Chris Evans Workout

chris evans workout

Chris Evans Workout

There’s a lot of buzz about the former Fantastic Four super star Chris Evan’s and his role in the Captain America film. He was already ripped before but this time around he gained serious muscle mass with an intensive workout routine in order to really fit the look of Captain America as portrayed in the comics. (P.S. If you want to see the new workout for Chris Evans as he prepares for his next role in The Avengers go to Chris Evans Avengers Workout.)

This workout will definitely fit a unique bill because it is going to be an exceptional split routine unlike any other. By split routine what I mean is that the focus is going to be one one body part for each day which means that this is definitely on the advanced side.

I would recommend this workout only to those who have been training for 6 months consecutively and want to really switch it up. But with that said, if you are up for it you can start with a few of the suggested exercises each day and build up until you have the full deal.

Chris Evans Workout Routine

Remember one thing with this workout, it is intended that you follow this plan to build some impressive muscle mass so your diet is going to have to measure up. Try a whey protein drink about an hour before this workout and one immediately after in order to feed your hungry muscles the amino acids they require in order to recover and grow (I highly recommend a premium whey protein like Optimum Platinum Hydrowhey which is lactose free and has digestive enzymes to make it quickly digestible).

I’ll talk about some other high quality supplements to help you boost your results with this workout at the end of this article, but for now…

Let’s jump right in!

We’re going to aim for 4 sets of each exercise and 8-10 repetitions. Do 4 sets of each exercise in a row with 60 seconds rest between each set and before moving onto the next exercise. You’ll also notice that for 3 days there is a HIIT training session added at the end of workouts, read my article on High Intensity Interval Training if you’d like more info.

Day 1 Shoulders: Chris Evans Workout

Seated Barbell Press (view exercise)
Lateral Raises (view exercise)
Dumbbell Press (view exercise)
Seated Rear Deltoid Raise (view exercise)
Shrugs (view exercise)
10 Minute HIIT Training Session on Treadmill, Bike or Elliptical Trainer

Day 2 Chest: Chris Evans Workout

Flat Bench Press (view exercise)
Incline Chest Press (view exercise)
Bench Flyes (view exercise)
Decline Chest Press (view exercise)
Push ups on Bosu Ball (view exercise)

Day 3 Legs: Chris Evans Workout

Barbell Squats (view exercise)
Leg Press (view exercise)
Hack Squats (view exercise)
Lunges (view exercise)
Seated Calf Raises (view exercise)
10 Minute HIIT Training Session on Treadmill, Bike or Elliptical Trainer

Day 4 Arms & Core: Chris Evans Workout

Barbell Bicep Curls (view exercise)
Skull Crushers (view exercise)
Incline Seated Bicep Curls (view exercise)
Dips (view exercise)
Cable Hammer Curls (view exercise)
Close-Grip Bench Press (view exercise)
Ab crunches with legs raised (view exercise)
30 second stability ball plank (view exercise)
Stability ball jacknife (view exercise)
Oblique crunches on stability ball each side (view exercise)

Day 5 Back: Chris Evans Workout

Pull Ups (view exercise)
Seated Row (view exercise)
Lat Pulldowns (view exercise)
Stiff Leg Barbell Deadlift (view exercise)
Bent Over Barbell Row (view exercise)
10 Minute HIIT Training Session on Treadmill, Bike or Elliptical Trainer

Day 6 & 7 Rest: Chris Evans Workout

These two are your rest days and you’re going to need this time to allow your body to recover and have full energy for the next week of this routine!

Recommended Supplements for Muscle Building like Chris:

P.S. If you want to see the new workout for Chris Evans as he prepares for his next role in The Avengers go to Chris Evans Avengers Workout.

Disclaimer: This workout routine is in no way associated or endorsed by Chris Evans. It is only a simulated routine that is developed to provide similar results.

Chris Evans Workout: Conclusion

There you have it, an intense 5 day split routine which will isolate your workout to one body part per day. This workout is intended to build serious muscle mass and you should begin to see results after 5-6 weeks. If you don’t then you need to try two things, increase your daily protein intake, and increase the weights of your exercises so that by the last rep you are totally exhausted.

