Workout Routines for Men

As guys we all want to get that ripped muscular body that attracts the most attention, but many of us get lost in doing the same workout week after week. It’s time to switch it up and add some flavor to your workout routine…
weight training programs for men

Weight Training Programs for Men

Getting real results from your weight training all comes down to having a solid weight training program. Here are my best weight training programs for men!

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lower body workout for men

Lower Body Workout for Men

To help you get serious about your lower body fitness, I’m offering up a killer lower body workout for men that’s designed for both beginners and advanced weight lifters!

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chris hemsworth workout

Chris Hemsworth Workout

Chris Hemsworth is reprising his role in Thor: The Dark World. Find out how to get a killer superhero physique like Chris!

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spartacus workout

Spartacus Workout

Looking for a killer workout that will build lean muscle mass and get you ripped? This Spartacus workout plan will kick your butt and get you into gladiator shape.

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ryan gosling workout

Ryan Gosling Workout

There’s no doubt about it, Ryan Gosling is currently one of the hottest male actors in Hollywood. And there’s a good reason for it – his workouts. Check out this killer Ryan Gosling workout routine!

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10 minute fat burning workout

10 Minute Fat Burning Workout

Over the years, I’ve tried to offer up some effective workouts that can be fit into tight schedules or used on busy days. So here’s a 10 minute fat burning workout to get you shedding the pounds on days when you just can’t seem to find the time!

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hugh jackman real steel workout

Hugh Jackman Real Steel Workout

Hugh Jackman may just be one of the fittest lead males in Hollywood. And he hit the gym again recently for his action-packed role in Real Steel. So how’s he getting so ripped? Keep reading to find out.

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chris evans workout

Chris Evans Workout

There's a lot of buzz starting about the former Fantastic Four super star Chris Evan's and his role in the Captain America film. He was already ripped before but this time around he gained serious muscle mass with an intensive workout routine. Let's take a look at his workout

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total body workout in 30 minutes

Total Body Workout in 30 Minutes

This is one total body workout you can do at home or traveling because it's going to challenge you with your body weight and not much more than a resistance band and a jump rope.

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workout schedule for weight loss

Workout Schedule for Weight Loss

It doesn't matter where you are in your training level, if you are wanting to lose some weight in the next few weeks then it's a great idea to have a workout schedule at your finger tips which you can quickly follow.

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