Channing Tatum Workout Routine

channing tatum workout routine

Channing Tatum Workout Routine

On my quest to reveal more celebrity workouts I came across Channing Tatum – an actor is ripping up movie screens with his physique and I thought it’d be interesting to do a different take on celebrity workouts in this write-up…

Channing Tatum broke through with the “Step Up” dance movies and now he is getting grittier with upcoming roles in “Fighting” and “G.I. Joe”! I think a lot of guys will resonate with the build that he has developed over the past few years.

In my research to find out how Channing is training, there hasn’t been much reported other than this diet consisting mainly of vegetables and a lot of cardio to keep him lean for his recent film Fighting. So instead, what I thought might be cool is to give a look at how I would train someone if they wanted to have his physique.

Workout Routine

The concept of this workout is to get extremely lean and work on definition. Therefore, we’re going to look at higher reps with a lot of variety in standard exercises. [ad#ad-2]

On weight training days you will want to do a 10 minute warm-up on a treadmill/elliptical trainer until you get a light sweat going.

Post workout do another 10 minute cool-down on the treadmill/elliptical, followed by a 10 minute flexibility and stretch cool-off.

Monday: Chest & Back
1x20reps – Pushups
3x14reps –dumbbell chest presses
3x14reps – seated cable rows
3x12reps – Pushups on Stability Ball
3x14reps – Deadlift with dumbbells

Tuesday: Cardio & Core
5 minute warm-up on treadmill
20 minute interval training on treadmill
3×10 crunches on stability Ball
3x20seconds Plank
3×12 Ab roll-out with stability ball
3×12 Stability ball pull-in

Wednesday: Arms & Shoulders
3×14 Barbell curl
3×14 Dumbbell shoulder presses on bench
3×14 Tricep Rope pull down
3×14 Dumbbell side lateral raises
3×14 Dips on bench
3×14 Rear deltoid raises
5×14 Dumbell bicep curls drop-set (Decrease weight at each set)

Thursday: Day off

Friday: Legs
3×12 Dumbbell lunge
3×12 Smith machine squat
3×12 Leg press
3×12 Calf raise
3×12 Dumbbell squat on bosu ball

Saturday: Cardio & Core
5 minute warm-up on treadmill
20 minute interval training on treadmill
3×10 crunches on stability Ball
3x20seconds Plank
3×12 Ab roll-out with stability ball
3×12 Stability ball pull-in

Sunday: Day off

Download Workout:
You can now download this work out here – Channing Tatum Workout Routine (right click and save as)

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If you try this workout you’ll notice you will start to lean out like Channing Tatum rather quickly. Try increasing weights on each workout to get a little more bulk or doing the exercises one after another with little to no rest to get more lean. Please leave a comment below if you try this workout and let me know the results you get!

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Sam Omidi is the founder of Weight Loss and Training and is accredited with a Bachelors in Kinesiology as well as certification in Nutritional Sciences, Personal Training and Advanced Exercise Nutrition. Follow Sam via Twitter @samomidi

  • Jonathan

    Hey,i am currently 100 kilos.i mainly want to lose fat and then gain lean muscle,wad do u suggest i do?should i diet first then exercise or what?

    • Sam

      Hi Jonathan, it’s always best to start out with your diet and a light exercise routine. Follow the workout plan for men series here

  • Jimster07

    Hey Sam,
    I’m 6’0 and 179lbs, i’m coming up to the end of 6 weeks doing this routine.
    I’m looking to get rid of the rest of my fat and really tone up my muscle, what workout routine
    would you recommend for me next?

  • Paytrick

    Hi Sam,
    First off I’m a huge fan of your writings. You’re very thorough and helpful. I’m 5’11 and about 155 lbs. I’m looking to lose the extra fat I have and gain some muscle to look good, but not become too bulky. There are a few workouts that you provide that I’m debating between using (this being one of them). I tried the Jake Gyllenhaal one, but I don’t think it’s right for me. Which would you suggest I do? Thank you.

    • Sam

      Hi Paytrick, thanks for the nice comment. This would definitely be a good workout, and make sure to follow the supplements recommended for muscle gain. Alternatively, the Ashton Kutcher workout is pretty good too –

  • Daniel maddock

    im 5 11 almost 6 ft i weigh 13 stone what would you recommend to do to lose weight ? and to tone up

    • Sam

      Have you tried this workout? Give it a go, sounds like the right thing for you.

  • Robert

    Hi Sam, Im 5’9″ and weigh 200lbs. I desperately want/need to lose weight and build muscle. What work out do you recommend I should do?