Have any questions or feedback about this workout routine? Leave me a comment below and I’ll make sure to have a reply for you…

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Sam Omidi is the founder of Weight Loss and Training and is accredited with a Bachelors in Kinesiology as well as certification in Nutritional Sciences, Personal Training and Advanced Exercise Nutrition. Follow Sam via Twitter @samomidi

  • Felix

    You think if I do this workout I can add around 5-10 pounds of muscle if my diet is very clean and healthy calories?

    • Sam

      Absolutely Felix!

  • Walter Avant

    This is a great article! Gonna make it my routine after i finish my cycle on my current routine. The arms workout article you posted awhile ago is amazing. Thank you for all of your articles!

    • Sam

      You’re welcome Walter, thanks for the feedback!

  • Felix

    Sam do you think I could combine the workouts like back & chest 4 lifts for chest & back then leg day and then a shoulder and arms day? and will the hitt 3 days a week help keep the gains mostly muscle and not much fat?

    • Sam

      That sounds good, 3 days of HIIT on top of this sounds like it may be over-training though. Try 2 instead since you will need at least one day of recovery time each week.


    One question does the four sets included the warm up set.

    • Sam

      Hi Gary, yes it does!

  • thomas

    for abs on this workout what exactly should i be aiming for

  • Darren

    Can you recommend any good tasting Why protein ? I had the natural flavour and I forced myself to take it! It wasnt nice at all but it does work.

  • Greg Pajak

    Can you explain the HIIT section based on 10 min? I already do your 23 min sessions 2 days a week on a different program, but after christmas i will be starting this one and want to see how you do the intervals in the 10 min session of HIIT

    • Sam

      Hi Greg, great question. I do the 10 minute session of HIIT by starting at 7mph and going up to 10mph sometimes 11mph and then decreasing thereafter at 30 second intervals. This is quite intense so you should be quite exhausted by the end!

  • Greg Pajak

    As well, where would you incorporate an abs session into this routine?

    • Sam

      You can include an ab session on either day 6 or 7, or you can add it to any other day. Let me know how it comes along!

      • Pajakg

        will do! starting this week

  • xCoriox

    This routine is insane, I love it! thx!

    • Sam

      Very insane! Glad you are liking it!

  • thomas

    hi im thomas i currently play soccer once a week for 90 minutes straight so would i have to do the hiit because i am already thin and in shape but i dont want to lose more weight ? and any ideas on how to work lower abs

    • Sam

      HIIT is great for fat loss and building your endurance for sport, so that is something that you can decide on. Perhaps once a week will be sufficient if you don’t want to lose any more weight, but I would suggest increasing your protein intake with a few whey protein shakes a day. For lower abs try hanging leg raises.

  • Eric Marshall

    Hi Sam,

    I’ve been looking through many of the articles that you have posted on this site and I can honestly say that I am incredibly impressed by the knowledge you have. I do have one suggestion for this routine based off of my own experience. In the routine, you have days 1 & 2 set for shoulders and chest. Both of these days have “pushing” exercises in them and I believe that if people really push themselves on day 1, they might not be able to push as hard on day 2. That being said, I was thinking of changing the routine to the following:

    Day 1: Chest
    Day 2: Back
    Day 3: Legs
    Day 4: Shoulders
    Day 5: Arms

    After 3 weeks, I would switch Days 2 and 4 to add a twist in the program.

    What do you think of the idea? Is it any better/worse than the routine suggested originally?

    Thanks for the help!


    • Sam

      Hi Eric, thanks for the feedback! There is definitely a lot of different advice on this as it can vary from one person to the next. I do believe that your suggestion may definitely have a good result though, thanks for that!

  • Franco_rocks88

    Can you add swimming on day 6 and 7 ? Or can you change to work out on day 1 and 2, then day 3 swim, day 4,5,6, work out and day 7 swim? Is that too much?

    bty im 5.9: 130 lb , m, and im really trying to gain weight. Im going to start using Bionic edge mass builder, do you know anything about this supplement?

