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7 Daily Habits that Will Make You Healthier

Change Your Behaviors, Change Your Health

You know you need to make that conceded effort to get healthier and sometimes it can definitely feel overwhelming. Because of this, I spend a lot of time working with clients on their fitness and even their eating habits. But sometimes it’s really important to take a step back, and look at the bigger picture of your health.

To help you do just that, here are 7 daily habits you can adopt to achieve a healthier you. These are simple things, but life is in the details. These strategies can make you feel healthier and more energetic, as well as fight stress and anxiety.

Look beyond the gym, and start thinking about your health in a more complete way with these simple daily habits.

Simple Daily Strategies to Make You Healthier & Happier

1. Set Your Alarm 15 Minutes Earlier

It may sound counter-intuitive at first, but getting up a little earlier so that you don’t have to rush all morning can totally change your entire day. Rushing to get ready, rushing to leave, rushing to work, and still being late make for a stressful start to anyone’s day.

2. Start Your Day with a Positive Affirmation

This is a simple habit that can really go a long way. Rather than waking up all stressed out, try waking up with a positive reflection. It’s easy to do. Before getting out of bed, tell yourself that your day is going to be positive, or remind yourself of the good things in your life. Expressing gratitude can have a big impact on your mood.

3. Replace Coffee with Green Tea

You may feel you need the coffee every morning, but coffee can have a lot of negative side effects for your health, especially mentally. It can lead to anxiety and jittery feelings that are totally counter-productive, despite the energy boost. For a more calming alternative to your caffeine fix, try Green Foods Matcha Green Tea.

4. Listen to Relaxing Music

Try calming down your iPod choices a bit and listen to some music that’s actually relaxing. A fast beat can actually make you feel more stressed out, or like you’re running short on time.

5. Chew Your Food More Slowly

Eating doesn’t have to be a race, even on the busiest days. I’ve found that actually taking a few extra minutes to enjoy my food has been a great way to find some peace in a hectic day. This is essentially a form of mindfulness, and it’s a great stress reliever.

6. Take the Stairs Whenever You Can

You can’t give yourself any excuses for this one. If you commit yourself to taking the stairs whenever you can, you’ll be surprised by the energy boost you get out of it, even on your most tired days. And that little bit of exercise will make you feel a whole lot healthier.

7. Stretch at Every Opportunity

My last healthy habit will heal your mind and your body. Stretching is a great thing for your overall health, and it doesn’t have to be reserved for the mornings or for your yoga class. I recommend taking the opportunity to stretch whenever you can. It’s rejuvenating, and it actually helps you deal with stress!

Which ones of these 7 Daily Habits that Will Make You Healthier are you going to attempt? Please leave a comment below…

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5 Foods that are Keeping You Up at Night http://weightlossandtraining.com/5-foods-that-are-keeping-you-up-at-night http://weightlossandtraining.com/5-foods-that-are-keeping-you-up-at-night#comments Wed, 10 Dec 2014 03:08:52 +0000 http://weightlossandtraining.com/?p=15550 If you're racking your brain trying to figure out why your sleep is so terrible, these foods may actually be the cause so it's time to wake up feeling rested & ready to take the day on.

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5 Foods that are Keeping You Up at Night

Time to Freaking Get a Better Sleep Already!

I’ve always been amazed by the complex relationship between sleep and diet.

Recently, I came across some information that’s been really helpful in getting my own sleep back on track. So I thought I’d share that with you today.

It all comes down to a handful of foods that can actually interfere with your ability to fall and stay asleep. I’ve seen some pretty big improvements by avoiding these foods later in the day, and in the end, it’s a pretty simple solution to your sleep problems.

Here are the culprits…

The 5 Top Foods that Can Interfere with Your Sleep

Hidden Caffeine – I’m sure you already know to avoid coffee or pop before bed, since caffeine is one of the worst things to consume later in the day. It can keep you from falling asleep, or even lead you to wake up unable to sleep. But there’s a lot of hidden caffeine to look for, so start checking your labels.

A big one for me was decaf coffee, which you would think should go without thought but unfortunately a recent study has found most to still contain enough caffeine to interfere with sleep.  Other culprits include chocolate, non-cola sodas, energy drinks and pain relievers.