  • Jack

    Hi Sam.I’m 5’11″ and weigh 172lbs.I desperately want to lose weight and want to have a flat chest,six pack abs & an awesome flat body .What workout would you recommend me to do to loose weight and have an awesome body.

    • Sam

      This one is a great place to start! Let me know how it comes along!

  • Usamaeitezaz

    Hi sam, im 5 11, and im 143lbs, i have started off with Channing Tatum Workout routine, just wanted to ask that the supplements that you have recomended in this workout routine, should i take all of them at the same time, and if so how to take them, i mean before or after the routine. i hope you got what im trying to say. hope to hear fomr you soon.

    • Sam

      You should be taking protein, NO and creatine before your workouts, and then protein and glutamine afterwards. You can definitely go with them all or leave out NO until you are a little more advanced.

  • jack

    hey sam excellent workouts but when you state on the routines 3x 15 etc do you mean do 15 reps and 3 sets hope you can answer

    • Sam

      Thanks Jack and you have that right, 3 sets of 15 reps.

  • Arizsunico

    hello sam is it okay to do this workout routine without any supplements?

    • Sam

      It definitely is, but if you are looking to gain some muscle mass I would recommend whey protein powder as a staple.

  • Gabrielf14

    Can I do cardio n abs also on Thursday?

    • Sam

      You can, just be aware of over training since then you will only have one day rest so you’ll need to be very much on top of your nutrition and sleep.

  • EricM0532

    To change it up after 6 weeks of the Channing Tatum, which workout would you prefer?

    • Sam

      Hi Eric, what are your goals?

  • EricM0532

    Well I’m looking to lose weight, build my endurance and some lean muscle. I’m working on becoming a firefighter.

  • JKoolaye

    Hey Sam (I’m a huge fan of your writing), im 5 9, and im 53 kg – My goal is pretty different from most of the others trying to loose weight; I’m actually trying to put on weight, i don’t care if it’s fat or muscle, ANYTHING will do S:

    I have been going gym for about 5 weeks (3 days each week)now and personally i don’t feel much of an improvement in mass and muscle, while my friend has gained 5kg from 53 kg to 58 kg in a 5 week period, i have only gained 2kg from 50kg. I have also been taking maxi muscle protein shakes after work outs.

    Anyways the main point is – what diet / work outs would you recommend for me?
    I already have a decent muscle tone and a 6 pack, however i would like to greatly improve my mass.

    • Sam

      Thanks for the comment. I would add another protein shake an hour before your workouts and one before you go to bed. Also with your weights make sure to go extra heavy where the max reps should be about 6-8. The Chris Evans workout might be a little better for your goals too –

  • JKoolaye

    sam please reply here…

    • Sam

      Sorry what is your question?

  • Alex Bell

    Is there a different thing or workout i can exchange 4 the leg press and the calf raise i hope u can help thanks so much

    • Sam

      Hi Alex, you can try adding in reverse lunges where you are stepping backwards instead of forwards or you can do bench steps with dumbbells.

  • Cesar

    hi sam how are you?whats the difference if i workout with resistance tubes can i build muscles with resistance tubes?hope you answer if im not botherin you

    • Sam

      Thanks for the question. Resistance tubes are good for toning and adding definition, a ltitle harder to gain a lot of muscle with it unless you get a type that offers extra resistance.

  • cesar

    hi Sam , can you give me the best serratus anterior muscles exercise that i’ll do in the core day.THANKS

    • Sam

      The best is definitely pull-ups but rows are great too.

  • cesar

    hi Sam. in the chest and back day there’s seated cable rows wich focus on the middle back muscles but there’s elevated cable rows wich focus on the lats so wich one you exactly mean? hope you answer .THANKS

    • Sam

      Both will work quite well for lats which span your back and tie into the traps.

  • Cesar Dankha

    Hi Sam how are you? in the dumbbell bicep curls drop set in the starting position your palms should face your torso and twist them in the top or should they face forward with no twist and whats the difference?
    and in the rear deltoid raises should be seated on bench or lying on a incline or flat bench?
    hoping you answer .THANKS

    • Sam

      Hi Cesar, start out with your palms facing forward with no twist, then as you advance you can start the twist to make it a little more challenging. The twist will activate more muscle fibers.

      For the rear deltoids raises you should seated on a bench.