    Thank you

    • Sam

      HI Franco, you can, just make sure to have one day rest a week.

  • Daniel Bejerano

    Hey Sam,

    My name is Danny, just to give you a background on me, i’m 17, i weigh 176 lb., 5’11 with about lets say 14% body fat. I’ve been doing the Advanced – Build Bulk and Strength Celebrity body style: Jason Statham (Transporter) – workout for about 2 months now and i guess im seeing alittle results but not as much as i think i should be getting. So i was wondering if maybe their is another workout plan + diet plan that you can suggest for me, maybe the one im doing now isnt really fitted for me. Im looking to gain lean muscle with lowering my body fat percentage at the same time, but mostly gaining muscle, to get that lean beach body look.

    Thanks a lot for your help.

    • Sam

      Hi Daniel, it sounds like you are trying to do two things at once. I would recommend focusing on gaining muscle mass for 6 weeks and then switch focus to cutting down. When gaining muscle mass go for heavy with a max of 8 reps, and when cutting down and leaning phase go for 12-14 reps with little rest between sets. Here is a killer workout for you –

  • Franco_rocks88

    Hi Sam,

    i was wondering is it a good idea to work day 1, 2, 3 and on day 4 to swim then work day 5, and 6 and then day 7 swim again. Is that too much?

    • Sam

      I would definitely recommend rest on Day 7, your body will need the time to recover.

  • Diego Orejel

    Is there a workout routine for Teenagers?

    • Sam

      Hi Diego, you can try the Workout Plan for Men as it start gradually and builds a great foundation

  • Dsoroka90

    After doing this routine for 6 weeks, would you suggest I did a different routine for the same amount of time before going back to the Cris Evans workout and if so then what would be good to do in its place.

    • Sam

      Absolutely. You may want to give the Ryan Reynolds workout a go to switch it up.

  • Galaxy12bp

    Hi Sam, should we increase weights with each set or should keep the weight the same?

    • Sam

      You can definitely increase the weights and decrease the reps for each set, this works well!

  • Kraut

    Hey Sam,
     I did some research on USPlabs Prime and Methyl 1-D. I was wondering which one you would suggest to take with this workout. I read that Prime can lead to Muscle mass gains but after you stop taking the supplement the gains can disappear. I am taking all of the supplements you have listed and im looking for that last boost to help gain serious muscle mass quickly.

    Thank you for your time Sam! 

    • Sam

      Hi Kraut, Prime is pretty decent but I think as long as you keep your training intensity high you shouldn’t see too much of a drop with results. Methyl 1-D is a prohormone and has been discontinued in most supplement stores…I think it’s one of those things that is a little unknown in long-term effects.

  • Scott Cole

    Is this a good workout to do to get a really good body or is there a better one that you would recommend

    • Sam

      haha, of course it is, unless you don’t think Chris Evans looks ripped?!

  • Mattyptrsn

    I decided to try this out and what do you do for a cool down when

    • Sam

      A 5 minute light jog on treadmill or elliptical followed by 10 minutes of flexibility training.

  • Victor

    can i change up the routine? for instance do chest day one, legs day two, back day three, etc. Or do i have to stick to this specific routine?

    • Sam

      Hey Victor, you can definitely change up the order of the days, but it is important to make sure you include rest days for muscle recovery.

  • Alivepod

    Excuse me Sam, if I have a little bit of fat in my chest and belly, this work out will help me transform this fat? I have been working out nonstop since 5 weeks ago. I want to increase my body mass and not become skinny by loosing my fat so I usually do lifting and 20 of cardio. Thanks

    • Sam

      You bet stick to this and focus on your diet for losing fat.

  • Ivan

    Do you recommend we take all the supplements or just a few? If a few how many? And in which order. They all seem great, but I’m just confused about how many and in which order. I’ve always only had one shake after a workout, nothing to complex.. but would like to improve from this.

    • Sam

      To be honest I think it’s best to experiment and see what your body responds to best as everyone is different. The protein and pre-workout energy drink will definitely be key though.

  • Rich1224

    If I am pretty skinny not to much but good enough would I need to still do the high intensity cardio?? Or can I just do low intensity for like 20 min??