Alcohol – You may have noticed the impact of alcohol on sleep after a night out, but research shows that even a drink or two can be enough to keep you from having a sound sleep. It also seems to reduce the time you spend in REM sleep, which is an important part of sleep for restoration and mental performance.

Aged or Fermented Foods – Whether it’s aged cheese, cured meats, or smoked fish of some kind, these items can interfere with sleep because of one ingredient. They all contain an amino acid called tyramine, which essentially acts as a stimulant on the brain and can keep you awake.

Acidic Foods – I’ve found this one to get worse with age. Acidic foods like tomato sauce and spicy dishes can lead to a lot of discomfort at night, including heartburn and acid reflux. This seems to be a big problem for a lot of people, so it’s one that’s definitely worth omitting if you’re having problem with sleep.

Water – Yup, as healthy as this stuff is, water can lead you to have to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. This one varies from person to person, but at the very least, I’d avoid gulping down a big glass just before bed.

Looking for the right health bedtime snacks? Check out my Top 5 Healthy Bedtime Snacks here.

And if you need more tips to help you get a good night’s sleep, take a look at my article, Can’t Sleep? Top 10 Sleep Remedies.

Have any questions or feedback about these 5 Foods that are Keeping You Up at Night? Please leave a comment below…

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Tone Your Butt and Thighs http://weightlossandtraining.com/tone-butt-thighs http://weightlossandtraining.com/tone-butt-thighs#comments Tue, 09 Dec 2014 02:06:53 +0000 http://weightlossandtraining.com/?p=15549 Need to get your lower body into shape? Try these super easy, super quick butt and thigh toning exercises for a sexy booty.

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Tone Your Butt and Thighs

A Quick & Easy Workout for Your Lower Body

Need to get your booty and lower body into shape?

Try these super easy, super quick butt and thigh toning exercises. They’re a few basics combined with some new moves that have been showing some really fantastic results with my clients.

  1. The Dumbbell Squat
    There’s no butt toning without the squat. This is your most basic go-to move for your lower body, and it’s incredibly effective. The trick to getting it right is to not look down, but maintain your focus. Don’t bend your back, stick your butt out as if you’re sitting on a chair, and don’t let your knees move past your toes. To view this exercise, click here.
  2. Bosu Ball Squats
    Drop the dumbbell, and grab a bosu ball. Doing squats on the bosu add some significant challenge to your glutes and thigh muscles. Most of this is because of the balance work involved, which also helps you target other smaller muscles in your legs. To view this exercise, click here. For an even bigger challenge, try the more advanced bosu single-leg squats – view this exercise here.
  3. Hip Lift / Butt Squeeze
    Lie down on a workout mat, bend your knees, and pull your feet into your butt while your arms rest at your sides. Pull your pelvis upward, and as you do, squeeze your butt really tight. Hold for one count, return to starting, and lift again. The way this one works is in the squeeze, so make sure that’s where you put your focus. To view this exercise, click here.
  4. Stability Ball Butt Toners
    This one’s a not as difficult as it sounds, but it’s really effective. Rest with your belly against a stability ball, holding your balance with your palms on the floor in front of you. Hold your legs straight out behind you, creating a straight line with your head, neck, back, and legs. Alternating between legs, squeeze your butt as you pull one leg towards the ceiling, as high as you can go. Hold the squeeze there for one count, lower, and repeat on the other side. To view this exercise, click here.

A Simple Routine to Tone Your Butt in No Time…

Turn these exercises into killer little workout. Just knock out 3 sets of each exercise in a row, aiming for at least 8-10 reps per set. Don’t rest for too long between sets, so you keep the burn going and the toning results at their max.

Keep at it for a few weeks, and you’ll start seeing some serious results. Make sure you maintain those results with a high quality, sustained release protein supplement like Optimum 100% Casein Protein. You can’t get the toning results you want without building and conditioning muscle!

Have any questions or feedback about how to Tone Your Butt and Thighs? Please leave a comment below…

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Flat Belly Core Fusion Workout http://weightlossandtraining.com/flat-belly-core-fusion-workout http://weightlossandtraining.com/flat-belly-core-fusion-workout#comments Mon, 08 Dec 2014 03:39:41 +0000 http://weightlossandtraining.com/?p=15552 Time to challenge your flat belly plan with a core workout that combines traditional ab exercises with pilates and even a little yoga. Results in 10 days.

