April 2012

6 pack abs foods

6 Pack Abs Foods

Getting a 6 pack takes a lot of hard work. Although exercise is important, there are a number of foods you can eat that will actually get your abs looking more toned and ripped!

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julia roberts workout

Julia Roberts Workout

Julia Roberts has been a symbol of class and beauty for decades now. Yet how does she do it? How does she stay in such great shape?

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chlorella benefits

Chlorella Benefits

This green super food is seriously packed with some amazing health benefits! Find out more about chlorella here. You need to give this one a try!

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weight loss tips for men

Weight Loss Tips for Men

There are a number of reasons why men and women need to approach weight loss a little differently. Here are my top weight loss tips for men.

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fast weight loss tips for women

Fast Weight Loss Tips for Women

Whether it’s to get in better shape or fit into a pair of jeans, women everywhere are trying to lose weight – and fast! Find out how with these 3 basic tips.

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benefits of chia seeds

Benefits of Chia Seeds

You’ve heard of the Chia Pet, right? But did you know that chia seeds can also be a great addition to your diet? It's true! Find out how here!

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5 new fat burning foods

5 New Fat Burning Foods

Believe it or not, there are a number of foods you can eat that actually boost your metabolism and burn more fat! Here are 5 you can implement today.

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how to get abs

How to Get Sexy Abs

Let’s face it – a rock hard, chiseled six pack can be pretty sexy! But how can you reach that level of fitness in your own life?

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the perfect morning workout

The Perfect Morning Workout

A morning workout can really be a great way to start your day. Not only does it make you feel better, but it can also go a long way to help you burn more calories.

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weekend challenge to a stronger core

Weekend Challenge to A Stronger Core

The weekend is just around the corner, so what better time to take your core workout to the next level? Check out this challenging double workout to strengthen your core.

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