    • Sam

      You can do that for sure, it depends on your goals. HIIT is awesome for toning up and defining.

  • A Fraser

    Hi Sam,great workout! Like the idea of switching up with the Reynolds workout after 12 weeks on this one to cut.  what would be a good diet to do to bulk alongside this routine? Thanks Alex

  • Gers

    what is recommended calorie intake for this workout plan?

    • Sam

      There are a lot of variables and calories will take you down the wrong path, focus on clean healthy eating and how you feel after your workouts and you will succeed.

  • David thompson

    No sit ups ?

    • Sam

      There are crunches on the stability ball.

  • Ramongarcia562

    Do you have a meal plan to go with this work out?

  • T.J.

    Thank you sir…Wonderful workout.

  • Dave_85

    Hi Sam,

    Great article, will definitely be looking to do this. But I am unsure as to the purpose of the HIT training in this?

    I am currently looking to gain lean muscle, if I do the 3 hit sessions will this reduce my body’s ability to maximize muscle gains as I would be using up calories? Or would you recommend consuming more calories to counter this?

    • Sam

      HIIT is necessary as a component of cardio to keep your body fat down and yet preserves lean muscle. Experiment with it and see how your body responds before changing up calories.

  • Sean

    This is an awesome routine :P say im 180cm and weigh 167 and i want to lose fat but gain muscle with this program.. how long do you think it would take to see results 5-6 weeks? because currently im fasting and i would go before i can eat so i can have my protein shake and amino acids in right after the workout. Do you think its ok? 

    • Sam

      That sounds right on point.

  • mnm

    Hi, I am getting back into working out, gained a lot of weight, but used to be very in shape.  Would this be a good plan to build muscle and lose fat at the same time? or should i start with another program? I know it seems intense, but i know i can handle it.


    • Sam

      You definitely can start with this but as you mentioned it is quite intense so you may want to first start out with the Channing Tatum Workout Routine for at least a few weeks before jumping in.

  • Cgarcia8989

    Whos in better shape chris evans or chris hemsworth

    • Sam

      Really depends on what you consider better shape, I think most guys would kill to be in as good shape as either of them!

  • Jacob Nuckolls

    Hey Sam,
    I’ve been doing the Workout Plan for Men phase 2 (Matt Damon) for 3 weeks now and I’ve noticed that instead of gaining weight, I’ve been loosing weight. When I’m normally 159, (at 5’11”) now I’m 154. I consume at least 160g-180g protein, keep my cardio to a minimum so that I don’t burn muscle as well, going only 8-10 reps on each set–using the 3 second count as well. I really don’t have a whole lot of fat to burn, considering I’m usually 160 at 5’11”, I have plenty of testosterone ( I can grow facial hair in as little as two days), so what do you recommend? I’m I incapable of bulking up?

    • Sam

      Hi Jacob, sounds like you need to increase your carbohydrate intake considerably. I would add a lot more fruit to your diet, and whole grain products especially in the first half of the day. You might want to try a mass gainer like

      • Jacob Nuckolls

        Alright, is 60+ carbs a good number to shoot for in every meal? I heard someone that it was for ecotmorphs when planning their diet. Thanks! Your site is a fantastic resource

        • Sam

          That sounds about right, give it a go and see how your body responds. Thanks for the props!

          • Jacob Nuckolls

            Will Do. I’m taking the mass gainer and upping my carbs, I’ll keep you posted

  • Seth

    What are the set reps for the abs part of this workout? I have a feeling 4 sets of 8-10 didn’t get Chris a set of abs like that. Lol

    • Sam

      Hi Seth, this is his bulking workout so he would have done another routine before for cutting, but you can definitely increase the number of reps to 20 or more making sure you get a burn going in order to keep the intensity high.

      • Eddy Spaghetti

        Is it doable to do Ab work outs every other day, as in MWF, rather on day 4? and keep everything else the same or do HIIT all 5 days to gain maximum weight loss?

        • Sam

          It is but it may be a little too much as it may zap your glycogen stores and not allow you to maintain the increased intensity each week.