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Flat Belly Core Fusion Workout

Get Killer Toned Abs with this Routine

Your goal: get killer toned abs with a routine that is highly effective and doesn’t take 1000 situps.

Your solution: this core workout which combines traditional abdominal exercises with Pilates and even a little yoga.

You can do this one at home or the gym, and I’d aim for twice a week to start seeing a flatter and more toned belly and core. If cardio’s a  part of your flat belly plan (which I’d highly recommend it to be), I’ve also found this routine works well at the end of a run or cycling session.

Ready for a flatter belly? Get to it…

The Core Fusion Workout to Get You Ripped

How does it work? Just aim for 12-15 reps of each exercise, resting 30 seconds max in between sets. Once you’re through them all, repeat the circuit of all exercises 2 more times for 3 complete circuits.

And if you’re starting off with this routine, make sure you do at least 5 minutes of warm-up with jumping jacks, jump rope, or a light jog.

1. Ab Crunch on Stability Ball (view exercise)

Grab a stability ball and balance on it with it resting against your lower back. Holding your body in position with your feet planted firmly on the floor, pull your torso up using your core muscles only. Return to starting in control, without letting the stability ball move. That’s 1 rep.

2. Yoga Flex Combo

This first move challenges your core muscles using flexibility training. Start in standing position, keep your heels together, and raise your hands above your head and towards the ceiling. Pull up with your hands, feeling the stretch in your abs, then lower your hands to the floor in front of you and lower into an upward dog on your mat. Return to standing and repeat, moving through these faster than your regular yoga.

3. Lower Ab Bicycle Crunch (view exercise)

Lie face-up on a workout mat. Hold your core muscles tight, and lift your legs towards the ceiling so that they’re perpendicular to the floor, holding your hands at your sides for support. With control, lower one leg close to the floor without touching it. Hold it there for 2 counts, return to starting, ad lower the opposite leg. That’s 2 reps. For this one, try to get out a little more than 15 reps if you can.

4. 3-Plank Combo

For this one, you’re going to cycle through 3 different plank positions, holding each one for only 15 counts. Start in a normal plank (view exercise), count 15 seconds, then transition into side plank (view exercise) on your left side and count another 15 seconds. Finish off by transitioning into a side plank on your right side for the last 15 seconds.

5. One-Legged Hip Lift (view exercise)

Lying face-up on your mat, pull your feet in close to your butt and bend your knees. Your hands should be resting at your sides. Pull your pelvis towards the ceiling, trying to align your back, hips, and thighs. Make sure you engage your abs in this position. Then lift one leg up and hold for 2 counts before returning to starting position. That’s 1 rep. Continue by alternating between legs.

Looking for a killer fat-burning supplement to go along with this killer workout? Try Cellucor 7-Keto CLK – 7_keto is stimulant free and helps boost your fat burning metabolism.

Have any questions or feedback about this Flat Belly Core Fusion Workout? Please leave a comment below…

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5 Simple Moves to Eliminate Lower Back Pain http://weightlossandtraining.com/5-simple-moves-eliminate-lower-back-pain http://weightlossandtraining.com/5-simple-moves-eliminate-lower-back-pain#comments Wed, 03 Dec 2014 03:04:28 +0000 http://weightlossandtraining.com/?p=15506 Take a proactive approach and don't let your back pain get any worse, these 5 simple moves will keep your back in tip-top shape and reduce the pain.

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5 Simple Moves to Eliminate Lower Back Pain

Deal with Low Back Pain Head On

If you’re one of many of us who occasionally deal with lower back pain then take my word – avoiding exercise is not the answer.

In fact, it’s just the opposite. There are a good number of exercises and stretches that can actually reduce or eliminate lower back pain altogether. The last thing you want to do is leave your back muscles weak and vulnerable. It’s only going to make things worse over time so take a proactive approach to deal with it now.