  • Sparrow Dew

    Hi Sam,I’ve read all of your articles and im really impressed and im stick to your tipsso im 22 and im a beginner i have some core and chest fat that want to loss but i have lean arms and shoulders so im going to begin with the channing tatum’s routine so i want to ask you in the arms and shoulders exercises can i reduce the reps to 8 with the same amount of sets to gain muscle in those areas but i will stick to the routine in the chest and back exercises (3 x 14) and what you recommend me.i really need your answer, thank you

    • Sam

      Absolutely, you can cut down to 8 reps and work on increasing the weight and you can do it for the chest and back as well too.

  • Cesar Dankha

    hi Sam how are you?
    im 22 and im a beginner im gonna start with channing tatum’s routine. i have some chest and gut fat i want to lose but i have lean arms and shoulders so i want to ask you can i do the shoulders and arms (3setsx8rips) to gain muscles in those areas but i’ll keep the other exercises(back,chest 3×14)?and what you recommend me?
    hope you answer.thanks

    • Sam

      Absolutely, great strategy to implement.

  • Cesar Dankha

    hi Sam,
    you said about the right weights to lift that your last rep of the last set should be impossible to do,does this involves every exercise with weights (chest,shoulders,legs,back cable rows)?

    • Sam

      That is correct! You may find you reach a limit and in that case you will want to try variations in the way you lift (like starting heavy and dropping weight, or changing your grip).

  • Omeirk

    hey can u pls  tell me how much weight shud i carry to get body like channing tatum.
    cya peace

    • Sam

      Do you mean weight in dumbbells or your body weight?

  • Joe Nuckolls

    Hi I’m 14 and I need to become lean by January for wrestling iv been doing the Andrew Garfield  workout for 4 weeks and now the results are not as good my brother sent me this workout and I’m wondering what can I do to increase the results of this workout? 

    • Sam

      Sounds like it is not the workout but your diet that is causing you problems

  • Deford152

    I would like a workout where I can build and also lose some weight?  Also I need to add in cardio?  Would this workout be good for me?  i tried our lean and trim, but got no satisfaction after I was done working out.

    • Sam

      Yes this will be good and you need to also focus on diet as well. My Top 10 Workout Supplements for Men list might help you as well.

  • Jimbo

     Hi Sam,
    I am 6’0 250 I am looking to lose 30-40 pounds. Is this the workout I need to do? How heavy of weight should I use and if I stick to this how long would it take me to lose that much weight?

    • Sam

      Yes this would be a great workout to lean out with. With the weights your last rep should be almost impossible to do. Everyone is different depending on many factors such as metabolism, age and genetics but aim for about 2lbs/week.

  • Jimbo

    Also what does my diet need to be

    • Sam

      Check out the healthy nutrition section for ideas on meal plans

  • Brad Miller

    Hello Sam, i was wondering if this channig tatum workout is good for someone who is 15, 5’8″, and weigh approx. 146 lbs. and i could use some thinning at the belly lol.

    • Sam

      You bet, this would be great for you!

  • Brad Miller

    Sam how long on average would it take to see any sort of results? Jw

    • Sam

      Hi Brad, you should be seeing results within 4-6 weeks time.

  • Brad Miller

    What type of intervals are good to run at?

    • Sam

      What do you mean by type of interval?

  • Doc C

    I just wanted to add my 2 cents! I’m a chiropractor and it’s good to see you’re giving out sound and safe advice – unlike SOME publications! Regarding the question about the best exercise for the serratus anterior muscle: I think the BEST exercise would have to be dumbell pullovers (stiff arm) while lying on a flat bench. Why doesn’t anyone recommend pullovers anymore? It’s a great exercise that can be thought of like an upper body squat!!!

    • Sam

      Not a bad idea at all, I like it!

  • Jonathan Cruz

    Hi Sam, I am 5″10 and 240 lbs and looking to lose 60-70 lbs. I really want to have an athletic body, meaning I want to lose weight but get cut or toned. I really do not want to look ripped. I was wondering as I get to my 2nd and 3rd workout set do I increase the weight, keep it the same, or drop the weight? Also, I do my workouts in the morning, how should I take my meals and supplements? Should I take a protein shake before my workout or after or both? Please help me, I am extremely committed just need a little guidance. Thank you!

    • Sam

      Hey buddy, you should be increasing weights as you get stronger but also challenge yourself with days where you go higher reps and lower weights. Take half a banana and your preworkout drink before working and then your protein after. Let me know how it goes!

  • Sam

    This will add size but mostly a definition style of workout, you would want to go heavier with a max rep count of 6-8 when building size.