  • Jacob Nuckolls

    Hey Sam, 
    In all the interviews I’ve read, Chris Evans stated that his workout usually lasted at least 2 hours. I’ve been doing this routine and it’s only taken me at the most an hour and 20 minutes (1 minute rest, 3-sec count for reps). Am I doing something wrong?

    • Sam

      2 hours works only if all you do is workout and eat, very impractical and will not work for most of us. He would be resting about 2-3 minutes befween sets in this case too. After the 1hr mark your body will begin to break down muscle unless you have these long rest periods and are eating at least a carb drink during your workouts.

      • Jacob Nuckolls

        Ahh okay, thanks!

  • Asyraf

    hi sam, im currently doing this workout, and its great for adding mass, just wanna ask u by the way,based on this workout, can i do heavy weight n low reps(6-8) for a week, then on the next week i do lower weight with high reps(12-15). do u thnk that i can still put on mass n get leaner by doing this? btw im 18, 157lbs, 178cm, with 12% body fat. hope to get respond from u asap! :)

    • Sam

      You can do that but your results won’t be as good as if you bulk for 6 weeks and then lean for 6 weeks.

  • Ken

    is using a machine instead of dumbbells fine?

    • Sam

      Not generally because it limits your range of motion too much and doesn’t activate your stabilizers. Not a bad way to start though.

  • Danielson

    the muscle you targeted needs 48 hours rest before you target it again. The biceps are used on the arms day (day 4),  then again the next day in the back workout!! 4 of the 5 resistance exercises used on the back workout day also use the biceps!!!

    • Sam

      This type of split routine is very normal in the bodybuilding world, what it does mean though is that your nutrition plan must be up to meet the high demand of the exercise routine.

  • Thanat911

    Will it going to affect my height ? 

    • Sam

      Not if you don’t lift super heavy.

  • ErvE

    Can I mix this with the Chris Hemsworth workout? ie. Do this one week, and do the Hemsworth one the following week? Or should I go a solid month or so before mixing things up?

    • Sam

      Go a solid month for sure before mixing it up, but together that will be a pretty killer routine!

  • Dennise Hernandez

    hi my Jesus i’m 15 and weight 190 pounds i want to get skinny be like Chris can i do his routine my height is 5,7

    • Sam

      Sure thing

  • Justin

    Hi,my first question is won’t I lose some muscle mass if I only work one part of my body once a week?And also,how many calories should I eat for me to be able to put on muscle mass if my BMR is 1800?Thanks in advance.

    • Sam

      No definitely not, this is the technique of serious bodybuilders. Don’t focus on calories, it won’t tell you anything since everyone is so different. You’re going to have to experiment with eating more and seeing how your body adapts, but 3-4000 calories area will be sufficient for putting on muscle mass for most.

  • Austin T

    Hi! Love the site. It’s fascinating. I’ve gotten healthier since I as in the 9th grade, and now, I really want to look like Chris Evans but, I’ve got a thin layer of fat covering abs, chest, and back. Will some major cardio contribute to this workout?

    • Sam

      Awesome Austin, you bet with the cardio contributing to this workout, work up gradually and you will get there.

  • ortiz

    is not better to do two body part per day , but doing those excercise?

    • Sam

      Not better, just different. Most bodybuilders do one body part a day though so they can focus in on all angles.

  • kram

    hi! is it better having workout 3 to 4 days per week? targeting 2 body parts. :)

    • Sam

      Not better, just different. Most bodybuilders will get down to the 1 body part per day level so they can focus more though.

  • DJ

    what can you recommend, working out everyday or every other day? :) 

    • Sam

      Depends on your workouts, your recovery rate and what your goal is. Usuually 2 days on and 1 day off is a good mix.

      • DJ

        btw i’m not aiming for bodybuilding

        this is my workout:

        1st day: Chest and Biceps
        2nd day: rest
        3dr day: Back and shoulders
        4th day: rest
        5th day: triceps and abs
        6th day: legs
        7th day: rest

        this will work? :D

  • Danieljohnson4978

    Do you make any changes to the routine during the five weeks or keep doing the same lifts?