Here are 5 simple moves that will actually make you feel better, and totally put an end to your lower back pain…

5 Moves to Beat Lower Back Pain

I recommend doing this set of moves twice a week, don’t overdo it and take it easy especially if your pain worsens and of course consult with a medical professional if you are concerned with the level of pain. Nevertheless, doing these exercises you should start noticing some serious improvement after just a couple weeks.

1. Decompression Breathing

This one’s pretty basic, but it’s rejuvenating in a lot of ways. Simple stand with your feet close together, and raise your arms overhead towards the ceiling. Keeping your head straight, take a deep breath in, raising your ribcage away from your hips. Tighten your core muscles as you slowly exhale, and repeat at least 5 times.

2. Forward Fold

In the same position, bend at your waist and allow your head to drop close to your legs. You want to create a complete fold at your waist, keeping your legs straight. You can grab your legs here and pull yourself into your legs even further. Hold here for 1 minute.

3. Downward Dog

Widen your stance and let your hands rest in front of you. Step back a few feet and straighten your legs as much as possible as you press your buttocks to the air. You should really feel the stretch in your lower back here. Breathe throughout, and hold this position for at least 1 minute.

4. Upward Bend

Lower yourself onto a workout mat, face down. Place your palms under your shoulders, and press into the mat as you lift your head upward. You should really feel the stretch in your lower back here. Hold this position for as long as possible, return to the floor, and repeat twice.

5. Eight-Point Plank

Get into a regular plank position, resting on your forearms with about a 90-degree bend in your elbows. Instead of keeping your legs extended outward, rest your knees on the floor too. Your eight points here are your toes, knees, elbows, and hands, all of which should be on the floor. Press your buttocks out, and hold your lower back tight and straight for at least 30 seconds.

Lower back pain not the only thing you need to deal with? Check out my other articles on Knee Pain Relief and Leg Muscle Pain, or try my Shoulder Pain Workout.

Have any questions or feedback about these 5 Simple Moves to Eliminate Lower Back Pain? Please leave a comment below…

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Key Rules for Cold Weather Weight Loss http://weightlossandtraining.com/key-rules-cold-weather-weight-loss http://weightlossandtraining.com/key-rules-cold-weather-weight-loss#comments Tue, 02 Dec 2014 03:14:50 +0000 http://weightlossandtraining.com/?p=15504 Here are a few tips to beat the cold weather & holiday eating binge to make sure you look your best and feel healthy and fit.

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Key Rules for Cold Weather Weight Loss

Overcoming Winter Fatigue

Winter’s one of the hardest times to lose weight and stay fit. The holidays are partly to blame, but so is the cold weather.

But you can’t just skip it all the time, saying you’ll go tomorrow right? So here are a few tips to beat the cold this winter, and stick to your weight loss goals.

Stay in Shape on the Coldest Days

Do Your Workout at Home

This is a strategy I employ quite a bit on the coldest and wettest days. Consider skipping the gym and avoiding the walk or drive. There are some great workouts you can do at home, even without any equipment.

Check out my Home Workout in 30 Minutes or this killer Crossfit Workout at Home.

Try New Indoor Fitness Activities

You can also use the cold days as an excuse to try something new. If your morning/afternoon run or walk is interrupted by the weather, try hitting up your local community center and go for a swim or yoga class. There are a ton of indoor activities that can burn fat and jump start your routine and it’s a great way to expand your social life to include people are like-minded.

Plan Your Holiday Parties Accordingly

Rather than every holiday social event being focused on cookies and cocktails, make sure you get outdoors and take advantage of some winter activities. Whether it’s ice skating, skiing, snowshoeing or just going for a brisk walk, there’s a lot to keep you moving in the cold weather.

Fill Up on Protein, Not Carbs

The other big problem once the cold weather hits is the desire to fill up on carbs. It’s also way too easy with all of the holiday meals and baked goods. So make sure you stay focused on protein. It keeps you feeling full for longer, and will help you keep the pounds off.

Whatever You Do, Don’t Hibernate

As much as you might want to, hibernating on cold days is the worst thing you can do for your weight loss goals. Not only does is mean avoiding exercise, but hibernation usually comes along with eating comfort food and foods high in sugars & fats.

My tip to avoid staying in? Set some new cold weather habits. Set an alarm, get up and out when it’s light out, and set your schedule so there’s no room for excuses.

