9nIBsbhkzj

    Thank you, I eat most of the foods that in the list. I don’t like Turkey. So what can I eat instead.

    • http://weightlossandtraining.com Sam

      Chicken breast will also work!

  • Anjali

    Hi Sam
    I am a member of GNC – can you suggest products from there instead

  • katrina owl

    hey, is chocolate milk and ice ok to use in whey protein ? and do I have to drink it right after a workout or is there a certain time when you should drink it ?

    • http://weightlossandtraining.com Sam

      It’s not too bad just an additional source of sugar/carbs, or you can simply add a banana to milk. Post workout is most ideal since your muscles will absorb the most at that time, but I also use it as my snacks mid-morning and mid-afternoon between meals.