    • Sam

      Yes you should be increasing your weights every week. Adding any other variation can be a bonus.

  • daveJ

    Hi Sam,

    How many grams of protein per day should you be looking at consuming in order to build this type of muscle mass?

    I am 6’1 and about 178 pounds.

    • Sam

      About 2 times your weight in kg.

  • Eddy Spaghetti

    Hey Sam my name is Eddy. I’ve been going with your routine and i’m on day 5 and I can already feel and see results. I hope that 5-6 weeks will be even better. My question is how can you incorporate this routine but still lose weight, as I am in a losing weight competition against my friend by the first week of January 2012. I am currently 5’6 3/4″ and weigh 150 lbs. Would you recommend doing HIIT after every work out or exercising cardio on day 6 or anything? I’m going low on carbs too.

    • Sam

      Hi Eddy, thanks for the awesome feedback. The thing is that you can’t add on muscle and lose weight at the same time. You have to be in calorie excess during muscle gain phase, and calorie deficit during weight loss. If your main goal right now is weight loss then adding cardio on day 6 would be good as doing HIIT after every workout will be too much and will lead to injury and a weakened immune system. Keep it up!

      • Eddy Spaghetti

        Okay, thanks Sam. On week 2 I kind of feel weaker or that I did not improve as much as I’d hoped from week 1. Is it normal to feel weaker on week 2? Is it okay to do a combination of your article here vs your article specifically on weight loss? Do you recommend a combination for me? So you recommend against doing HIIT for every day but it’s okay to do it days 1,3,5,6? Maybe ill do abs twice a week instead of 3 times a week, like I had mentioned earlier.

        • Sam

          Yeah abs once or twice a week is sufficient. If you’re feeling weaker it’s because your nutrition was not adequate, make sure to include protein supplementation and carbs immediately after your workouts. Creatine like in Jack3d or Superpump will also really help.

          • Eddyspaghetti18

            Hey Sam, I’ve been on the split isolation routine on this but did the phase 1 and phase 2 of the new wolverine workout. I am currently on phase 2 week 3. A friend of mine think it more beneficial to switch up the days and not have chest follow right after shoulders, so that shoulders have a day to heal before going straight into chest. I am happy with the results I have had so far but I still have a long way to go. I use musclepharm assault as a pre-energy drink and ON 100% gold standard as a post and at night i use casein. On chest and arms day I use animal pak and use centrum on the others days. Let me know what you think of all this please!

          • Sam

            Sounds like you are right on track…you can definitely vary the chest and shoulders days and see how that affects you, variation is always good!

      • Eddy Spaghetti

        I am also on a 1800kcal deficit. What would you say is a normal rate on losing weight per week in pounds.

        • Sam

          1-2lbs a week is significant!

  • Taylor

    Hi Sam, do you think that 3 scoops of 100 % whey Optimus  Nutrition per day, following your workout plan is a good supplement?

    • Sam

      3 scoops all at once is too much as your body can only absorb about 30 grams at a time.

  • A Bombachi

    for chris evans workout!!! thats the only exercise we have to do every week but we add more weights and more reps?

    • Sam

      That is correct!

  • Jhnuckolls

    Hi My name is Joe and I’m 14 i recently lost 28 pound I’m seeing some pretty good pec development as well as arms but I can’t get rid of that last bit of fat around my chest stomach and lower back I don’t have access do supplements I workout daily with this tredmile workout and had been following the channing tatum workout until a couple weeks ago and I’v just been doing whatever I need some help I don’t like having a muffin top and bouncy chest please help 

    • Sam

      Stay patient, it will take some hard work and discipline with your diet, make sure you don’t eat late at night and have a good hearty breakfast.

  • Allanbhoy1888

    hi sam,

    I have been following the channing tatum routine for 3 weeks and am leaning up fast,but want to try add some mass. My real downfall is diet, although i eat healthy im worried im not eating enough. i work nightshift 8pm untill 5am

    • Sam

      Sounds like you are exactly on point, add more protein smoothies to your diet as snacks.