For some great motivation tips you can use all year round, take a look at my Weight Loss Motivation here.

Have any questions or feedback about these Key Rules for Cold Weather Weight Loss? Please leave a comment below…

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How to Make Green Juice Without a Juicer http://weightlossandtraining.com/make-green-juice-without-juicer http://weightlossandtraining.com/make-green-juice-without-juicer#comments Wed, 26 Nov 2014 01:23:08 +0000 http://weightlossandtraining.com/?p=15507 Not only can you have a more nutritious drink that keeps you full longer and helps fight cravings but you don't even need a juicer. Find out how...

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How to Make Green Juice Without a Juicer

Take a Shortcut on a Healthy Snack

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably been exhausted by all the talk about juicing lately and the trend is only getting stronger. It’s great and everything but there is a but! Although you get a boost of nutrients from juicing you’ve probably also notice that the waste is quite surprising.

Simply said you’re throwing away almost all of the fiber when juicing. And that fiber is something else that’s really great for your body and your overall health.

Two perfect examples that fiber is something you should not be throwing away are that they help preventing cravings by keeping you full longer and that in turn also helps you with keeping your weight in check.

So let’s look at a simple solution to your green juice needs, with a major bonus of not even needing a 700 dollar juicer!

Make Green Juice without a Juicer

All you need for this green juice is a blender. Combine the following superfood ingredients, blend on high, and enjoy – with the fiber!

  • 2 granny smith apples, cored and sliced
  • 2 celery stalks, chopped
  • ½ of a small cucumber, peeled and chopped
  • 5 or 6 kale leaves, de-stemmed
  • 2-inch piece of ginger root, peeled
  • 1 kiwi, chopped
  • 1 cup of water

Add a few ice cubes if you want it to be chilled, and blend until you get a desired consistency. This green veggie smoothie is way healthier than what you get with a juicer, because you’re not leaving a single thing out! Plus you’re cutting down on the waste in a big way.

The ingredients in this green juice recipe will not only boost your overall health, they’ll also boost your metabolism and help you shed the fat.

Looking for some more healthy recipes you can throw together with the blender? Check out my tasty Fruit Smoothie Recipes here, or try my Chocolate Caramel Superfood Smoothie.

And if you’re looking for a great plant-based protein supplement to add a dose of protein to your smoothie or juice, check out one of the tastier and nutritious ones I’ve found to date: Sun Warrior Plant Based Protein.

Anything else you would add to this high-fiber juice? Please leave a comment below…

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The Best Way to Gain Lean Muscle http://weightlossandtraining.com/best-way-gain-lean-muscle http://weightlossandtraining.com/best-way-gain-lean-muscle#comments Tue, 25 Nov 2014 03:26:06 +0000 http://weightlossandtraining.com/?p=15505 We all want to gain lean muscle mass but knowing the trick to do so is a whole other challenge. Find out 3 simple strategies you can implement today .

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The Best Way to Gain Lean Muscle

Simple Strategies for Muscle-Toning Success

So many of us want to do nothing other than gain lean muscle mass, but knowing the secret of how to do this is a whole another story.

If you’ve already guessed that the secret has to do with training with weights, you’re right. But it’s not as simple as just picking up a dumbbell here and there, or jumping on one of those weight machines.

It’s not complicated either, but it does take a little thinking. Today we’re going to review 3 simple tips for lifting right so you have the biggest impact on your toning results.

And if you’re worried about bulking up, forget it. These tips aren’t meant to make you big and bulky, but rather boost muscle mass in a natural and lean way.

Make the Biggest Impact with these 3 Strategies

1. Do Compound Exercises

This is one of the most basic rules of lifting, but it’s also the most frequently overlooked by beginners. A compound exercise is any movement that involves multiple muscle groups and joints simultaneously. A great example of this is the dumbbell chest press, which utilizes your pectoral muscles, deltoids, and triceps to engage that push. Other great examples of compound exercises include: pushups, squats, lunges, deadlift, kettlebell swings (view my ultra popular Kettlebell Workout Routines), pull-ups and plank.