  • unknown

    what’s the differencebetween 4 sets of 8 or a pyramid workout and do something like10, 8, 6, and 4 reps? Also is one better than the other  

    • Sam

      Pyramid is just a great variation to add and a little more advanced.

  • Guestmail

    did it for 5 months, gained 18 kilo’s of muscle mass

  • Milanzv

    Hi Sam, i wanted to ask you should i drink proteins im 16 and i want to lose about 10 pounds till the summer and tone my muscles.And i when i work chest muscles i more feel my arms working then my chest, and can u give some exercises for upper chest.

    • Sam

      For sure, whey protein would be a great choice for you. Do a search on my site for chest workout and you will see quite a few options.

  • Alanseery

    Hi sam i was wondering instead of doin the HIIT training after workouts could you do your gym/weight work in the morning and then do your running in the evenings, will this be the same or will it b more benificial to do it after the workout

    • Sam

      Yes you can definitely do that and some would argue if you have the time then that would be more effective actually.

  • Don

    I’ve been doing this workout for a while & all it’s been doing is maintaining. (granted I haven’t been able to gain muscle any way for six months.) I know this is because I only get in about 2,500 calories on a good day. I believe rice is a relativly cheap food whith an alright protein amount. Would it be advised to eat this constantly in between meals to try to up my colorie intake, or is that just too many carbs?

    • Sam

      Yes definitely too many carbs, you should add more whey protein

  • Nosakhare Obaseki

    Hi sam I wanted to know if I can use this program to lose a considerable amount of weight 

    • Sam

      You definitely can just make sure your diet is in check and you train intense especially within the cardio component.

  • Guestaa

    Is there a work out for 13 year olds and if this is suitable when would i start seeing results please? 

    • Sam

      This would be quite a bit too advanced for a 13 year old. I would suggest that if you go this route then make sure you are not going to heavy and build-up over several weeks.

  • alan

    could i get serious pec and ab results if i did this workout?

    • Sam

      You absolutely could!

  • freddy

    hi i have read from comments that the routines they have found from you worked for them i want to give it a try. i am 21 years old 6’2 and weight about 260 so i began to go to the gym i was wondering how can i loose about 20 pounds and also get built similar as chris evans i am new to the whole gym CULTURE so if you have time i would like you to help me out with a good schedule .. thank you 

    - freddy

    • Sam

      Start slow and build up, it will take patience and lots of dedication but you can do it if you put your mind to it. Read the site, I have new articles each day that will help you make these changes.

  • Raul

    What route is good for a 13 year old, and when would i see changes and what type of changes, please be specific :D

    • Sam

      Sorry but your questions require a book to answer, you need to start slow and build gradually as you get into your later teens. Doesn’t matter what routine, just try and push yourself a little more each week.

  • Aaron

    Hey Sam. I’m about 6’4, 260lbs, 26% body fat. I’m trying to lose weight and gain/keep the muscle I already have. Would you recommend this workout for that? If so would you change anything like up the reps and/or cardio.

    • Sam

      You can up the reps to about 12-15 if you are trying to lose weight but you may see a little muscle loss especially if you limit your calories which is necessary for weight loss.

  • Anthonyscavelli

    @weightlossandtraining:disqus  hey sam does it matter if i change the order of the workout through out the week? for example do back on day 2 and chest on day 5? instead of vise versa 

    • Sam

      Not at all, the order can definitely be changed!

  • Jordanmeh85

    Hey Sam, I’m 15, 5’6 and weigh about 130 LB’s. I’m cut but not big and my goal is to get big this summer. Would this work for me? Obviously because I’m still a teenager I wont get as big as a man would; but would I get significantly bigger?

    • Sam

      You absolutely could!

  • Mike Maglonso

    Hi Sam,

    Thank you posting this article! I have a couple of questions. Is this plan just for bulking purposes, or do I continue with this plan when I want to start cutting also? Thanks in advance for your input!

    • Sam

      You can keep the reps low for bulking and then switch it to 14-16 for cutting

  • Danny

    How many weeks should I do this routine for In order for me to some results?…I heard it takes about 4-5 weeks but I just wanna make sure.

    • Sam

      Yeah 5-6 weeks is a bit more realistic.