What’s the advantage? You’re going to be more productive with your time at the gym. Compound exercises also help you build strength more quickly, allowing you to progress faster in your routine.

2. Lift Heavier Weights

Lifting heavy is essentially if you want to build muscle. Again, you’re not necessarily going to bulk up by this strategy alone, but if you want to make any gains and boost your fat-burning potential, you’ve got to challenge your muscles.

What’s the advantage? Your muscles are going to be seriously stressed, and that’s a good thing. It’s during recovery that you gain lean muscle mass. Now if you for some reason notice you are getting bulky all you have to do is restrict your calorie intake or simply add more cardio.

3. Replace Cardio with CrossFit

Cardiovascular training is still important, but you need to get out of the cardio-means-treadmill mindset. There are a lot of ways to challenge your cardiovascular system, and CrossFit is one of those ways.

What’s the advantage? What’s great about CrossFit is that it challenges your muscles but also gets your moving. And yes, you can do CrossFit without taking a class or better yet do your own by reading my article on CrossFit Exercises.

One more tip: Gaining lean muscle mass also depends a lot on diet. Make sure you’re getting your daily dose of protein, and top up with a high quality protein supplement like Optimum 100% Natural Oats & Whey or Vega Sport Performance Protein. Don’t skip this step, gaining lean muscle means you need to flush your muscles with the amino acids found in proteins otherwise you won’t see a gain and in fact may notice less muscle mass since if you don’t feed them adequately you can actually cause more damage (known as atrophy).

Make a pledge to do at least one of these strategies by leaving your comment below. Of course, I’d be happy to hear any questions as well…

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The 10-Minute, 1-Dumbbell Definition Workout http://weightlossandtraining.com/10-minute-1-dumbbell-definition-workout http://weightlossandtraining.com/10-minute-1-dumbbell-definition-workout#comments Tue, 18 Nov 2014 16:53:27 +0000 http://weightlossandtraining.com/?p=15471 If you're tight on time this week all you need is a single dumbbell to knock out this full body workout & get some serious definition in your problem areas.

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The 10-Minute, 1-Dumbbell Definition Workout

Knock It Out Fast in these Killer Moves

Tight on time this week? All you need is a single dumbbell and a little energy to knock out this full body workout.

This routine only takes 10 minutes. It combines full-body moves with a little resistance training, burning a bunch of calories and giving you some extra definition.

Ready to jump into this one?

Grab a dumbbell that gives you low to moderate resistance, and run through these fast toning exercises.

The 1-Dumbbell Total Body Workout

For each of these moves, you’re going to do as many reps as you can in 30 seconds. Rest for 15 seconds in between each exercise, but no more than that!

  1. Dumbbell Squat (view exercise)
    Holding the dumbbell close to your torso at chest-height, engage in 30 seconds of squats.
  2. Front Deltoid Lift
    Starting with your arms extended and the dumbbell at your waist, lift it to shoulder-height with both hands, pause, and return to starting.
  3. Deltoid Lift, Left Side
    Now hold the dumbbell with your left hand and lift up at your left side to shoulder-height. Hold and repeat as many as possible in 30 seconds.
  4. Deltoid Lift, Right Side
    Do the same exercise again, but this time at your right side.
  5. Dumbbell Row on Bench, Left Hand (view exercise)
    Grab a workout bench, rest on it with your right leg and hand with your left foot flat on the floor, and do a series of rows with your left hand.
  6. Dumbbell Row on Bench, Right Hand (view exercise)
    Repeat the last move, but this time rowing with your right hand.
  7. Left Hand Woodchopper (view exercise)
    Hold the dumbbell in your left hand, start in squatting position, and lift your body to standing as you bring the dumbbell up across your torso and overhead.
  8. Right Hand Woodchopper (view exercise)
    Do the same exercise again, but this time holding the dumbbell in your right hand.
  9. Seated Tricep Extension (view exercise)
    Hold the dumbbell overhead with both hands while seated, and knock out as many tricep extensions as you can in 30 seconds.
  10. Left Hand Bicep Curl
    In standing position, hold the dumbbell in your left hand and engage in a series of bicep curls.
  11. Right Hand Bicep Curl
    Repeat the last exercise on your right side.
  12. Lunge & Press, Left Side
    Holding the dumbbell in your left hand and just above your shoulder, engage in a traditional lunge with your left foot forward.
  13. Lunge & Press, Right Side
    Repeat the last move, holding the dumbbell in your right hand and your right foot forward.
  14. Dumbbell Crunch
    Last but not least, sit on a mat in a crunch position, knees bent. Hold the dumbbell against your chest, and finish off with as many crunches as you can.

Looks like a lot, but it’s pretty easy to move through these ones quickly. I guarantee after these 10 minutes you’ll feel ripped and toned. This is a great workout to do when you’re short on time and need a little pick-me-up, or just before heading out for the day.

Make sure you feed your muscles within 30 minutes after this killer little routine. Check out my all-time favorite Optimum 100% Natural Whey, or try the new and delicious Optimum 100% Natural Oats & Whey – both offer some seriously high-quality protein to repair and replenish your muscles.

Have any questions or feedback about my 10-Minute, 1-Dumbbell Definition Workout? Please leave a comment below…

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Get Strong Sexy Legs with this Workout http://weightlossandtraining.com/get-strong-sexy-legs-workout http://weightlossandtraining.com/get-strong-sexy-legs-workout#comments Sun, 16 Nov 2014 20:03:47 +0000 http://weightlossandtraining.com/?p=15473 This intense power leg workout is designed to build the sexy curves through your thighs, butt & calf muscles while boosting your fat-burning in 30 minutes.

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Get Strong Sexy Legs with this Workout

Get a Ripped Lower Body Fast

Want to know why personal trainers are always pushing leg workouts to hard?

First off, we recognize how important your lower body muscle groups are to your overall fitness. Whether it’s getting rid of back pain or improving your endurance when taking the stairs, leg workouts can be the fix.

Second, your legs contain some of the largest muscles in your body, and that means they can make a bigger impact on your fat-burning potential. The more muscle tissue you have, the higher your resting metabolism, so even when you’re not moving you’ll be burning more calories and fat.

In other words, leg workouts get you more bang for your buck and we can all use a few extra bucks these days right?!

My 30-Minute Maximum Gains Leg Workout

This workout consists of 6 moves in just 30 minutes. I consider it a power leg workout for its intensity, but it’s appropriate for both beginners and more advanced lifters.

For all of these moves, you want to aim for a weight that maximizes your reps at about 8 per set. That means you should be running low on steam at about the 7th or 8th rep.

Ready to build strength and burn some serious fat?

Start with a 5 minutes warm-up of either jump rope or sprinting in place (tuck your knees up and don’t move forward). Then knock out these exercises…

3 sets of deadlifts with barbell
Make sure you keep your back straight for this one, and bend at the waist as you lift and lower. Deadlifts are great for the biggest muscles in your legs, plus your core and lower back.

To view this exercise, click here.

2 sets of lateral lunges
If you want to target your hips as well as your hamstrings, throw a lateral lunge into the mix. Make sure you do the same number of reps on each side (1 set per side).

To view this exercise, click here.

3 sets of standing calf press
Pick up that barbell again, but drop the weight a bit and rest it against your upper back and shoulders. Slowly and in controlled movements, use your calf muscles to raise yourself towards the ceiling, balancing on the balls of your feet.

To view this exercise, click here.

3 sets of dumbbell squats
No leg workout is complete without a few squats. Make sure your form is right before knocking out this one: Keep your back straight, bend at your knees, and lower yourself as close to the floor as possible without letting your knees move past your toes.

To view this exercise, click here.

2 sets of seated hamstring curls
I like to make use of machines for certain moves, and this is one of them. Make sure the weight isn’t so high that you have to engage your whole body. You want to make sure you’re really targeting your leg muscles, and your hamstrings specifically.

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3 sets of knee tucks on bench
Round out this killer routine with a few knee tucks on a workout bench or step. These are great for your upper leg muscles and glutes, and will also really work your core muscles.

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Make sure you finish off with post-workout shake to refuel your muscles. Take a look at my recommendations for Best Post Workout Protein here.

Any questions, feedback or concerns about this leg workout please leave me a comment below…

The post Get Strong Sexy Legs with this Workout appeared first on Weight Loss & Training.

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