  • Dan DePuy

    Hey Sam! This looks like a great, intense weight training workout and I would like to do it, but I’m not sure if it’s right for me. I am currently overweight and while I have lost 45 pounds over the last few months, I am looking to lose another 40-50 pounds. At 6’4″, that would put me around 220 lbs. I also want to put on a good amount of lean muscle in the process. 
    Because this plan focuses on building muscle mass, would it be right for me or would some modifications be necessary? In order to lose weight I currently restrict my calories to <1900 on non-workout days and <2600 on workout days and I take a protein supplement twice a day on workout days and once a day on non-workout days. Are calorie restriction and muscle building counterintuitive? Should I be more focused on one than the other? Thank you for your input!

    • Sam

      You can definitely give this ago but modify it so you are doing 14-16 repetitions of each exercise and keep your rest period down to about 30 seconds between sets and exercises.

  • BG

    Hi Sam,

    I am 25 yrs old and weigh 155. I want to gain more weight and get big but i have a fast metabolism. Would this workout be good for me or would you recommend something else? Also would taking a mass weight gainer protein shake be good with this routine?

  • portis

    I’m 5’8″ @ 160 pounds i’ve lost 36 pounds. I have plateaued going from 160 to 163 back an forth. Eating 2,000 calories per day 250g of protein and about 100g of carbs (no carbs after 6pm).Should i increase my calorie intake for this work out?

    • Sam

      If you are trying to increase muscle mass then increase calorie intake, if you are trying to reduce weight then you can reduce your protein intake

  • Marc

    Hi, I was wondering how many repetetions should you do when doing the abdominal exercises? Just do as many as you can in 4 sets, or should you build up with more structure?

    • Sam

      Yes, building up is good. Go slow and concentrate on the abs as more reps doesn’t always mean more effectiveness.

  • Sam

    Vary many variable factors such as genetics, age, diet plan, and your current training level but could be anywhere from 6 months to over a year for his mass size.

  • Sam

    Large muscle mass could definitely affect agility and this workout is heavily focused on increasing muscle which the supplements can really help boost your results especially whey protein. Hope that helps and thanks for the positive words!

  • Kenny Choo

    Hey Sam, I was just wondering what is the best workout for me ,I am around 190lbs, 5’7-5’8 and 17, I really wanna lose my weight and get a nice looking body. PLEASE reply here or if you need more time to reply please contact me at

  • Ismail

    Hello Sam, my height is 5.9 feet, and weight is 143 pounds, and i want to start that workout to wrote above. I didn’t do serious workout, except push-ups at home, and some exercises with dumbbells.
    What do you say, is that workout good for me and will make changes ? Should i start it ?

    • Sam

      It’s a bit advanced so you may want to do parts of the workouts each day and build up over a few weeks until you get to this level. Absolutely will provide major changes but give it 6 weeks to see results.

      • Ismail

        Thank you very much Sam.

  • Ismail

    is it a good idea to drink some uncooked eggs before the workout ?

    • Sam

      It’s not really necessary, you can have a small amount of whey protein and you’d be just as good if not better in getting some amino acids for reduce muscle tissue damage.

  • guest123

    Hi sam, i was wandering what kind of diet plan you would recomend if following this routine? I’m 19 and weigh about 86kg and have been training for a few years. thanks

  • Sam

    Low carbs is good throughout the day if you are looking to lose weight that’s right but you should always have carbs before your workout to help fuel you.

  • Ismail

    Hi Sam, I have a very important question, can smoking reduce the growing of my muscles ?

    • Sam

      It sure can, it impedes blood flow to your muscles which is an integral component to their growth.

  • Sam

    Shouldn’t really focus on meal replacements, protein shakes are great snacks to supplement healthy meals with veggies and lean meats.

  • Jon

    Hey Sam,

    Im currently 21 years old, 6’1 175 pounds, skinny build, but starting to get a bit of a belly do to my eating habits. If I started eating properly which i’m ready to do, and began this workout routine, would I be able to gain that mass i want as well as lose that belly fat?

    • Sam

      You absolutely can!